Honey Tongue

Crash the water on rock
Is my design to be locked
In this pipedream path
Pulled charon and on
Choke my sigil

Cheval gallop and rear
When confronted by clip-clop monotony
All days race by

Shaken when events evince
In hopscotch to span the outline
Outside, we slide
At four a.m. more alive than at the day
Must we push ourself to see it
Before the buzzbuzz beekeeper
Says get your ass out of bed
It's now and before was every moment you had

Complain to me over coffee breath
Golfgreen spacing your nose from mine
That the moral of the overbearing Story
Makes things quaint and just so

To sit in that car
Where the armrest is a physical boarder
Even though I paid the rent this month
To have the envelope-taker witness
That I am being good
Playing fairweather or backtothewall
Until it opens once more
To both freak and faith me

Do you bet on me or yourself
In the smoke that starts and solves this race
Trace your fingertips along my face to say
It will all surmount soon

Or does the noose
Loosen to let us drop and inhale, fail

Wake once more to the bees