Baby girl-

I've always admired you,
and your loving ways.
I've always loved you,
but I've contemplated this for days.

You're all I've ever had,
all I'd ever need.
I'll always remember your cries
as you watched me bleed.

I'll always remember you.
I'll never forget.
Maybe my death is something
I'll someday regret.

I hate having you know
what I put myself through.
I hate having you know
the naughty things I do.

I'll always remember the look you had
as you saw me struggling between life and death.
I'll always remember the look you had
as I couldn't get in a breath.

The pain in your eyes,
the cries I know so well.
Those were the cries I heard
when mommy put you through hell.

It kills me inside to know
that I hurt you just like mom did.
Mom was always the reason
that you and I hid.

But now you're hiding from me.
Me who loves you like none other.
Me who tried her best
to protect you from your own mother.

But now it's me hurting you.
Now you're trying to protect me.
Protect me from myself,
because I'm trying to be set free.

I'm in so much pain, hon.
This pain just can't go on.
I know as you read this,
I'm already gone.

But know I love you,
and you're never alone.
You're not even alone
when mom and dad aren't home.

I'll always tuck you in at night,
and listen to your night time prayer.
I'll long to wish I could reach out
and run my fingers through your hair.

I'll be there while mommy hurts you,
but you won't see me cry.
I'll be with you forever,
even until the moment you die.

I'll be there through the pain,
I'll be there through it all.
I'll be there to catch you
when you fall.

I'll always love you,
and hold you tight.
You'll rest in my arms
one more night.

Please, baby, don't be sad.
I'm with you right now.
If I could talk,
I'd explain how.

I write this in hopes
that you'll read it someday.
It'll be hard to understand,
but I know you'll find a way.

I love you, Amber.
That's all you need to know.
I'm really sorry it ended this way,
sorry that I had to go.

Je t'aime.
Te amo.
Ich liebe dich.
Ik hou van je.
Mahal kita.
Ego Amare.
I. Love. You.