Final chapter.


Delaney Castelion smiled as she hummed, staring at the May flowers and her sons playing in the garden.

"Here you go, fresh beverage for this weather" Ethero offered her a glass, condensation droplets rolling down its surface.

"Thank you love" she smiled and took the glass, drinking the cool liquid quite eager "Those two surely don't mind this heat"

"That's because they are kids" the young man smiled, placing a hand above his wife's belly "How are you feeling?"

The woman sighed, pretending to be annoyed at the question "I feel fine and so do they" she smiled "You worry too much"


"No 'but' Ethero" Delaney poked his nose "Everything is going fine, I'm sure of it"

Ethero sighed, resigning to discuss this with Delaney and lied down on the floor while his wife stared at the other two boys.

"I'm thinking of a good name for them, have you thought of something?"

"Well, it is due September so I'm pretty sure I know how you will name them"

Delaney laughed and stared at her slowly growing body, humming to her kids once again.

The twins walked through the dirt path, the conversation filled with silly jokes and statements, small laughter echoing all over the place, lowering their voices as they reached the tombstone.

"Are you sure of this?" the girl asked once they finished cleaning around the place.

"Yeah" the boy smiled as he left the bronze medal on top of the gravestone "It has the same three letters and I'm sure she'll know it was mine"

"I already said it but, congratulations on the third place" Aki smiled while fixing the medal "And for not killing yourself in that race"

"Thanks I guess?" Natsu laughed "Thanks for going Aki"

"No need to thank Natsu" she messed his hair "It was quite interesting"

Natsu smiled and kneeled down, his sister beside him, both closing his eyes and giving a small prayer to their mother.

They are quite short but was just a small reminder of today.

As a quick explanation: They all passed away after they give birth to the five of them. Not all were quite happy with the pregnancy though.