Now I See.

in that lost and lonely world
you were perfect my child hood love.
filled with all that is good and mine
but now i see.

when did you change from that?
look at you now.
your sorry and sad form
filled with holes and seeping anger
all directed at me.

yes i am the victim
but i dont have to see myself that way
what dosent kill me makes me stronger
now i see that

one day you turned from mine
to That.
what are you now?
a sad and hallow shell
of who i thought you were.

a stranger in a familiar body.
now i see that.
i see you for the man you are
not what i thought you had.

you let go,
not me
you gave up,
not me
you broke forever,
not me
now i see that.

to that world
watch me step into the Light
and know now i see
what you are.