Gigi got up off the floor, her clothes stripped to only her panty and bra. Going over to the ringing phone she grabbed it and answered.


"Allô, Gigi. Ici Odile." The person on the end of the line said.

"Et Isabèle!" A background voice called out.

"…euh…ça va?" Odile asked.

"Ça va. Et toi?" Gigi replied.

"Ça va bien. Dis, est-ce que tu veux aller boîte de nuit avec nous?" Odile asked.

"Oui, d'accourd, je veux bien. À quelle heur?" Gigi heard Isabèle snatch the phone away from her friend.

"À minuit!" Isabèle said excitedly.

"Je regrette, mais je ne peux pas. Je dois avoir des relations sexuelles." Gigi said to her friend with a huff.

"Zut! Je ne peux pas? C'est dommage." Isabèle deflatedly said

"Oui, d'accourd. Au revoir." Gigi responded.

"Au revoir." Odile and Isabèle said in unison.

Okay, so this is based off a dialogue project we're doing in French class, and I'm sorry if I'm a little off. But, I'm in a 3 people group for a phone call skit thing and I'm doing danser and 'Isabèle' is doing chanter, so that turned into nightclubbing and 'Gigi' just said she couldn't come with us. So we interpreted that as she's having sex. Not really, we're waaaaaaaay to young. So, sorry, this is crappy. But…it was just too damn funny in class. And I got the title because 1.) a lot of Africa speaks French and 2.) someone said that today in Social Studies.