The world around me was engulfed in darkness like someone had turned off the lights in an unused room. I felt like a feather in the wind, just drifting never quite landing. It was unnerving to feel like I was floating in an endless abyss without any feelings. I knew someone was towing me away somewhere yet I didn't have an inkling of where I would end up. I felt limp and lifeless or paralyzed maybe as my body refused to move when I wanted it to.

Could I be dead? I didn't think so; the last thing I remembered was being hauled out of the school by two women. I remembered looking for a way out, finding no one I could rely on except the one person I had tried to hurt, Aislin. She did nothing though; she didn't even try to help me. She just stared at me looking lost like she didn't know what was going on, but it wouldn't surprise me if she had something to do with it. My hands clenched into fists as anger and jealousy rose up inside of me. I also remembered trying to use my abilities to persuade the women to let me free, but it was like they were immune.

Aislin had always been perfect and the most popular despite being younger than Teagan, who used to be the most popular with guys. All I ever heard from classmates and teachers alike was how great Aislin was and how she was the perfect student. It sickened me to the point that I couldn't take it anymore. I was supposed to have all of the attention; I was the prettiest of the three yet everyone bypassed me and went straight for Aislin. Even her name made me sick; it was like eating a bar of soap because you said a bad word.

My head snapped up at the sound of a creaking door; there was a blinding light as the doors were thrown open. I shielded my eyes with my hand as the light shone in. I was in either a van or a very dark and damp cell. Neither seemed very likely, but I couldn't be sure. My surroundings were unknown to me except for the brilliant light streaming into my eyes. There was a scuffling then a shadow crossed in front of the light. My eyes adjusted to the sudden change in light and noticed that the shadow was actually a guy about the same age as me.

He had white hair that fell to his shoulders and eyes so blue that they looked purple. His clothes were very stylish compared to what I was used to back at school. He had on a dark blue button up shirt and tan dress pants with a white jacket thrown over his shoulder. I smiled sweetly, fluttering my eyelashes. He just stared at me with a blank look on his handsome face. It didn't matter though; he was the first person I had seen since being brought here. It wasn't a bad start to the day.

He held out a pale hand to me, and I took it graciously, smiling up at him as he lifted me off of whatever I was standing on. His hand was cold against mine as he led me away. I glanced back and gasped at the sight behind me. Instead of a van or a cell, I had been in some kind of portal, which was actually just an open door with immense darkness inside of it. The door slowly closed then in a blink of an eye it was gone like it had never existed in the first place.

"It's a space in time."

I jumped at the sound of his voice; I hadn't expected him to talk. I looked up at him to find myself getting lost in his indigo eyes. I tilted my head, studying his features and trying to figure out what he was talking about.

"That doorway you just came out of is a space in time where the accused are held before being taken lawfully to the court," he said, like he was reading my mind.

"What do you mean by accused?" I asked, fearing the answer.

I nibbled on my lower lip as I awaited his answer.

"I cannot say, only the court can explain the allegations against you," he replied, pulling me along.

I wanted to yank my hand away or bring him to a halt so he could explain what the hell was going on. Yet I did none of those things; I just let him lead me to my doom, or at least that was what I presumed by the "accused" part. As we walked, a huge, golden building came into view with tall windows and gargoyles staring down at us. I felt their red, beady eyes on me like they were alive, which it wouldn't surprise me if they were. Beings of that sort did in fact exist despite what some may think.

I took in deep breaths to try and calm my thrashing heart as we walked up the golden stairs to the archway before the door.

"Ilium Aidan Dreamer and the accused, Kaydynce Ailey Creek," he said, loudly and with authority.

The door slowly creaked open as if it were rarely used or just old and creaky. I studied the boy whom I now knew as Ilium. He had high cheek bones and a pointed chin; it gave him a look of being malnourished despite looking healthy elsewhere. As if he felt my stare, he turned his head and gave me a curious look. It was like he was studying me as much as I was studying him. I was the first to look away as a slight blush crept up my cheeks.

"Come, we must hurry before the ceremony starts," he said, ushering me inside.

As soon as my feet touched the carpeted floor, the door behind us slammed shut. My head whipped around to stare at it; it was like a gust of wind had blown it closed though I knew that wasn't what had happened. My guess was whoever owned this place had it programmed to close automatically. Ilium pulled me further into the place, down a long hallway passing door after door. Each door had a different symbol on it and an inscription that I couldn't make out. We strolled down the hallway for a while, never quite stopping until we came upon a magnificent, silver doorway with carvings etched into it.

I reached out a hand and lightly brushed a finger over the etchings.

"This whole place was made by Crain, the greatest wood nymph. She infused the life force of every piece of wood she used to help build this building so that it would continue to stand and live for a lifetime."

I stared in awe at the woodwork and wondered if this place was truly alive and breathing. Suddenly I heard the whisper of music playing just beyond the door. I looked to Ilium, and he just nodded, pushing the door open for me. As soon as I entered, the whole room went wild like a fire was blazing through the chamber. All eyes fell on me as the crowd grew even crazier. On both sides of the room were rows upon rows of people, and in the middle of the chamber were three seats, which sat two beautiful women and one man. All three of their faces were the same, stiff and harsh.

"Court is now in session!" I heard someone say from the far corner of the room.

"Kaydynce Ailey Creek, you are being accused of using your gift on innocent humans without caring about the consequences. You are also accused of killing a boy in front of another human. How do you plea?"

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