Sheila opened her eyes. First she can't remember what happened. She is lying down somewhere. But then suddenly she regains her memory and she jumps right up. She is supposed to be dead right now. She remembers clearly.

She met with an accident while going home from school. Her little brother was bugging her as always and as always she was going all crazy. He was saying that she takes way too much time to get out from the classroom and then she also gossips with her friends.

"Now look here. How will you ever do anything if you're so late all the time!" and on and on he went.

Sheila got too much annoyed and cried out loud. "Will you just shut up?I already said sorry for being late." She pretended like crying though tears were nowhere to be seen and she was also complaining to God for giving her such a brother. And hearing that, Auvro was laughing and when Sheila looked at him, he gave her his perfect crescent shaped smile which made Sheila angrier.

Just then their car clashed with a bus and had some spectacular somersaults and that is when her spirit came right out of her body. That's all that happened back then.

Now here she is in the middle of nowhere. She thinks if this could be the judgment day already. Then she gets worried that she might be questioned for being rude to her brother. But guess it's not the judgment day because no one else is there.

Just then a voice is heard from nowhere, "Sheila Rahman, you died in an accident. As it wasn't a normal death you're now being thrown down into the hell."

"What? HELL!" Sheila can't believe it. She cries out that she can't be sent to hell without a judgment. And also that she's just a kid and there's no reason for her to go to hell. But there was no one to hear her cry.

When she finds herself in front of the hell's gate, she sees that more people are present there. They are standing in a line to enter hell. Sheila sadly thinks to herself, "Wow! Hell sure does have some discipline!" Just then her eyes open wide in surprise as she sees someone. She can't believe her eyes!

It's her little brother Auvro! He's standing in front of the gate and is looking just like a little devil with two red horns, black clothes, a trident which can light fire and he also has a tail in the back which has an arrow shaped ending! His crescent shaped smile goes just perfect with his little devil outlook. Everyone has to come to him before entering hell and he checks their identity. Then he lights a fire on their buttock using his trident and screaming "OWCH! OWCH! OUCH!" they would enter.

When Sheila's turn came she took a good look and now she's sure that it's him. She asks him what he is doing here.

"Why following you my dear sis!"Auvro gives her a wonderful smile and says that he also died along with her and decided to tag along. That's why he's here. "I got here before you by dying after you and I also got myself a job to do. It's to guard the gate of this hell place. But look at you. You're late as usual."


Auvro always asked her a question. It's about whether she wants to go to heaven or hell after death. Sheila's answer was obviously heaven because who'd ever want to go to hell! But Auvro said, "Well then, when I die, I'll choose to stick with you. Whether its heaven or hell and I know that you'll go to heaven because you're such a goody good girl."

And Sheila used to scream after hearing this. As Sheila gets angrier, Auvro troubled her more and more and he always seemed to enjoy it.

And after recalling that, "I'm never going to stay in the same place as you!" Screams Sheila. "You bothered me enough in the living world. I can't tolerate having you with me in the afterworld too." Now she cannot stand that she's going to hell. She wants to go to heaven no matter what and Auvro went on laughing seeing her like this. He gives his crescent shaped smile.

Just when Sheila gets prepared to yell at him, the voice was heard again. "Calling out for prisoner …aa (!)… Soul, named Sheila Rahman. Actually, you see…there's been a mistake sending you here. You were actually supposed to be going to heaven. Sorry for the trouble …um… er…good luck." The voice seemed a bit embarrassed because a prisoner was brought in by mistake and sad as they have to let go of her.

Sheila cannot believe that for once in a lifetime (Or should it be after lifetime) her wish actually came true! Now she won't have to be with Auvro anymore! "Good bye brother dear! Be a good guard!" and she disappears. Auvro waves his tail and says, "Have fun sister dear." After she's gone, he thinks, "Okay then. Let's hear the news now." And he has a mischievous smile on his face. This one is also crescent shaped.

Next Sheila finds herself floating among white clouds in front of a great golden gate. She sings "YEAH" out loud in joy and then runs toward the gate.

But wait. What is this? AUVRO!

He is sitting on a white marble bench on the clouds at the side of the gate. This time his appearance is different from before. He is wearing a white gown with a halo on his head. He even has two tiny white wings of feather on his back! He has a wand in his right hand and a comic book in the other.

A person who must be a candidate to enter heaven is standing in front of him. Auvro waves his wand and the person gets a flying seat of cloud like Auvro's. And he also gets a bowl of ice cream! It's a Sundae of vanilla, strawberry, blueberry and chocolate mixed together with honey and caramel on top as well as with little pieces of nuts spread all over. Then off he goes inside the gate, eating the yummy ice cream.

Sheila can't believe her eyes! What in the world is this? Why is Auvro here too? Shouldn't he be guarding the gate of hell?

"Oh! Hi there sis? I know what you're gonna say to me so here's the answer." Auvro's smile's crescent shaped like always.

Right after Sheila disappeared, he was also sent here as an angel to guard the heaven's gate and of course it happened because he wasn't supposed to go to hell and he wished to tag along with his sister.

He laughs, "Now isn't that great?"

"NOOO!" Sheila freaks out andnow she wants to go back to the living world. "At least I hope you wouldn't wish to be alive again as you're a heaven dweller. O god please send me back to that painful living world please o please o please o please!" she starts praying to god.

Suddenly an angel appears before her and says that there's been a terrible mistake. Sheila isn't supposed to be dead at all. "So now you'll be sent back to the human world."

Sheila jumps up in the air in sheer joy. "O yes! My wish came true! Now that's something you call seventh heaven! Good bye brother dear! I'm going back to life and this time I hope you won't follow me. Be a good boy!" she says while she fades away.

"Bye bye sis! Wish you a happy life! Enjoy!"Auvro sees her off like an obedient little brother. Then the angel turns to him "And as for you," she says. Auvro again has the same kind of mischievous grin.

Sheila finds herself lying on a hospital bed. It's been 24 hours on earth while she spent only 2 or 3 hours in the other worlds. Everyone was so happy to see her alive! The doctors are amazed to see that she made it back quickly from death. But only Sheila knows what happened. But maybe, just maybe she isn't the only one. There is someone else who knows the secret.

Though she was groggy because of the anesthesia, Sheila asks mom about Auvro. Mom looks a little uneasy at this. Instead telling her about Auvro, mom expresses her gladness about Sheila being alive. Hearing this, somewhere inside Sheila's heart she felt a pain for Auvro but she can't understand why she felt it. After a little while, she slowly falls asleep.

After sleeping for three or four hours, Sheila wakes up. The doctor comes and tests this and that and then he says with a smile, "Well, she's out of danger now." Mom starts thanking God right away while crying. Then Sheila asks the doctor, "How about Auvro doctor? He's supposed to wake up before me because he's always faster than me in everything. He's fine, right?" The doctor puts up a smile and says, "He's fine too." But mom stays quiet. Now Sheila gets very much worried about her little brother. She can't express it but maybe this is the very first time in her life that she's actually feeling something for Auvro other than annoyance. Just when the thought of Auvro never coming back comes to her mind, a tear drops from her eyes without her knowledge. For the first time, she realizes what Auvro actually means to her.

It is after a few hours. Sheila's been thinking about her time with her little brother. All the memories she has with him is about Auvro troubling her. But now all those painful times seem so beautiful. Then she remembers the incidents at hell's gate and heaven's gate, how she refused to have him with her. Then suddenly she bursts out in tears. "Why are you late to be waking up Auvro? You always do things ahead of me but that doesn't mean that you'd die ahead of me as well."

Mom had gone outside to talk with doctor. Then she enters the room. When she sees Sheila crying, she hurries to her and asks what's wrong. Instead answering, Sheila just continues crying and then from the fatigue of a long surgery and unconsciousness together with the violent sobbing just now, she again falls asleep. This time she sleeps for one or two hours and suddenly wakes up as if she was having a nightmare. Mom wasn't there. It's almost nine thirty in the night. Sheila tries to sleep again but she can't. The thought that Auvro might never be back keeps haunting her. Right that moment mom comes back. She smiles and asks how her sleep was. Sheila doesn't say anything. Mom says with tears in her eyes and smile on her face,

"Sheila dear, Auvro's woken up. It was a few hours ago. The doctor's said he's out of danger now. Isn't that great! Your dad is with him at the moment."

Hearing this, Sheila gets really surprised at first. Her nightmare about losing Auvro was really just a bad dream after all. Then she goes crazy for seeing him. Mom has to struggle a lot to make her understand that she can't go out in this condition. "Besides, he's sleeping right now." She said.

But Sheila won't listen. She wants to just see him and she promises that she won't bother him. Mom calmed her down by saying that she'll take Sheila to see him first thing in the morning. Then she told her to get a good night's rest. But Sheila couldn't sleep in excitement and happiness, and out of gratefulness toward God for giving Auvro back.

It's morning now. Sheila has been waiting impatiently for mom to come. She went to talk with father. A few seconds later father comes and asks how she's feeling the moment.

"Horrible! I can't wait anymore. When will I be able to see Auvro?" this is Sheila's reply. Father convinces her saying that it won't take longer for Auvro to wake up. Then she can go see him. The doctor said that Auvro's sleep shouldn't be disturbed in any way. Hearing that Sheila utters a long sigh. She doesn't need to talk to him. She simply just wants to see him and make sure her little brother's fine. It's to calm her own self down.

Finally after a long wait, father says that it's time. But to get to Auvro she has to ride on a wheel chair as she's not strong enough to walk yet. It would have seemed really embarrassing to her in any other time but now it didn't even cross her mind because she wants to see Auvro more than anything. While going there Sheila finds it very surprising how much she is anxious to see her little brother while she couldn't stand his presence at all in the past.

Sheila can see him. That's definitely Auvro, her little brother lying there. His little body is full of bandages and plasters. And he's being given saline by a pipe linked with his left hand. Sheila is right next to the bed. She isn't making any sound. The doctor said not to make unnecessary sounds. father and mom are standing a little far away, watching their children finally getting along which is filling their heart with joy and it is being expressed by the drops of tears in mom's eyes and father's smile of contentment.

Sheila was so anxious to see Auvro a little while ago and now that she's with him she doesn't know what to do. Auvro slowly opens his eyes and looks at his elder sister. Then he tries to smile. Sheila puts her hand on Auvro's hand then says in a choked voice, "I'm so glad to see you little brother. I really am happy that you decided to follow me here as well."

Auvro again gives a dry smile and tries to say something. But his voice is inaudible. Sheila doesn't understand what he's saying. So she bends her head down a little. Then she hears Auvro saying, "You're late." Sheila is surprised. She can't get the meaning of his words. But Auvro isn't done talking. He continues, "I was waiting for you to come and see me, sis."

Now Sheila understands what he's trying to say. Taking a little breather, Auvro says again, "But I know why you're late. So you're forgiven."

Sheila smiles and says very softly, "Thank you little brother," and tears glitter in her eyes like dew drops.

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