Her body lies motionless on the cold, blood stained, cement floor. The room is in complete darkness, except for the light that casts down from the ceiling and captures the grim scene. Her once beautiful, soft face is now adorned with a rusty, old hatchet. Her chest is split open, which reveals only the empty insides as her guts lie on the ground around her in the shape of a heart.

A note is pinned to the handle of the hatchet.

Dear Alica,

I do not regret what I have done. You lied and hurt me. You created a wound that could not be healed, even by magic if it existed, and for that I had to do this. I will always wonder why you cheated on me. You said you loved me. I guess love means nothing in this world anymore. It is all about money and power. It pains me to say that I will never forget you. The woman that took my heart from me and crushed it in your hands.

Farewell, my beautiful mistake.

The body was found the next day and brought back to the morgue for closer examination. Upon the inspection the doctors found something odd. The heart they found did not belong to Alica. It was far to big. They took a sample of the heart's tissue and sent it to the lab. Two weeks later they got a match to a Kristoff Hindler, who was Alica's secret lover.

The detectives went in search for Kristoff Hindler, but no one could find him. They tried looking up his birth certificate, but there was none. Not anywhere. There was no identification to confirm that there was someone by that name. It was as if he had just vanished off the face of the earth.


Three years later the police get called in for another murder. When they arrive they find the dead body of the man they had been searching for years previously, Kristoff Hindler. His body was tied up and he was hanging upside down. His guts lay on the ground beneath him in a pile. His face was missing, like someone skinned him. Whoever did that knew what they were doing. As they were going through the remains of the body, hoping to find some sort of clue, they noticed that there was another note, but this time they found it bunched up in his ass. They took it back to the lab for it to be cleaned and put back together, because as they were trying to take it out it ripped three times.

When everything was put together they handed it back to the detectives. The note said,

Dear Jackoff,

You ruined my life. You took the woman I love away from me. For that I had to show you how it felt. How it feels to have the woman of your dreams to be taken away. For her to be ripped out of your hands. I wonder how bad you actually felt. Well, if you didn't feel the pain of losing her you must have felt the pain of getting skinned. Oh, the sounds you made... It was exhilarating.


Just two weeks later they got another call. A man was found on the floor of his living room. He had sewn a face over his and he was, at the time of his death, trying to replace his heart with another. The detectives arrived and they think they finally found their killer. They took the body back to the hospital and ran tests. The man's name was Silvano Esteban. They looked into his past. He had no previous criminal record and he had no connection to either victims. At the same time as the detectives found that out, the mortician found yet another note in between the face that was sewn on and the mans face.

The note said,

And you thought this was over...


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