It wasn't my idea to repair the ceiling.
I didn't make phone calls make time make wishes.
If opening windows is a crime,
I've a reason to believe Experience never learned her job.
According to the stopped presses, I've reasons to believe a lot
of things about open windows, believe nothing is safe but everything's
on its way to golden, or maybe it's the other way around,
because once something's all ashes you surely can't unburn it.
You know that too, unless—
useless! The fact remains,
it was not my idea to repair the ceiling.
Left up to me, Experience never would've gotten her hands
on those windows, and I'd make room make time make waves
in the ashes, because with all these holes
all this light in the room, there is no need for

If you really were expected,
and you left hand in hand with Experience,
I hope you were given new eyes
on your way through the door.