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I feel strange. This room does not look familiar. I could only see blue curtains surrounding me. I could see the plain white ceiling above me with my back resting on what feels like a soft mattress so I must be lying on a bed but certainly not my own bed at home where usually the first thing I would see is the ceiling fan spinning right above me. So... where am I?

I'm trying to move but my body feels so heavy. I could not even lift my arm, let alone lift my body to get up. What is happening to me? Why can't I move? Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my head. Ouch. The throbbing beats faster and faster and more painful. So painful that it makes me want to scream yet I can't seem to be able to open my mouth to do so. I feel very weak. Am I alone in this strange place? Where is everybody? Where are my mom and dad? Where is Eric, the love of my life with whom I have promised to be together until death do us part? I close my eyes again, trying to fall back asleep but I just can't. In fact, I feel so awake like I've just had 5 cups of coffee and my system had just gone into caffeine-shock.

All I could do is to just stare at the empty ceiling, trying to remember what had happen but nothing comes to mind. I just could not remember anything. At least five or ten minutes must have passed when I could hear faint voices and footsteps coming closer. Suddenly the curtain is pulled revealing a guy with hair slicked back neatly like a hot movie star in the 50s and wearing a white coat with stethoscope around his neck. To his sides are two young girls, hair pulled up in a bun, wearing what seems to be like the nurse uniform. Ahh… I get it now… I must be in the hospital! Wait… why am I in the hospital?

"Ah! Our patient is awake," I heard the doctor said with a smile as soon as he saw me blinking my eyes. He is jotting down something while his eyes alternating views between the stack of papers on a clip board he's holding and some machines next to my bed. He looks cute. If I did not promise to my boyfriend that he is the only one in my life, I would have already done some flirting with my eyes or in the word of Tyra Banks, 'smizing' or smiling with my eyes.

Hmm. What am I thinking? I don't even know how crappy I might look right now. I bet I look gross. I don't even know how long I have been in this place. I wish my voice is not stuck in my throat so I could ask them what happened to me. A few minutes later I could see the doctor and the nurses leaving. There goes my eye candy but then, to my surprise, I see a sight that makes me want to jump with joy. Finally, I see familiar faces. My mom and dad! They came barging into the room like they would at a shopping mall, after waiting for the door to open during a big sale day, fighting through a crowd of eager shoppers just to find and grab the cheapest deal before it's sold out. They took a seat to my sides and I could see my mom tearing up but she has a smile on her face. It must be tears of joy. I am so glad to see them.

I'm trying to say hi to my mom but damn, my voice is still stuck in my throat and nothing comes out. I guess I could only give her a weak smile and she must have noticed because she's smiling back. I could feel the warmth of her hands squeezing my right hand tightly. I could feel my father's hand caressing my forehead down to my left cheek. He looks relieved so I give him a weak smile too but hang on… who is that behind him? I have never seen her before?

There's an old lady standing behind my dad, her pale face looking down at me. Her eyes are bloodshot, sunken in, with dark circles around them, glaring sharply at me. She's only wearing a long, white, dirty gown but it doesn't look like a hospital gown. Her dark hair is tied up in a bun but looks dirty and messy. She's not smiling. Who is this lady? Why is she staring at me like that? I could not do anything but to ignore her.


The old lady kept staring at me for a good 20 minutes before turning around slowly, and 'floating' away. The reason I said floating is because she walked so smoothly as if she was floating or at least gliding on a skateboard with a hidden person pushing the skateboard below to create the smooth gliding effect. Pretty creepy I'd say but maybe I was imagining that. With my father seating down beside me, blocking my view of the woman from the waist down, it was hard to see her legs so maybe that's why I thought I saw her 'floating' away. While all the crazy thoughts linger in my mind, another familiar face appears out of the dim light. It's Eric. He stands next to my dad, also with a smile on his face. I wish I have the strength to get up and give him a hug. I always feel safe and secured whenever he has his arms wrapped around me. I'd always feel as if there's nothing in the world that could touch me. Yes, that's what being in love does to you. Haha. I'm happy to be surrounded with all the familiar faces but the face of the old lady that stared at me still bothers me. Maybe if I sleep it off, the image of the strange lady would disappear.