Fear is a terrible thing, my friend.

It intrudes on you,

It eats away at your mind,

Consuming all rational thought until you don't know who to trust,

And the fear you have-

That the one you love most will be killed-

Takes over,

Until your mind is filled with madness

And the look on your face is maniacal.

It is everywhere,

The fear that they will leave you

In death or in life or otherwise

So you do the one thing you can think of with your fear-riddled mind

You go away, you try to protect them

But then

Suddenly they are cold and their eyes are empty.

The fear leaves you,

Withdrawing from your mind

And heart

And leaving in its absence an ache,

As the realization sets in your bones that this is

Your fault!

Then you realize what it is you have done

And grief,


Guilt replaces the fear.

Guilt wreaks havoc on your mind

Guilt tears you apart

Guilt drives away your friends

Guilt makes no room for enemies

Except for one.

You are your only enemy

You aren't even your own friend.

Your guilt has taken over you;

And it feels horrible.

Guilt is a terrible thing, my friend.

But fear is much worse.

Fear is everywhere,

Fear is everything,

Fear of death and fear of life

Fear of living and fear of dying

Fear of pain and fear of strife

Fear of grief and fear of crying

Fear they'll leave you all alone

Fear you won't come back home

Fear of evil, fear of wrong

Fear that lasts the whole night long

Fear of justice, fear of right

Fear you'll have a sorry plight

Fear of truth and fear of lies

Fear you'll be the one who cries

Fear is cold and fear is dark

Fear invades the best at heart

Fear leads the way to grief

Fear is the difference of war and peace

Fear is a truly terrible thing my friend,

You best watch out.

AN: this is most definitely not my best work. It is also not really a poem, BUT! it is more poetic than prose.
I wrote this in an odd state of mind when I was very bored and very tired in the middle of an a global lecture. Hope you enjoyed it!