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The Birthday Pencil

A short story written by: MysticFires

February 20, 2012

I feel nothing but anxiousness. Ever since Danny started to sit beside me in math, I've felt this strange connection between the two of us. I mean, how could someone like me like some music playing, guitar loving, and rock star guy like him? Was it his sense of humor? His laugh, his love of music, or was it just the way he made me smile? When my teacher announced that Danny and I were going to sit together, I didn't know if I would like it or not. We started talking and…something happened. And I'm still trying to figure it out.

Abby Green shut her journal and just sat there on the bench at school. It was an entry she wrote a few months ago and still felt the same way. It was way too weird to be feeling this way towards someone like him. She only had three classes with this guy and she looks at him almost all the time. It was probably hard to see her, her long, brown hair always covered her face.


Abby jumped at the sound of another locker shutting. Another teenager yelling at the other, weather it was playful or not. Her school was always loud. Other high schools had said they had been learning actual stuff while the delinquents at Abby's school were learning how to go to jail. People take one look at her Red Kings High School hoodie and think she's going to be behind bars one day. But they don't know her, they'll never know.


Abby jumped again at the slamming of, yet, another damn locker, one that nearly gave her a heart attack. The warning bell had blazed through the intercom. Abby stood up quickly and grabbed her solid black bag, the same color as her nails, which were already scratched up. She rolled her eyes and sped-walked to her health class. Great, she thought, another class with him. An intense pain struck her shoulder and she gripped it. It was, yet again, her bag. Abby switched shoulders and felt relief on her right shoulder but felt more pain on her left shoulder. She walked even faster just to make it stop.

She could carry books around like most of the students, but Abby was too big of a klutz and didn't want to drop her textbooks on someone's foot. She kept on walking, looking at every face that stared at hers as she walked. Most faces were very unpleasant. Some were that face that was "come at me, bro," or there was the classic, "what's chu look'n at girl?" Every reply to the second one would be, "Not your ugly face," She was never afraid to say how she felt to some people.

Unless… it was Danny.

She couldn't talk to him without her face turning a crimson red. Every time, it was a stutter but Danny had no problem with it. Was this a joke? Does he enjoy having her blush? How about making her look like a freak? Most of her friends told her it was too obvious she liked him. But why didn't he see it?

Abby finally made it to her health room, she hurried to her desk and plopped her bag onto it. She sighed in relief, Abby felt like she had just lost ten pounds. She glanced over to her teacher, Mrs. Williams. Technically, her real health teacher was pregnant and had her baby on the fourth week of school. So Mrs. Williams was their long term sub. She loved her to death, though. Mrs. Williams was her favorite teacher, second to her science teacher.

Abby's freshman year was very screwed up; she had too many long term subs and too much drama with her friends. She's cussed people out for being immature and she's seen some much drama between good people. Like Aaron in her English class. Granted, he was annoying, but he didn't deserve being pushed out of his seat on that one day.

Abby sat in her chair and waited for the final bell to ring. She heard the heavy door behind her open; she looked behind her and saw Danny. He was laughing at his friend's joke and just walked in. He had more of a "rock star look". His midnight black hair hung down to the bottom of his neck. His ear plugs were always in his ears, always blasting out some rock music. He never had different shoes, light green Nike's. Gray, skinny jeans stopped at the bottom of his ankles. And as always, he was wearing his black t-shirt on.

He glanced at her; she was just staring at him, for quite a long time. He smiled and waved to her. Abby shook her head, snapping her thoughts out of her mind. She gave him a nervous smile and turned around quick, she slumped in her chair and crossed her arms. Abby's sense of style was different than Danny's. She always had her "Red Kings" hoodie on, blue jeans and black and white Converse shoes on, nothing more. People have told her that her hair would look prettier if she held it with a ponytail, but she never listened. She'll wear it the way she wanted to.


Class had started, Abby worked on a little warm-up sheet Mrs. Williams had passed out as she took role. She read the first question over and over but never answered it. It really pissed her off that she couldn't get Danny out of her mind. She hated to admit it, but she was a bit of a stalker. Abby leaned over a little bit to get a little better look of Danny, who was at the other end of the class. They were both in the same first row, but Danny was five kids away. She sighed and leaned back again. It sucked. About a month ago, Danny and Abby talked too much so their math teacher had separated them for good. And now she couldn't sit with him in health so it was much harder to even talk to him.

Abby only knew some stuff about him. Like, he has a band and he can play the guitar. She liked rock and roll, but some rock she just didn't like, but Danny does. So why did she like him? She wasn't very fond with skinny jeans and hard core rock. Too many of months had passed for it to be a phase.

"Okay, guys, pull out your test review and let's go through the answers," Mrs. Williams announced. Abby directed her attention to her teacher and pulled her review out as asked.

"Name me an illegal drug?" she asked. Kids around the room mumbled an answer and Mrs. Williams smiled. "Alright-Danny! You didn't bring a pencil again?" she asked, glaring at him.

"Uh, no, I forgot it...again," Danny said in his low voice and gave her a nervous smile, his black hair covering up half of his face. Mrs. Williams rolled her eyes and handed him a pencil. Danny always lost his pencils, he was known for it.


"Students, don't forget we're selling football tickets both lunch periods today. Be there to support The Red Kings as we play against the Black Dragons tomorrow. That's all."


The principal said through the loud intercom.

Everybody in the classroom groaned. The Black Dragons from Westview were the snobs. They're the brats who came up the name calling and the rumors spreading of Abby's high school. There have been too many fights in those games she was surprised they continued them between the schools.

The class had ended fifty minutes later and Abby left her classroom to go to fourth. As she walked, she could hear Danny talk to one of his friends about the game. Then he mentioned his birthday was the next day. Abby actually smiled as he talked about his birthday. Maybe she should get him something. Or would it be weird? They don't know each other that much. Maybe a small gift would be nice. Her next period was history, she could think of what to give him then. History was her least favorite class out of all.


Fourth period had passed and Abby still couldn't think of a gift for Danny. She thought that maybe she shouldn't, what if it was awkward? She walked down the hallway to just sit and chill. She glanced over at a table and saw a bunch of students in line. It was the line to buy tickets to the game. Abby pondered, she had nothing else to do on a Friday afternoon, so what the hell? She stood up and got in a line. There was another line beside hers, but she didn't pay much attention to them, she dug into her bag for her five dollar bill.

Abby approached the table and a teacher sat there with a box. Abby handed her the five dollar bill and as the teacher counted change, she glanced to her left and saw Danny, waiting as well for his change. They each looked at each other and Abby felt her face get warm. She was probably blushing like the candy she was. She looked away and accepted her change then walked off to her favorite bench. She sat there and wadded up her dollar bill and pennies. She stuffed them in her pocket and was about to pull out a book to read when she saw something sit beside her on her left from the corner of her eye. Abby jumped and saw Danny smiling at her. She smiled back even though she knew her face was getting redder by the second.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," Abby said weakly. Danny looked at her ticket that was in her hand.

"I didn't know you liked football games," he asked. Abby shrugged.

"Ah, what else am I going to do?" she said. Danny nodded in agreement.

"I'm going too, maybe we could sit together?" he asked. Abby looked at him, as if she was caught by surprise.

"That sounds great," she said. She could feel herself working up a sweat the longer he sat there. The warning bell blazed through the intercom. Danny's smile turned into a frown.

"Damn, I'm going to be late," he said, collecting his stuff and getting up.

"You don't have first lunch?" Abby asked as he walked off. He turned around and started walking backwards.

"No, but we'll talk later," he said then turned back around, but ran into someone. Abby covered her smile and quietly giggled at his and the random person's reactions. She looked back down at her ticket and smiled.


The next day, first and second period was a pain; Abby couldn't wait to give Danny her present to him. As third period finally came around she had sat in her chair impatiently as she tried to wait for Danny to come in. When he finally did, she gave him time to finish talking and sit down. She watched him rummage his pockets to look for a writing utensil. She stood up and walked to the other end of the classroom. She sat at the empty desk beside him and they looked at each other.

"Hey, Abby," Danny said. Abby smiled.

"Hey, isn't today your birthday?" she asked him. Danny nodded.

"The big fifteen," he said. Abby smiled.

"Well, I actually got you something," she said. Abby dug her hand in her pocket and pulled out a pencil. The background was white and had confetti and balloons that were spread across the utensil. Words spelled, "Happy Birthday!" Danny smiled at it and she handed it to him.

"Aww," he mumbled with a smile. Abby smiled wider.

"I hoped it would be helpful since you don't have a pencil a lot," she said with a chuckle. He chuckled back and thanked her. Abby walked back to her seat and felt her entire body shaking, her palms sweating, and her heart pounding. But she survived, thank God. She was afraid she was going to pass out soon. She wiped her forehead and took in a deep breath as she waited for the final bell to ring on the intercom. A girl named, Taylor was sitting on her left and stared at her a little concerned.

"You look really pale, are you okay?" she asked.

"My face is pale?" Abby asked her.


"I'm fine, just nervous," she said. Taylor shrugged and just looked in front of her. Beyond her, Abby saw Danny. He had just sharpened his new pencil and examined it with a smile. Abby cracked a smile then jumped at the sound of the bell. She took one last look at Danny, who brushed his midnight, black hair behind his ear with the tip of the eraser.

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