Okay for those in the RH, you all might have caught wind of what has happened lately. For those still in the dark... let's just say that someone in my mother's family passed away. This song was originally uploaded in my blog. Originally, I'm struggling to decide whether I should post this up here as well since I don't want to risk people attacking me personally just for shit and giggles. But now that I've decided to put this up, I guess I should just say "go get a life outside if you all dare" right in the face of all those we-know-what.

The Forgotten Song

The songs of old grew stale, yet why the echo of aria call?

Decades of bloom, the petals wilt.

Is this the life we all know?

Humane or mayhap mere mortality's mourn?

Aye... the wind breeze forth...

One has departed

Aye...Ten became nine...

The lost remembered for good

Caress of the dead far more alive than the world itself

What gift we have brought to the world?

What legacy have we left?

The beauty of all things past akin to a rose

So fragile yet why so real?

Aye... the wind brushed by...

One has departed

Aye...I saw a person less

The serene claimed their rest

Gentle warmth nary but a dream

Will I step forth to Eden upon the knell of God?

What will I see in the face of heavens?

The lilies of joy or thorns of mockery?

You don't have to think much. For none can command all that is beyond.

Aye... the wind continue the ceaseless waltz...

Where will I be next?

Aye... the ground or the pyre...

The choice matters not

For only that whisper remain...

Have you ever questioned the tears shed for you?