It starts as a seed,

Grows to a tree

Just to help

You and me

Living, breathing

Growing tree

Thank you

For everything

From me

The World

Maybe if the world were better

Without all the people

Maybe if the world were cleaner

Without the pollution

Maybe if the world were prettier

Without so much litter

Maybe then, would we care

For our world

No Light

My eyes can see

But they do not look

My mouth will move

But it will not speak

My ears will hear

But sound will be muted

My eyes have no light

The darkness is pulling

Reaching for me

Just because

My eyes cannot look

My mouth will not speak

My ears cannot hear

And my eyes are lonely


If you were to ask

What color am I

I would just say


Black is the color of the night

The color of my soul

The color of a pupil

The color of darkness

Black is me

From my soul

To my clothes

My nails

To my toes

Black is my color

So if you were to ask

What is my color?

My answer is simply


A cutter

You may have A.M

or see a therapist

You may pray

or just live

but to me

it isnt worth it

for my salvation

isnt any of those

it is simplier

just me...

and a knife


I am an artist

just not a regular artist

for my canvas is my skin

and my paint brush is a knife

but i am an artist

A Heart

A heart is not black

nor gray

a heart is red

full of love

not sadness

a heart is sweetness

not bitterness

a heart is something

that can never be mine

Hazel Eyes

If someone were to look at me

and youd ask them what they saw

they would say

'just a girl with hazel eyes'

i am nothing more than that

a girl with hazel eyes

a girl who is just passing by

i am not remarkable

not sporty

not booky

i am just a girl with hazel eyes

maybe if they looked

just looked harder

they might see

the girl behind the eyes

the one who can play sports given time

the one who loves to read just not history

the remarkable one

Not the girl with hazel eyes



Most say the youngest has all the fun

No responsibility

No having to work

Being the cutest

The one who is never wrong

Well they are wrong

Being the youngest is hard

Never being first

Always having to live up to siblings

Waiting to be old enough

To much attention

So yes id say

that in all

being the youngest is hard

but so is the middle

and The oldest


Jealousy never got me far

it is a devil

a lucifer

A problem starter

jealousy is never good

it is just like a hood

covering the other feelings

such as hurt

jealousy is basically

just that


Even if it isn't

it is just like it



Is it a fantasy

if it is real to me?

Is it a fantasy

if millions believe?

Is it a fantasy

if proven true?

Maybe not by me,

or you

but by

hearts and souls

around the world?

So truly,

is it a fantasy

if everyone believes?


There are millions of belief's around the world

and none matter

a single belief is just like the next

all worshipping a higher power

the Mayans, the Egyptians

the Romans, the Greeks

there all the same

to me

if you are all worshipping

a greater person

does it really matter

if its God or Ra?



If i can manage

a smile for my ex

then you can manage

millions of loose texts

If i can manage

to keep my head held high

Then you can manage

Singing a lullaby

If i can manage a frown

at a child

Then you can manage anything


I am frozen

a sheild of armor

surronding me

making me cold

for i am frozen

from the inside out

my heart like ice

my touch like fire

i am frozen from the inside out

with sorrow

and misery

I am frozen not warm

i am just the opposite



If you were sorry

Truly sorry

You wouldn't be

Laughing at me

Your eyes wouldn't stray

Far from my face

You would be

Begging me to stay

Not teasing me


If you were sorry

We would be happy

Together, forever

But your aren't



Sweet Joy

Sweet joy

May you always stay

My sweet joy

Never go away

Sweet joy

Please keep on groing

My sweet joy

Keep on growing

For my sweet joy

It may be just a toy,

A book, a smile,

A hug, a play

It is always the same

My Sweet Joy


Living on fire

Is not fun

Living on fire

Is like a sun

Living on fire

Makes hate

Living on fire

Is not the way


Dirty rotten heart

It is unusable


It makes me hurt

My heart

It is incapable


My dirty rotten heart


The light is bright

Calling me

It is beckoning

So warm and fuzzy

It wants me

Unlike you

Who lied to me

But you are forgiven

Because I am above you

But the light is calling

I must go

I will go

For it wants me


It is a calm

Settling feeling

It makes my

Heart light

It brings

Us together

It is



I used to be hot

Now im cold


I got lost

Along the way


My futures broken

Not as it used to be


My time is sad

Unlike my old life


I was happy

Now I'm sad

Frozen with you


I used to be a millionaire

Now I'm as poor as dirt

I was a well respected person

Now I sleep in garbage

How did I get like this?

I think it started

When I wandered

My life was perfect

I contributed to charity

I had a nice house

I was beautiful

But I wandered

My path was clear

Then it blurred

When I went

Down the blurr

I wandered

How is it, I wonder?


They say honesty is the best policy

But what if it wasn't?

What if it revealed

The true me?

What if it was ugly?

Then would honesty

Be the best policy?


If you knew

The real me

Would you be

Scared or happy?

Would you run away

Or stay with me?

If you knew

The real me?


The voices are mocking me

They mock my clothes

My eyes

My voice

My life

The voices are mocking me

But I'm not crazy

The voices are


Good and Bad

What really is good and bad?

Sure there are mistakes

And greed, selfishness

But are they bad?

There's charity, environmentalists

Helpers, recyclers

But are they good?

How do you tell

Good from bad?

People make mistakes

It is human nature

So how do you call that bad?

People use charity for publicity

So are they good?

Good and bad are just words

The actions define the person


A heartbeat is needed

To live

Happiness is needed

To have a life

The difference between

The two

Is that to be alive

Is to have a heartbeat

To have a life

Is to be happy with said life


The year is of sadness

Of war and delight

Of loss

And forgiveness

Of lies

And Spite

Of Mayans

And their creation

There fall

And their rise

The year is of the Mayans

And how they died


To leave a family

Is sad

To leave a wife

Is sadder

To leave a life

And look back

And know

You're not coming again

Is saddest


The quetzal will call

So you may now fall

To your happy little place

Where there is no haste

When the quetzal calls

Just fall

Off of your high perch

In the world

When the quetzal calls


Maybe if you looked at someone

Just a little harder

You might be able to see

The person the always were

Maybe if you just looked harder


A lie can kill

A family, happiness


So what can a huge lie kill?

Maybe just about

The world


If you were given a choice

Between a rich guy

And poor

Which would you choose?

What if the rich guy

Was a jerk

And the poor


What if the rich guy was ugly,

And the poor cute?

Would money over heart win?

Or would you listen to your ticker

And choose right?



A snob would call you stupid

A nerd unthinking

A loner weird

But me?

I would look at you

And see

Not a weird person

An unthinker, or a stupid person

I would just see


Kayla's Poem

One day, they will see

How I really am

Who I really am

And then look at me

And say

'I was wrong'

I am not weird

Just abnormal

I am not mean

Simply unable to express

You will look at me

And then see this

And I will be waiting

And you will say

I am sorry

I was wrong

NOTE: Kayla says shes not wierd shes KAyla


I have been waiting for you

For more than a lifetime

I have been waiting for you

And I think I know why

I was waiting for the one

To set my heart free

I was waiting

I will keep on waiting

Even knowing

It can never be

Just waiting


I have a problem

And it is not drinking

Or driving

Or smoking

Or anything like that

I have a problem

With expressing myself

I cant really say

When it occurs

But when it does

You can tell

I can't show

That I have feelings

For I think I am scared

That they wont be considered

I have a problem

With expression

My last friend

Was driven away

By that unmovable place

I think you call it

A heart

I cant show people

What I want

They think me un readable

And it is true

I have no expression

It is a problem

Yes that I know

But maybe one day

Someone will come

Who can get my expression

And make it worthy

Of living a life

I hope that it happens

One day


This is my rambling

Everyone needs to

And so here it is

I need a rambling

For I think I am crazy

I saw a purple elephant

On top of a blue cat

That had a hat

I wanted to catch it

But it was to fast

I think im getting fat

I went to a kangaroo

And asked it to speak

It said

'hello how do you do?'

I wanted to faint

I think I am crazy

For I saw a red toe

It could just be me

But I don't think so

I have one more thing to say

And that is


Fools Gold

I have a friend

Who has a friend

That wants to have a friend

Who is a girl

He needs to know which to choose

But he wants to know

How to see


From fools gold

To see the gold

From the fools

Just look at someone

And ask them one question

"If I was ugly, would you still like me? Answer honestly."

If they say no then you have your fool

If they say yes

Your gold

For you see

Gold is beautiful

Inside and out

Fools gold is just rock

Pretty on the outside

Worthless on the inside


I hate to love

For love is not real

It is a figment of the imagination

And is not possible

For you see

I love my mother, father

Sisters, brothers

But to be in love?


Some say that every person

Has a soul mate

But how can that be true?

What if ones soulmate

Lives in Africa?

Are we just supposed to trust Fate?

I guess were supposed to trust

In love

But it is impossible

For I think to be in love

Is a myth

Legend, fable for kids

It is not real

Hate is more ethical

More real

There is hate everywhere not love

So love not real

Hate too real


In first grade it was

Ewww cooties

In second grade

Cool dudes

In third

He plays good football

In fourth

He's cute, brotherly cute

In fifth

OMG he's hot

And sixth

Hey wanna go out

In seventh

Smoochie smoochie

And eighth



Drama time


He is such a jock


He has huge muscles


Want to do it?

Over the years we learn

That boys are icky, to hot

They are sweet to a jock

We all change

Sometimes for the better


I know I can be

A brat and mean

I know I act

Like I don't care

But that's the thing

It's an act

I love you mommy

Merry Christmas


Would you like to hear a story

Of a young girl

Who had it all

and lost it all

she was impeccable

brave strong

but she gave in

to the pressure

of her life


from all sides

pushing her

to go one way

and the next

the girls name I believe

was my name

her name was that

of everyone

who had it all

and lost it all


I have an itch

It is unreachable

I have an itch

And it is unsatable

I have a craving

that is un beatable

My itch

My craving

My desire



Many say that I am a kid

But that is a lie

An untruth

I am a child

One of the pure

One just starting out

One who is carefree

Not an adult

One of the worry

Of the unpure

I have not seen everything

Nor has an adult

I am not a kid

That is demeaning

I am a child

Pure and carefree

I am a child

Not a adult


Teenagers say

"Always and Forever"

It is not true

Always is impossible

Forever untrue

So why do we say it

Are we just that desperate?

To find a happy ending

If it means lying

Always and forever


I have many things

That I do

I read and write

And talk to you

I have many things

That I do

But my most important

Is talk to you

You are my best

Always true

Friend in the world


In a totally platonic

Way of course

You are my friend

Megan waters


Many say

That there is no such thing

As a hell but in my

Time on this small world

I can say that a hell

Is very possible

You see it

Every day on the streets

Someone dying

Someone hurting

Earth is not peace

T'is not harmony

Like we are told

Look outside

Into the harsh world

It has fire

Pits of agony

People who lie

And die

It has haters

And lovers

It is hell


I have many thanks

To all who have taught

I have many regrets

To those I have fought

Thank you

My teachers

Without you

I would have been

A dwindling thing

That was nothing

Without you

I would have had

No ambition

No speech

No courage


So I thank you my teachers

My greaters

My betters

My elders

The wise ones



I think that

I have become

Wise with my age

I have become hardened

With the truth of life

Wiser to the ways of it

I have become saddened

By the taste of it

I have become

So much better

Than my younger

Less wiser self

For before

I was carefree and happy

Not wise


They say never judge a book

By its cover

It is a common fact

A labeled tale

Passed down from mother

So why didn't I listen?

I judged that book

And turns out

That book won the medal


I look into the mirror

And I see

A person of great


A person who

I want to be

A person that

I will be

I see the future

I see me

When I look into

The mirror

It is not merely

A reflection

It is

My future

Past and present

Through time

I look through

The portal

And I see

Myself through


I see myself

As a babe

Playing smiling happy

I see myself

As a child

Grief ridden happy emo

I see myself as an adult

Working family happy

I see myself

Through time


I look at you

And cant help the smile

That comes to my face

I look at you

And my day is brighter

I look at you

And I see a future

I smile

Im happy

I have a future

When I look at you


I have a family

A life


And I love it

I have family

That I love

I have a life

Its alright

I have friends

That I can live with

I have a family

Though it isn't always

By blood


She is my sissy

My family

My happiness

She lights up my day

Without her

I might as well be


She is my sissy

Even if I don't

Really know her

I love her

She is



There is magic

It is in the air

There is magic

It is within

There is magic

It dwells deep

In the depths of earth

Magic makes

Us useful

There is


Without You

I am a pit of sorrow

A black hole of sadness

Without you

I am nothing

But a pit of unhappiness

But don't you see

Without you

I am nothing

But with you

I am at least

A little something


A single life has no meaning

It is a small thing

Like an ant to a tiger

It is pointless

I may seem harsh

But I am a realist

Yes the ones they love

Might be sad

But look at

The bigger picture

Isn't one life unimportant?

Look at Martin Luther King Jr.

He was a great guy

But where would he be

Without his followers?


So in my opinion

A single life

Has no meaning

Bigger is meaning


I am an ugly duckling

A un hatched beauty

Can't you just see

The swan of me?

I am a swan

Maybe not yet

But it is a disguise

Look closely

And you will see

The swan

Behind the duckling

They say

They say

Sorry covers everything

Like it never happened

Then why do I feel

Like I still am


Like I will forever

Be indebted

Untrusted by him

If sorry truly covers all

Then why do I feel like this?

I said I was sorry

But I don't think he heard

How much I really meant it

Sorry covers all


I was sorry

And he didn't look happy

I am still sorry

But I don't think

He knows

The level of sincerity


We met in fifth grade

Me and him

We were besties

But then

We grew up

Stopped with our meetings

Sad really

We met again

In high school

Started back up

Neither of us knowing

That it would all

Come to an end

He died last November

But its okay

For we will meet again

Our meetings are sacred

And he wont forget


He will be there forever

Trying to get loose

Trying to get back to me

His name engraved

In the stone

But he wont come

His name will be there

Haunting me forever

The name of my first love

The one

But his name is in the stone

Along with his birth day

Surrounded by the ones

From his family

He will always try

To get away

But to no avail

He must stay

In stone


He called me his pruncess

After I ate his last prune

He called me his darling

His sweetie

His Cherie

But sadly

It was not meant to be

I was his Pruncess

But he wasn't my king


It is a very sad thing

When a mother loses her child

It is a sad thing

When a family pet dies

It is a sad thing

When your TV breaks

It is a sad thing

When your heart aches

But it is a happy thing

When all of that

Can be mended

Have another kid


Get another dog

Move on

Buy a new TV

Try not to break it

Fix your heart