"Statistically, the rates of marriage are significantly dropping. In the past few years, we've seen less people getting married, and those that do ending in divorce. Although no one goes into a marriage hoping for a failed relationship, the figures just aren't as they used to be."

Macy bobbed her head in an understanding fashion, her prim dark curls bobbing. "And obviously this is a subject which isn't taken lightly. Marriage should be celebrated! I imagine most people want to believe they can find their true love and take the next step of commitment with their partner."

"Indeed," Clarabelle Darling said, nodding gracefully. "The way in which the people of our nation are so eager to throw away their inhibitions when it comes to divorce, yet be so overly-cautious when it come to actually entering the vow of marriage has alarmingly switched."

Macy, intently, peered at Clarabelle as she pushed her fringe out of her face, revealing her high-arched brows and neatly done flesh-coloured make-up. The hostess briefly wondered why such a pretty young woman's preferred subject was such a depressing one.

"Do you have any idea why?"

Clarabelle smiled, though it was a gesture of reciprocation from the woman. "More and more couples have been monitored as being less expressive with their feelings. It's been shown that over 79% of couples would rather separate then see a divorce counselor."

The audience were engrossed by this woman's authorial manner. They dared not talk to each other for fear of missing something.

Finally, Macy asked the question from the little blue card in her hand that she'd simply been dying to ask; "And what do you think about all of this?"

The long haired blonde hesitated for just a moment before smiling, guiltily. "It's easier to run away then to face your problems."

Either surprised or a bit judgemental, Clarabelle was unsure, but Macy turned away to face the camera nevertheless with a bright smile.

"And with that sentiment, Clarabelle's first book, Of Vows and Lawyers, is released nationwide this Monday - so grab a copy while they last!"