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"Adam is the most annoying jerk I've ever met!" I raged furiously, slamming my books down on the table before dropping into a vacant seat.

Fiona Hart looked up at me with a nonplussed look on her face before shaking her head like as if I was a lunatic. "Cut him some slack, Lachlan."

"Stop calling me that," I snapped, feeling annoyed that she was calling me by my surname, before opening my bag to take out my lunch. My tomato and cheese sandwich stared sadly back up at me. "And Adam doesn't need to get any leeway. He's such a –"

"I dare you to finish that sentence, Lachlan."

I looked up to see a furious-looking blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl staring defiantly at me. But when I caught the twinkle in her eye, I smiled back instantly. "Danielle! Coming to defend from my burning embers? Pity he doesn't know how much you think of him."

Danielle pulled out the seat opposite me and grinned back. "He's so bloody hot. How can you stay mad at him?"

I laughed. "But that's the thing, Dan. I get so frustrated at his sloppy ways but I can't stay mad at him for long!"

Danielle immediately seized onto this fact. "So does this mean you finally like him? Oh, Lachlan, I knew the day would come when you would realize that he's your match made in heaven!"

I choked on my lunch and coughed, hacking as bits of my lunch flew out from my throat. Fiona and Danielle grimaced at my bad table manners, but I couldn't care less. Adam and I, a match made in heaven? You must be joking!

"Now, now, Danielle, before you start playing the role of cupid, you must understand that Adam and I do not exist on the same planet. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for both of us to be compatible at any point in our existences."

"Such a drama queen," muttered Fiona under her breath.

"I heard that, sweetie," I said, biting a large portion off my sandwich.

Fiona sighed loudly. "Dude, can't you just admit that you like him. I have to spend every day just listening to you rant about how much of an arse he is, how you dislike this, how you hate that, how you wish you could be the leader – "

"Jeez, Fiona, why don't you just admit it that I have more leadership potential than that douchebag?"

"Lachlan," called Danielle quietly.

But ignoring her, I continued, "I've been the leader for every single project in all my school years. And are they telling me that I've somehow lost it? I don't need a twat in my group as the leader."

"Lachlan," repeated Danielle, but I just ignored her.

"Come on. Don't tell me your judgement is clouded by how you think he's hot? Because all I can see is a cute idiot who only knows how to give a lot in quantity but not quality."

"Seriously, Lachlan," said Fiona, who I hadn't noticed was trying to control her mirth; "you should stop and turn around."

"Whatever for?" I asked and turned around, only to freeze in my seat.

Three tables away, Adam Berwick sat with his friends and a bunch of girls but facing us. His eyes were lingering on me but when I had turned around and stared at him, he quickly looked away at his friends.

"Did you see that?" whispered Danielle in a conspiring tone. "He was looking at you."

I shrugged. "Anyone's welcome to look at me."

"Egotistical," muttered Fiona under her breath.

"Hey," I said, raising my hands, "I'm just saying' that anyone can look. It doesn't mean anything special."

"Not when he actually looks at you and doesn't look away till that skank next to him yanks his arm hard his concentration gets broken."

"Aw that sounds extremely sweet," I said in a bored tone, "but we're talking about the guy who thinks I'm really bossy and will do anything he can to get away from me."

"That's because he's shy around you," replied Fiona, trying to justify Adam's actions.

"That's right," concurred Danielle. "And with the way he's behaving now, I'd definitely say that you've managed to stir something within him."

"That sounds very gross, Danielle," I said, finishing my sandwich and crumpling the wrapper into a ball. "Watch this."

I narrowed my eyes at the trash can that was 5 metres away from us, somewhere near where Adam sat. I aimed and threw the wrapper, hoping that it would actually fall in. And luckily enough, it did. I let out an excited yelp as Fiona and Danielle shook their heads in exasperation but grinned at me.

"She's such a kid," sniggered Fiona, as Danielle nodded her head in agreement.

"Hey," I pouted defensively, "my aim's still as perfect as always!"

"Yeah, if only you could aim for the right guy just as perfectly…" trailed off Danielle, exchanging a look with Fiona.

"Damn it. Not that again," I grumbled, turning around to look at Adam, who was very conveniently looking right back at me at that time. He was slightly startled when I had turned. But I held his eyes in place. In a louder voice, I asked, "What're you lookin' at?"

The people seated around us went quiet at my sudden question. Everyone turned to look at me first and then followed my direction and saw Adam. One of his friends nudged him on the sides and he gave him an irritated look.

"What?" he asked, with that spaced out look on his face.

I almost felt like throwing my bag at his face at that moment. "Nothing, loser."

I turned back around, feeling highly annoyed that he always had that permanent blank expression on his face like as if he was always spaced out. Fiona and Danielle were staring at me in shock. "What?" I asked, giving a little shake of my head.

"Nothing," they said in unison. But under my penetrating gaze, they faltered. "You… you…"

"I… I…?" I prompted, looking at each of them.

"You talked to Adam!" rushed Danielle in a fierce whisper. "You talked to him!"

"I didn't talk to him. I asked him what he was looking at."

"But that still constitutes as talking to him," pointed out Fiona.

"It was a question."

"I'm still amazed," exclaimed Danielle, breathing in deeply. "Hey, he's looking at you! And smiling!"

"Gosh, Danielle, he can look and smile at whatever he fancies."

Fiona and Danielle shrieked at the same time. "You said it! Fancy!"

I looked dumbly at them. "What?"

"He fancies you so he looks at you!"

"Nah, don't be delusional," I said waving them off. "I've really got to get to class now."

"Hey, I have class with you next!"

"Come on then, Danielle. Fiona, we'll see you later, all right?" I asked, standing up.

"Yeah. Tell me what happens in class!" yelled Fiona as she waved us goodbye.

I rolled my eyes and walked on. Danielle jogged to keep up with me and by the time we got to class, she was slightly out of breath.

"Why can't you walk slower?" she complained, slumping down into her seat next to me.

Our seats were right at the back of the class because that was where I had originally picked to sit. And Danielle just happened to be late that day so she ended up getting the one next to mine. Not that I minded, of course, but Danielle preferred sitting in the middle.

"It's not my fault, Dan. I just happened to have long legs and a large stride," I said, smiling sweetly at her.

"And an equally large ego too," came a voice from my right.

I turned to see my other close friend Alex Carter grinning at me. I gave him a playful punch before resting my head on my palm. "I just wish he could disappear permanently."

"Who?" asked Alex in curiosity.

"Some really hot guy that Lachlan hates," offered Danielle.

I glared at her before answering Alex. "He's my team leader but he's such an inefficient one."

"Then be the leader."

"It's not as simple as you think."

"Your group members did say they'd prefer it if you were the leader. I'm sure you can talk to your teacher about it," interjected Danielle, with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Ah it's not –" I began but was interrupted by the entrance of my Chemistry teacher.

"Tell me everything later, Lachlan," said Alex, looking mischievously at me.

I rolled my eyes. My friends really drove me insane sometimes.