Chapter 1

Nio stared at the empty space in front of him. Ash settling on his shoes as it quietly fell from the sky, leaving its path of destruction clearly visible. It had been 3 days since the volcano erupted. Nobody would ever forget it, nightmares would follow, and he knew they would.

But almost nobody was left to never forget it; their small town of 2,500 was dwindled down to mere dozens most being his class mates. What a cruel trick of fate it was. 24 students all on a field trip when they heard the explosion, heads turned immediately to see the plume of smoke and ash rising into the atmosphere. They could hear the panic more like feel the panic that the citizens were feeling in the town beneath the volcano, there home, their families, there life, as the ash started to fall on the helpless town.

The ash began to fall quicker and people suffocated trying to flee as the class moved farther and farther away from the fiery terror that was Mt. Blue named so because of the brilliant picturesque mountain top covered in glistening icebergs that topped the dormant volcano. When it was added to the clear blue sky photographers would come for miles just to take their lovely pictures that decorated town hall, and most likely several other museums across the country. Nio shivered as he realized that those photographers that chose the unlucky time to come and claim the prize that they dreamed about, who went so close to the mountain to position the sun directly above the iceberg to catch the brilliant show of light as it passed through the translucent object. Nio tried not to think about it but laying before him in a smother of ashes was his house, no more than a couple of bricks from the foundation were left.

Nio moved into the tray of ashes entering from where the blue front door would stand with its stained glass window and a bright welcome sign that had a leprechaun on it which had sat in the middle of the door where the green man stood leaning on the words WELCOME that they had forgotten to take down since St. Patrick's Day. Down through where the hallways once stood and into his baby sister's room, her sterile white crib would be rocking gently as Mama would push it slowly and quietly with her foot rocking baby Brianna to sleep. Her mobile that hung above the bed would play a soft lullaby that would put her to sleep instantly, just the view of the fuzzy lamb, the baby giraffe, the snuggly duckling, and the golden horse would put anybody to sleep if it was quietly turning keeping its own time with the lullaby. Nio shuffled around in the ashes maybe looking for the mobile but it wasn't there.

He moved into the living room imagining the old living room always bustling to life with the sound of the T.V that was most likely on a cooking show as dad would carefully watch taking notes on how to perfect his dishes, for he was in fact what most people would call the greatest chef in town. There was where Brianna would play moving her toy boats and dolls across the living room carpet with mom sitting right behind her playing a board game with Nio while keeping a close eye on the little one.

The good times, the times where you could play all day and never have to go back, never having to see the real world, that's what parents always hid from their children, giving them a life of joy and happiness, letting kids be kids, letting them create their own world experience there fantasy dreams. But sometimes things happen and that was what Nio was thinking when he walked into what would have been his room. The walls covered in posters of weather and natural disasters. He had heard of things like this on the news, he just never expected them to happen to him, to lose his entire family all because of some scientists, the ones he looked up too, didn't issue a warning soon enough, all because they said there was no chance of it erupting all because of them his family died, and he was left to mourn them, he was left to suffer through the pain, the nightmares, all because of them.