Chapter One


"Come on! Please! I'll be your best friend." A young woman pouts, jutting her lip out almost comically. The woman was a slight thing, almost a midget. She had long blond hair and Ice Blue eyes, that if you looked at, she would get you as a willing little servant.

Another woman, this one slightly taller, shakes her head. "No, I told you, I have to…" Here she trails off, not having an excuse. If only Ash hadn't had super lie powers, she would have gotten away with it.

"No you will come. Don't make me pout!" Said the blonde (Ash) with an evil glint to her eyes. I back away with a fake scared look.

"No, please! I will go!" I say with a fake scream. Ash looks at me and we start to crack up. Oh My GOSH! That was funnier than the time where we had an I scream for Ice cream ceremony.

"Okay well if you're going then you need to wear the purple outfit." Ash orders me, with a triumph smirk. I just look at her like she is an idiot.

"If I'm going, then I'm picking out the outfit." I say with a sigh, looking at her with my stare. She shrugs and walks out of my room saying, "Your funeral." on her way out.

Hmmm, I look at my closet, not seeing anything that I really like. Then I see it, my favorite outfit that I have never worn of course. Squealing, I run to the bathroom with it. I'm going to look hot!

I jump when the doorbell rings. It was about two hours later, and I have a very short attention span. Jumping down from the counter, I run to the door and throw it open to see Ash, in all of her mini glory, standing there.

"Well come on. And when did you get that outfit, cause damn you look hot!" Ash says with a sort of wide eyed look.

"Had it forever. And you look like your always beautiful self. Are you saying that I don't always look hot?" I say with a teasing look. Ash really was pretty, with her hair in a ponytail, and a pink dress with sparkles on it, made her look like a Barbie. She would kill me if she knew my thoughts.

"You bet I would. And no how could you even think that! I'm jealous!" Ash fake gasps, with a hand to her mouth. I just laugh knowing she is a really good liar. I mean, who would want my 5'4 figure, with those dark brown eyes and red hair? Burgh… bad combo!

"Ha-ha, let's go already." I say with a smirk at her. I walk out the door and head to a car that I assume is our ride. Ash follows and we get in. Then I notice the guy in the front seat.

"Hi, I'm Pyra. And you are?" I say as politely as I can, while he is just staring at me. I wave a hand in front of his face and he blinks then smiles.

"Zane. And might I say that you are quite pretty this afternoon." He says with a deep tone. I blush and look away, not used to compliments.

"So how do you know Ash?" I ask after five minutes of quite. He smiles and looks at Ash. She looks at him and I see her eyes flitter nervously. I frown.

"Ermm… we met at Ethane's party last month. Didn't I tell you?" She says nervously. I frown at her but try to think.

"Oh yeah the one where I was sick. And no you didn't mention him." I say with a smile at the memory of what I did that night.

"Oh she didn't mention me? I feel much loved right now." Zane says with a smirk at her. She blushes, I note. Oh great, another crush.

Well he is hot. Wait no bad thoughts! But his golden eyes… and that brown hair! Yummy! Noooo! I bang my head on the dash and then look up. They are looking at me like I'm sikeo! I am not sikeo!

"We know you aren't, Pyra. It's just… you banged your head for what seems like no reason." Ash says with a small smile at me. I groan and cross my arms ignoring them, they laughed at my expense!

We were at the party and I got left. Stupid people with no brains! I grumble under my breath, turning to sit at the bar. Lucky chick who owns this house, a bar in the house!

"Hello, sorry about ditching you. Let us go." Zane says coming up behind me. I of course am drunk, so I nod and follow. Well, what, he is nice!

We go out into an alley way, and then to the car. Then I get nervous. He is a guy I barely know, and he might be drunk.

"Nach bhfuil tú ólta?" I ask with a giggle. I just went back to my irish. I think I said something along the lines of 'You aren't drunk?' or something.

He smiles and answers in Irish, shocking me out of my wits. "No i'm not my sweet, alas, it is impossible." I'm confused. Getting drunk is ALWAYS possible.

"Nothings impossible, just improbable." I quip at him in English. He smiles at me and starts to drive. Soon i'm drifting into sleep, and am barely awake to hear him say this.

"Glad you think so love."