Escape To Erase - Prologue

What was it all for? The question lingered within my mind. Thousands of people were dead and the blame was being sent directly to me, a man who once shed a tear over a dead cat.

I was smothered within the four walls as spiders crawled up them, watching me, plotting. I imagined vividly about the language they spoke, thinking that perhaps it was more advanced than English or Latin. That would make sense. I thought that perhaps one day they would rise and devour us all, grinding our corpses and eating us all as a malevolent little snack.

I listened to the rain dripping down the four, rusted iron bars. The repetitive sound of them pittering and pattering only made my isolation more lengthy, more unbearable. The glistening moon haunted me as it towered over the earth, perhaps it was there to watch me like the spiders, perhaps they were partners and one day the earth would be ruled by giant freaking moons as well as spiders. I grimaced and shivered. A hint of optimism rose up my body and I supposed that, just for a second, the moon was my guardian angel, here to save me from anguish. The optimism quickly transformed into pessimism and I knew I was forever damned to my cell.

I would be damned to the cell unless I done something about it, I thought. I didn't have to rot in a hole whilst I waited for death. I could rise up and fight. I pondered for a moment about what I was actually fighting for. I supposed that I was actually fighting for freedom but that thought simply slipped away as laughter echoed from my grinning mouth. I wasn't sure why I really needed to escape.

I heard the jail guard nonchalantly walking up the squished hall. The snores of the other unholy inmates were suddenly amplified and the noise raped my ears with no remorse, impregnating a little plan in my head. I heard the jail guard whistling a non-existent tune whilst swinging his rattling keys around his finger that contained his wedding ring. Clank. Clank. Clank. The noise mocked me and anger climbed up my body, conquering my self-control and planting its evil flag over my soul.

The jail guard got closer and closer, so close that I could smell his cheap aftershave when suddenly I realised why I should fight to get myself out of this hell. I said aloud, startling the guard, 'If I don't bust out of this cell, then who is going to slice your wrists and bathe in your blood?'