"Kaelin!" I screamed, thrashing against the guards that held me at bay, "This isn't how it's supposed to happen!"

My body went limp as Kaelin blinked out of sight; he was gone…probably for good. The guards around me disappeared like I had imagined them. My eyes blurred as tears clouded my vision. I blinked them away; I refused to let the court see me cry. I pushed back all of my feelings and glared at the three in front of me. The red-head smiled, her fangs glistening in the pale light. I shuddered as the room temperature dropped a couple degrees. I was momentarily stunned as the cold played across my skin. I had never felt the cold or heat for that matter yet now it was like my fingers were losing their feeling. It surprised me as banshees were able to control their body temperature. This wasn't a natural cold.

"Bring in the first accused!" the ebony man boomed.

The room temperature dropped even more as ice started to form on the railings becoming icicles. There was a loud bang as one of the side doors were thrown open revealing Celestial Brook along with her partner, the blonde, and Kaydynce. All eyes fell on the one in the middle, Kaydynce. She looked like crap. Her short blonde hair stuck out everywhere, and her skin looked even paler. She was wearing the same thing she had at school: denim mini skirt and a bright pink, low cut shirt. She may have been wearing the same clothes, but they were torn and tattered like someone had just ripped her clothes to shreds.

Her usually lively eyes were dull and forlorn like she had given up. Her pink lips had turned a sickly blue as the temperature continued to drop. I shivered even more, my teeth chattering. The temperature had dropped so much that I could see my breath; it was like a heavy fog that hung there.

"Can someone please turn up the heat in here?" I said, motioning at the icicles forming on the railings to get my point across.

"You may speak only when spoken to, Ms. Gray," the black haired woman said; her pale eyes glowing.

Her eyes bore into me like she was seeing right down to my soul; I had the irrational thought to cowering in fear, but I knew better. Showing fear is one of the worst things to do around a predator. I lifted my chin and stared directly into her eyes. I wouldn't show any fear no matter what.

"Court is now in session!" the ebony man boomed.

The room quieted down as everyone settled down and waited for the judgment to be made.

"It is time to hear from the accused!" the red haired woman said.

She stood up and motioned to Kaydynce first.

"How do you plea, Ms. Creek?" she asked with a glint in her green eyes.

"Not guilty, of course!" Kaydynce cried, struggling against her captives.

"So you deny draining an innocent human in front of another human?" the woman on the right asked; her long black hair swaying as she shifted.

"Well, I-I…it wasn't like that!" she stuttered.

"We have heard enough!" the man boomed, "It is now time to hear what the jury thinks!"

"Wait, she didn't even get to defend herself! How is that even fair?" I cried out, gulping as all eyes fell on me.

"Ms. Gray, I will not tell you again; you may only speak when spoken to," the black haired woman warned.

I brushed off her warning; this wasn't fair. She didn't even have time to defend herself before being judged.

"I will not back down!" I turned toward the crowd, "I don't believe she can be judge on just one crime; everyone makes mistakes or bad decisions. Is it fair to judge someone from that one instant? I know Kaydynce has done wrong, but she has also done good in her life! She has been my friend since we were little; I could always trust no matter what; I mean sure she got on my nerves occasionally, but that doesn't mean she should be judged unfairly!"

The black haired woman stood up and motioned to someone in the back; I was quickly restrained again. I didn't fight; what would be the point? I probably screwed both of our chances of getting out alive yet I had to voice my opinion. I just hoped we could make it through.

"I have heard enough of this!" she said, "Jury, your verdict?"

A short, blonde, boy stood up from the crowd. He had milky eyes and was wearing a plaid jacket that seemed to engulf his whole body.

"We find the accused guilty of all charges," he said; his voice wispy like the wind.

The redhead woman smiled; her fangs gleamed with the same glisten in her emerald green eyes. Something was about to happen.

"Take the accused to the abyss!" the ebony man rumbled.

I felt my heart beat speed up and my breath quickened. I looked over at Kaydynce to see the same look of fear in her eyes. I had to do something, anything to save her even though she did try to kill Kaelin. I thrashed against my restraints, kicking one of them in the privates. I was released momentarily, and I took that opportunity to run toward Kaydynce. I had to think fast because quite frankly I had no clue what I was doing!

"Ilium, open the abyss!" the black haired woman ordered.

I had barely made it to her before the floor opened up under us. It was like jumping off of a bridge without a safety line. Our screams echoed through the court room then there was nothing. We floated in the darkness like leaves falling gently. Everything around me was completely black; I could barely see Kaydynce. It was like someone had put a blindfold over my eyes in which you could see outlines but nothing else.

I fanned my arms out in front of me trying, relentlessly, to reach Kaydynce. It was like there was a barrier between us.

"Kaydynce, are you there?" I called out.

"Aislin, I'm scared!" she cried.

"It's going to be okay, Kay, we will get out of this," I reassured her, though I was skeptical.

I didn't know how the hell we were getting out of this, but that wasn't the only problem. As I floated through the darkness, I heard the moans and cries of others that had been sent here as well. We weren't the only ones hoping to get out…

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