Clouds and Shadows

The footsteps echoed along the cobblestone as a lone figure raced down the street. The moonlight streamed through the clouds, casting her shadow against the ground, and of those that followed. More shadows joined the hunt, closing in on her. Her feet pounded along the street, her heart pounded faster. They were gaining on her, she had to run faster. Chancing a quick glance over her shoulder, she saw three figures chasing her. A burly woman and a weasel of a man, followed by a man with a wry grin stuck to his face. A shadow, or rather its owner, yelled out.
"Why don't you ask the gods for help girlie?" as his fellow stalker cackled, the mad laughter piercing the still night, urging the young girl on faster. Frantically scanning the street for an escape she spied a dark alleyway that promised salvation and safety. Or blood she thought but her plight left her no option and she ducked inside.

As she caught her breath, she inspected the alleyway. A few boxes and barrels littered the ground, moonlight not quite making it through. She sidestepped over a puddle.
Must have rained recently she realized in the back of her mind, that's the problem with coming down so rarely. Wrapping her tattered cloak around her shoulders she darted over to a barrel and hid behind it, though the shadows concealed her more then anything else. She listened to the approaching sound of her hunters; as they slowed down to catch their breaths. She drew her knees up to her chin, and let out a whimper too loud to conceal. Calling forth some tears and gasping she looked the very picture of terrified. The stalkers approached her "hiding spot". Just get here already she thought her heart pounding, lets get it over and done with.

Shadows gave way to the woman and the weasel-man. Searching the darkness they finally spotted their prey. They licked their lips, almost tasting the bounty that lay ahead. The woman cracked her enormous knuckles while the weasel deftly twirled a knife. The second man stepped around the corner behind his companions, spotted the young girl and nodded to her in acknowledgement.
"Know why we are here girlie?" asked the weasel-man.
"Here to teach you some lessons!" cried the woman, earning her a scowl from weasel. The little girl's tiny frame trembled and shook. Weasel took a step forward, waving his knife. "Scared girlie?" he grinned, the grin of a hunter who has finally cornered his prey.

The little girl's shaking grew stronger, then threw her head back and she roared with laughter. Weasel took a step back, unsure of how to take this. Calming down she studied her adversaries, no easy feat in the dark. For a mortal she thought. The man was a comical sight, short with a wiry frame, a sharp but crooked nose, wide innocent eyes and short messy hair, holding his knife as if unsure what to do with it. Weasel seems like a fitting name she thought.

Turning her head so quickly she startled the woman, the young girl's gaze stripped her bare. A flat nose, sharp eyes, broad shoulders, and muscular arms. Hmm she wondered almost like an ox. Perhaps I'll call her…Oxia.
Satisfied with her 'academic' work, she leapt off the barrel in the middle of the alley. Ignoring her audience, she closed her eyes, and stretched, reaching towards the sky on her bare toes. The clouds gave way the moon, the darkness giving way to moonlight. Her eyes lit up with malicious glee, her smile promising blood. "You may call me Sapi," she said, as she smiled a predator's smile.