The midnight air was tainted with the smell of blood, he loved the scent and made sure to indulge in it with loud and long sniffs of his snout. It was his favorite of all the fluids Nature had made for her children to touch. Blood was the stickiest, the most colorful, and certainly, the most delectable.

He slithered his blue, forked tongue over one of his silver claws. Absolving all of the liquid's taste with it before he swallowed the metallic fluid.

The writhing creature below him sniffled louder and felt his breathing grow scant as he began to feel the effects of blood loss begin to take effect on his tiny body.

Turning his attention to the vessel of his drink, he clamped a scaly hand around the boy's crocodilian snout, and snapping it with a thrust of his arm, eliciting a weak squeal from him.

"The bones of you sea monsters are quite tender, aren't they?" He remarked, idly scratching the scales of the boy's now broken snout as the child bawled at the pain the lizard man had forced him to endure. "Nevertheless, I must thank you. You were a rather delectable morsel." He said, bemused as he licked his lips of the blood there.

Unable to speak with a mouthful of his own blood, the crocodile was only able to stare into the crimson pits of his predator's eyes. The child mustered as much hate as he could in his weakened state to return the older man's gaze with, but it did not elicit a frown or scowl from the lizard, but an amused and genuine laugh.

"I do love the look of hatred from a child, it is always so adorable, never as annoying as that from a wily dog."

The boy only stared, unable to do much of anything else in his predicament as he felt his muscles weak from lack of blood and from the lizard's weight upon him.

"However, I do think it's time for your time to end little one."

The boy's eyes widened as a wide, toothy grin spread across the lizard's black lips, showcasing each of his sharp and bloodied teeth that dripped of both fresh blood and saliva. One of his arms slithered up the boy's abdomen, the tips of his claws tip-toeing across the soft scutes of his belly scales, before slashing painfully into the bloody recesses of his body.

The boy gasped, the pain of the claws sticking into his innards incomprehensible to his nine-year-old mind.

"A little thing about us Darks; we have claws that can slash through steel, and..." He hissed, wrenching out the entrails of the crocodile's small intestines. "Have been known to disembowel prey with our bare hands."

Tossing aside the pink strand of thick flesh, he then thrust his claws into the boy's chest, and tearing the heart out of the barely alive crocodile. He listened to the rest of the boy's scant breathing for his last seven minutes, very gently squeezing the organ to spill its blood. He grinned sickly after the boy lie dead, tossing the bloody heart into his jaws and swallowed it.

"Children's blood always tastes the sweetest, because they are the most innocent of Nature's creatures." He murmured to himself as he swung the intestines over his shoulder, leaving the greedy and onlooking crows to pick the body clean of any lasting flesh before the sun rose in a matter of hours.