A/N: Y'know, I just realized something. Even though I've had to start moving on without my drowned ex, she's on my mind 24/7. Hard to believe, but yeah... Anyways! Again, using the two main characters from the previous stories, Shard and Iris, based off me and my ex respectively, this was an essay I wrote for a class, subject on walls. Don't ask. Once again told from Shard's perspective.

"Your father's a nice man, isn't he, Shard?" Iris asked me. I smiled at her as we lay in the room my father let us sleep in while our mothers renovated their houses and did not need to see us around their 'perfect houses'. I explained our plight to our father, who gave us a room to sleep in for the nights until our mothers were done. "Yeah, he is." I smiled again, looking in her onyx black eyes. "Now we can finally sleep together." Iris said, nuzzling into my chest. I chuckled, "Iris, don't say that. It's not as innocent as one would like to think." This got her to stop, and then she looked at me in confusion, and said, "Of course I know what it means, Shard." Slowly, to my horror, she began to remove her top. "Iris, no, don't do this." I said weakly, trying to tear my eyes from her cute, petite breasts. "And why not?" she smiled seductively, hands descending to her skirt. "After all, you deserve it. You were the one who got me through all my troubles and brought my life back on track. You deserve some of me." A small piece of righteousness lodged in my mind burst from its sleep, and I shut my eyes, cutting myself off from seeing her naked body, no matter how sexy or beautiful, I could not let me ravish my dear Iris. Not like this.

"So, Shard?" Iris asked. "Please, Iris." I pleaded. "Think. What would happen if we went through with this? What if you get pregnant? What if one or even both of us have some strange sort of STD or something? I don't want to make your life hell..." In my mind's eye, Iris tilted her head in that cute way of hers, asking again, "Shard... are you rejecting me?" This sentence made my eyes snap open, seeing her instead crying, her body covered by her blanket. "N-no! Iris, please-" I stammered, only for her to cry, "I knew it! I'm not good enough for you!" With that, she turned away, huge wracking sobs beating my heart with punches that would put down a charging rhino. My mind came up with all sorts of accusations, all aimed at me. Once again, an image appeared to my mind's eye. A huge wall rose from the ground, and cordoned me off from Iris, crying her eyes out. Turning away from the crying Iris, I choked back a tear of my own, and reached for my notebook, filled with all sorts of story ideas and prototypes, my special black pen and my iPhone. The glow of the smartphone lit up my face, selecting the song 'Fallen Kingdom', and as it played, I grabbed my pen and started writing, oblivious to the silence from Iris' side of the room.

Ever so slowly, as the tale unfolded from my pen, I wrote on, about the sad tale of King Ken, who tragically lost his family when an army of undead attacks his castle. As the pen crafted the sad tragedy, I sang along to the music, "It was the creepers and the skeletons, blew down the doors and boxed us in. Arrows whizzing by like streaks of light, I tried all I could to stay and fight." A crack on the wall formed as my ears heard Iris sing along, "As the undead roamed the streets, families lying broken at my feet, life itself suspended by a thread," "Oh, why is it that I wasn't dead?" we both murmured. The tale given birth, I turned my attention to Iris, who had dried her tears, put on her shirt and skirt again, and we both sang, "I gaze off into the boundless skyline, Note-block choirs playing in the sunshine, turn 'round pick up my sword and wield, the blade that once forced evil mobs to yield. If this battle should leave me slain, I know that Herobrine calls my name. Better to take a stand, and that was when I ruled the land..." The metaphorical wall separating us crashed around our ears as we kissed for a silent moment, the music dying down. "Shard, I'm sorry for crying on you..." Iris said, but I put my hand on her shoulder, and said, "It's OK, I screwed up too. Let's just forget it and get some sleep alright?" Iris nodded, and she fell asleep in on my chest. I allowed myself one last chuckle before sleep took my consciousness for the night.

A/N: No, it's not a sequel or a prequel to the two other fics, just a little ficlet I'd thought to do.