Oh, good, the editor isn't spazzing for me anymore! And just in time for this guy's birthday, too. Go fig'.

I draw the line separating respect and indifference right between your eyes,
old man,
sad man,
never-even-was-a man,
has it even been another May since you loved me?
Yeah, I knew you loved me.
I knew it like you knew math and technology,
science and history,
literature, languages, modern philosophy,
had to show off 'cause you thought it was bossing me.
Did you toss it aside at the end of the lesson?
So other wrapped-around-your-thumb girls couldn't jump
that kindness untinted by hallways and heresay?
You didn't want them, man,
wanted the kid who could keep up.
She was always too good for young men,
old soul riding on her shoulders like Paul Revere on horseback.
Thanks to you, I'm through with that!
All it ever got me was a cold-ass December
and roundabout daydreams that didn't know any better.
Damn shame I grew up so fast, man.