My exhale fills the sky with smoke and before my sigh blows it away
I'll wish the night's dark silhouette stays cast when it is day

Streetlights flicker on and off like a narcolepsy patient
Their flames the dull yellow of our holy jaundice nation

Frostbitten fingertips draw a stream of thoughtless musing
And reminds me of the fact that even when you win you're losing

The smoke suddenly clears and now the moon is leering
Artificial light never fails to leave me reaching
For the voices of insanity I must insist on hearing

Give me something I can use as it spills out of my head
And what I can't, leave hanging on the roof above my bed

Let the nonsense of my mind watch over as I sleep
And protect me from reality as I finish counting sheep

Somewhere beyond the dreams that fill me even when I wake
I know the world's not like the ones I can't help but create

But my worries tend to disappear with the setting sun
And the darkness lets me know that even though I'm lost I've won

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