The Little Girl by Hannah Morton

Once, long ago, there was a man named Samuel. He was a duke, who lived in a mansion with many servants. Not many thought him kind, but they were oh so wrong. Samuel was very kind indeed. He even let his servants eat at the table with him.

One day while Samuel was in his study, working on some financial papers and not paying close attention. A shout flows down the hall, making him jump in fright. Getting up he walks briskly to the door, and pokes his head out.

And what a sight to behold! A priceless vase was lying on the floor, shattered into bits. With only servants around, he blames the clumsiest. The little boy is pushed forward by his peers to the master.

"Did you break my vase?" Samuels's voice was quiet, making the hall silent, more so than it would've been if he'd yelled.

"No-oo, sir." The boy stuttered nervously looking at his shoes. For the master was scary, all of the townsfolk said as such.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you, boy!" Samuel demands in a voice so sinister it is no wonder that the townsfolk think him scary. Slowly the boy looks up to meet Samuel's eyes.

"Did you break the vase?" Samuel asks yet again, getting frustrated, not at the boy, but at his servants, who through this process had yet to say who broke it.

"No, I did not sir." The boy says, all of the sudden getting a defiant streak in him. Samuel nods his head at the boy and turns to the rest of the servants.

"Did any of you see who broke my vase?" He asks. Everyone shakes their head.

"No we did not. It just fell out of thin air, sir." Said a young woman, who by the looks of it was too young to be in this house.

"Very well. But how did it 'just fall out of thin air?'" Samuel asks in a very kind tone, or so he thinks. His voice is rather harsh all the time.

"Well, we were all over there," The girl said pointing to a corner, "Trying to kill a large spider. Then a crash happened and the vase was on the ground."

Samuel sighs in defeat, making him seem less harsh, and the girl relaxed. Turning to leave he stops short. A tug on his jacket makes him turn, just to see a little girl, no more of the age of three, pulling his jacket.

"Yes?" He asks bending down to talk to the girl. "I saw who did it." The girl says, making him look at her more closely. How could a little girl talk so clearly?

"Who did it?" He asks slowly making sure she understood. A little girl of no more the age of three, after all couldn't possibly understand big words.

Meanwhile the servants were openly staring at their master. Who, to them, was going crazy. After all, he had been inside for quite a while.

"I did. I just wanted some attention. No one around this house even bothers to walk around me anymore." She says sadly, her eyes flickering. Meanwhile Samuel is shocked. Shocked enough to overlook the walk around me part. This little girl had said a rather large sentence, which was quite unusual.

"It is quite alright dear, just be more careful, yes? Now let's find your mother." Samuel says getting up off of his position on the floor, pulling her forward.

"I am sorry for going off on you, boy. I have found the culprit. Who is the mother of this very intelligent child?" He asks, and when no one answers just stared at him he continues angrily, "Come now, someone claim this child!" He says pulling the girl in front of him.

An old woman, who by the looks of it was too old to work, stepped forward. "Sir, not to be rude, but what little girl?" She says looking at him blankly.

"This little…" Samuel trails off, looking down at… his cold, wet, empty hands.

A/N- This story is the work of complete fiction. Ms. Gavit please excuse the use of a supernatural character in this story.