"I can't stay, surrounded by your every lie," it was a simple statement that pierced the young man's heart as he heard it. The new song was too much for him to bear, but it was just what he needed to say. How could someone find such perfect words for him? He didn't know, but it was just what he needed.

Quickly, the man pulled his smart phone out and scrolled over three home screens to hit the Shazam ap. He had to know this song. He just needed it. Even if they weren't the exact words that he used, it was going to be along that line. He understood just as well as everyone else that sending the song to end things would make him look pathetic. She had done that to him enough as it was. It was over. He was going to finally man up and end things as he should have so long ago.

Fifteen seconds later, his phone gave him the information he was seeking, "Hmph," the man shrugged as he thought about the only other song he had heard from this band. What a nice contrast from Porn Star Dancing… "My Darkest Days," another shrug as the song ended, "Never would have guessed…"

Two days had passed. Not a single text had been answered. Not a single reply. Every time he saw that she was supposedly out with her 'girlfriends' he knew better. It was as it had always been. The woman had slept with his best friend and ruined his life, but he had forgiven them both just to watch as they laughed in his face. How could he have done it? How?

There was a light tapping on the door. He knew exactly who that was. Only one person ever seemed to hesitant to knock on his door. The one person that he couldn't stay with, "Why would you want to take the time now?" he scoffed as he pushed himself up off the couch, "There is no making it right," with that he started towards the door.

With a heavy sigh, he pulled the door open and stared down at the woman before him. She was the most beautiful thing he had seen, but he had been desensitized to her beauty, "Riah?"

The woman looked up at him through dripping blonde locks, "Matt," her voice was low and it was obvious that she had been crying, "you haven't responded."

A curt nod as the man set his jaw. It was finally time to end it, but he did love the woman so much. What was he supposed to do? She had broken his heart, but that didn't make it right to break hers. Did she even have a heart to break? He just didn't know.


Finally, Matt stepped to the side to admit the woman, "We need to talk."

Riah nodded as she stepped past him, "I-I," she sighed as she spun to face him, "Will you please look at me?"

Matt nodded as he pushed the door closed. He had only been trying to regain his composure. Why did he think that this was going to be easy? The song was supposed to coach him through this, but as he turned his amber gaze on the woman he just didn't think there was any preparing for such a thing, "There are just some things that can't be mended."

The tears started to stream down the woman's cheeks as she tried to keep herself under control, "Wh-what do you mean?"

Matt ran his hand through his shaggy black hair, "This. It's over."

Riah's eyes grew wide as she took a step towards him, "Matty, baby," she placed her hands on his arms as she rose on her tip toes to kiss him. Matt didn't want to pull back from her. Her kisses were like drug and he was addicted. But he couldn't let her win. He wasn't going to let her lie to him any longer. He deserved better. At least someone that wouldn't lie to him with every word they said.

With all the strength he could muster, Matt pushed the woman back and hardened his gaze, "No, Riah."

The woman took a deep breath as she made one last ditch attempt. She hurried to take her shirt off and went to unbutton her pants, but Matt wasn't going to sit around and wait for this. It was over. No amount of tears or intercourse could make things better. It. Was. Over.

"No!" his voice was low as he grabbed the woman's hands, "Stop this! I want you out. Out of my apartment and out of my life. Fuck any other guy you like, but I'm not longer available to you."

Riah's eyes grew wide as she stared up into his beautiful amber gaze, "But, Matt, I thought we were—"

"You should have thought about that before you decided that I wasn't worth the truth!" he let go of her hands before he leaned over to pick up her shirt. He shook his head at the damp spot on the carpet from where her soaking wet shirt had laid for only moments, "Here," he held the shirt out to her, "Now, get out."

The woman nodded as she hurried around him, not even caring to put her shirt back on. She reached the door and stopped to mumble her good-bye, "I do love you, Matty."

Matt scoffed as the door opened and closed to signify her departure, "No you don't," with that he headed towards the bathroom to grab a towel to dry the floor. She had only been there for a few minutes and had wrecked everything. How had everything come down to this? He didn't know, but he was thankful that it was over.

He was no longer surrounded by her every lie, "Good-bye, Riah…"