What I wouldn't give right now

For buttered crumpets

Or chicken soup

Or a corned beef hash

And tea

A blanket

A warm brown leather sofa

A golden retriever dog lying in the doorway

A fleece blanket

Some quiet music

My parents sat around me

Teasing conversation

Warmth of affection


A small space I associate with happiness

What I wouldn't give right now

For a 'normal' Friday

A short journey

The peace-giving ambience of the ancient walls

Melodies that raise your heart

Friends that make you laugh

Especially when you're supposed to be silent

Biscuit breaks

Walking home together

Pizza in front of the comedy

Mother, Father, Son and Girlfriend and Brother


An escape for the pressures outside

A refuge

The comfort of being with the one you love

Small signs of affection


Entwined hands

Soft kisses when no-one's looking

Whispered declarations and promises

Most of all

What I crave

Is a hug


Someone to tell me I'm loved

That I'm not completely alone

Though my room is cold



So, so far away from normality


Take me home.