Hey Raven here. This story is a personal favorite I have been working on recently. If you're a hater of Vampires or Werewolves. DON'T READ THIS. I own all these characters.

Bentley is a sassy red head half-blood vampire. She lived with her brother up until two years ago when he died. She has been living in her brother's old house with her friends Ace, Roxy, and Jason.

Ace is a cocky werewolf with a dark and mischievous side. He may cause a lot of trouble but he watches over Bentley after he swore to Bentley's brother that nobody would harm her under his care.

Jason is pure blood vampire with the weirdest sense of humor. He is a blonde hottie that would stand out in any crowd. Too bad Roxy has already snatched him up. Roxy and Jason grew up together in a small town but when both of the parents were killed the left all the memories behind. They met Bentley and Ace after living in the woods for a year.

Roxy is a clever witch with brown hair that has bright colored streaks in it. She is smart and quick witted when they get into trouble. Even though she may seem a little depressed at times, she is energy filled seventeen year old.

Chapter 1

"If you don't get out here in ten seconds were going to leave without you." Bentley stepped out into the cold as the winter wind whipped her red curls around her. Ace was standing on the edge of the sidewalk looking rather impatient. Their red truck sat running in the driveway with Jason in the front seat. Behind her Roxy walked out eating her cream cheese bagel.

"Hey I thought you were going to make me one." Jason called from the truck window.

"Too bad! I'm eating it right now. That's what you get when you rush me." Roxy called back taking a large bite out of her bagel. Ace shook his head as Jason threatened Roxy that he would leave her here in the cold.

"Come on let's get in the back." He told her pulling on her bangs.

"Will you stop that? Do you want me to kick your butt?" She asked as she walked towards the truck.

"Bentley watch o—" Bentley slipped on a patch of ice. She felt herself start to fall. But then the world spun and she was in Ace's arms, in the back of the truck. She shook her head as the speed settled back into place. She really hated being half human sometimes. Whenever she used or someone else used super speeds she felt sick. Ace thumped the top of the truck telling Jason to start the truck. He flopped down beside as the truck lurched forward.

"Geez Ace. You could have just caught me. I maybe a half breed but it doesn't mean I like going around at fast speeds." Bentley snapped at the brunette.

"Come on Bentley it was just a joke." Ace said ruffling her red hair. They both sat in silence as the winter scenery swept past the truck. They both jumped when the truck window slid open. A cup was passed through the window before snapping shut. Bentley took a big swig. Ace wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"How do you drink that stuff?" He asked looking a little green.

"It's not like I enjoy it." She said looking a little disgusted at the taste. "It's how I survive." She chugged the rest of the contents before crunching the cup in her hand.

They sat in silence until they pulled into the crowded school parking lot. Ace and Bentley stood up to see their friends Lauren and Max sitting on a bench in the school court yard. They seemed to be in a heated argument. Ace grinned as he watched Lauren elbow Max in the side. He jumped down from the truck bed before turning to help Bentley down. He had her by the waist when they stopped when their faces were even. Bentley hesitated before huffing into the werewolf's face. The brunette growled before setting her on the ground.

Bentley brushed her red hair over her shoulder before casting a glance to the front of the truck.

"Ace… They're doing it again." She smirked at the brunette over her shoulder. Ace rolled his green eyes before slamming his fist on the hood of the truck.

"Come on stop all the kissy faces. We're late anyway." He said pulling the passenger side door open to reveal and red faced brunette and sliverette.

Roxy slipped under Ace's arm to get out of the truck. Jason slammed the door as he climbed out of the truck.

"Bentley! Why did you have to tell him what we were doing?" Roxy complained.
"Oh zip it, Foxy Roxy. She was right we shouldn't have been doing that in the truck." Jason said elbowing Roxy in the ribs.

"Well you guys could not express your thoughts so loudly." Bentley stated rolling her blue eyes. Ace grinned throwing her arm over Bentley's shoulders.

"We'll sneak off for a quick make out before class." Jason whispered into Roxy's heavily pierced ear.

"I heard that." Bentley called over her shoulder her sensitive hearing picking up the quiet whisper.

They walked through the parking lot, watching for black ice. They could all feel the stares of the freshman. It was normal every year to watch the gorgeous crew. Bentley smiled up at Ace as some of the new boys glared at the tall brunette who had his arm around her. They stopped when they came upon Lauren and Max. Max with his brown hair and brown eyes was the perfect match for Lauren who also as brunette. At a glance you would think the two of them were related aside that Max was Asian.

Ace settled down on the bench next to Max who was currently arguing with Lauren about something.

"What are you two fighting about this time?" Bentley asked as she watched a couple sophomores walk by.

"Lauren doesn't want to go to prom with me." Max complained.

"It's because I don't really want to go to the prom. I just want to sit at home. It's is a big waste of money anyway." Lauren snapped back shoving Max off the bench. They all started laugh when Max got up and his butt was covered in snow.

"It wouldn't be a waste if you had a date. Come on, Bentley, tell her." Max whined as he brushed the snow off his black jeans.

"I kinda agree with Lauren this time. I hate all the frilly crap they wear to proms. Girls go and get all dressed up and pretty just to be stuck in the hot cafeteria. They end up getting all sweaty." The mentioned red head stated.

"Aw come on Bentley I think you would look in good in one of those long ball gowns." Ace whispered in her ear causing her cheeks to turn pale pink. Being half human was a bad thing sometimes.

"Ace, stop it. You know I hate dresses." Bentley replied elbowing Ace in the ribs. She heard the breath rush out of his lungs.

"Damn you have good aim." He muttered under his breath. Bentley didn't hear what he said as her attention was drawn away from their group. Coming out of the parking lot was two very handsome men. Both of them were tall and blonde. The longer haired man was dressed in all black with a skull tattoo peeking out from under his sleeve. The other was dressed in all white with possibly the same tattoo but on his other wrist. Bentley concentrated trying to read their minds but she was blocked.

That had never happened before. What were they? She thought. She was suddenly pulled into one of their minds as the black dressed one locked eyes with her. She lurched forward as an image filled her mind.

Black. It was all black. Bentley was standing in a dark forest. There was no color other then black.

"Hello?" She called out. Nothing. She breathed in expanding her senses. She jumped when she heard a crunch. Spinning around she watched as the long haired blonde stepped out of the woods.

"You're such a pretty little girl aren't you? Red hair like fire. Green eyes like the forest it loves. Just like her brother. Such a waste." His voiced flowed like water over rocks.

"Don't talk about my brother like you knew him." She yelled at him lunging at him. He simply stepped out of her grasp.

"Oh, I knew him. Very well." He smirked. She lunged again slamming him against a tree this time. "Feisty, I like that. Your brother is a killer." He breathed as he changed their positions. Her back was now against the tree.

"My brother is dead. Don't talk like he is still alive." She hissed. She felt her teeth sharpen in her mouth.

"Oh but little girl he is. He never died." She snapped in his face. "You're nothing like your brother. You're just a half blood." He brushed his lips before releasing her. "You're free to go. Oh and you'll be a little on the hungry side" He started walking away.

She walked after him. "How do you know he's not dead? My brother is not a killer. Who are you?" She turned him around a screeched when his face turned into an ugly demon. She pulled away and tripped over a root. When she fell she didn't stop descending into the darkness.

Bentley felt her body hit the ground. The cold ground. She felt bodies leaning over her.

"Bentley… Bentley, wake up. Bentley." She could hear someone calling her name. She fought the darkness threatening to take hold of her complete. She forced her eyes open to the fuzzy shapes of Ace, Max and Lauren.

"What happened?" She murmured as Ace helped her into a sitting position.

"You zoned out. Then you passed out." Lauren answered pulling Bentley's bangs out of her eyes to look at her. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine." The red head answered.

"What did you see?" Ace whispered in her ear. She pushed off the ground to stand up but fell back into Ace's arms.

"I'll tell you later." She whispered back.

"Maybe you should go back home." Max suggested.

"Yeah I think you should." Lauren supported.

"Bentley, you're eyes are red." Ace muttered in her ear. "We have to leave."He told the others. He scooped her up bridal style.

Ace shoved threw the crowded courtyard to find Jason and Roxy. They located them against a brick wall.

"Jason, I need the keys. Now." Ace said approaching said couple.

"What for?" The full blood vampire asked.

"I'll explain later just give me the keys." Ace said again holding out a hand. Jason paused as Bentley nuzzled Ace's neck.

"I thought she fed this morning. I gave her the cup. Didn't she drink it?" The blonde asked pulling away from the witch beside him.

"Yes she drank it but something happened. She saw something. Now it is creating blood lust." Ace growled in Jason's ear. Jason nodded handing the keys to him.

Ace took off at a run to the truck with Bentley in his arms. He unlocked the passenger side door and belted her in before sliding across the hood to the driver door. He quickly started the engine and pulled violently out of the parking lot and down the street. Half way to the house he stopped in a deserted part of the woods.

"Bentley take my blood." Ace commanded. Bentley was starting to look a little woozy.

"No Ace. I couldn't do that." She shook her head.

"Yes you can." He snapped back presenting his neck to her. She hesitated for a minute before nearing his neck.

"I'm sorry if it hurts." She whispered before she lacked on to his neck.

That was it for chapter 1. See ya