Okay, so this is the first story I'm posting on here. I hope you guys like it, if anyone decides to read it, I guess. owo

Life gets a whole lot more complicated when you find out you're the reincarnation of a Norse God, I'm telling you that right now. I was always an Atheist, always, never believed in any religion, higher power, or god. Then it turns out I'm one of them? Mind trip.

I have no idea who's reading this, considering I'm going to throw this into a large portal in space called a wormhole, but I need to tell someone my story. I'm writing this in a place called Asgard, which is supposedly my real home. This place is absolutely incredible. You can see all the different worlds that are connected Yggdrasil. If you don't know what that is, don't worry, I'll explain it later.

From what Odin has told me, my purpose in life is to find.. Sorry, I'm skipping ahead. Gotta start from the beginning. The name's Thomas Aster, I'm fourteen years old, and a baseball superstar. I'm not trying to brag, but without me, our school's team would not have made it to the national championships. I could crank a baseball over a fence four hundred yards away with no problem, could throw a 90 mile per hour fastball, and could run the bases in less than twenty seconds. I thought it was just talent, natural ability. It was something I had always taken pride in.

Turns out, it was the super-powered blood flowing through my veins. Kinda kills the pride a bit, wouldn't you say? Sorry, I'll get on with it now.

The day my life changed forever started out exactly the same as any other. I flopped out of bed in a daze, threw my pillow at my little brother Henry who ran out of the room cackling like a maniac, and started to get dressed. My eldest brother, Brandon, was the one who took care of us, since both our parents vanished when we were younger. I did my best to make it as easy on him as possible, helped with the chores, all that kind of stuff. Henry was only five, so there wasn't much we could do to get him to help, but he tried.

I threw on a blue t-shirt, my jeans and stomped down the stairs to kitchen. I wasn't a very happy camper when I woke up. Brandon had learned to keep his distance. Smart man.

I came downstairs to a familiar smell, bacon and scrambled eggs. My stomach let out a low grumble, letting Brandon know I was awake. We shared the same overall looks, a strong jaw, grey eyes. Our skin was the same pale tone, but I had much less muscle mass than he did. That might be because he's almost seven years older than me, but still. The only real difference between us was our hair. Mine was shaggy, hung just below my ears and a bright red. Brandon's blonde hair draped down his neck to his shoulders, if he let it down. He usually just kept it up in a pony-tail though.

"Morning Tom. How'd you sleep?" He asked in his sing-song voice. He turned around to face me, a thin layer of stubble on his face. He hadn't shaved yet. The kiss the cook apron he had on made me snicker, but he didn't care when I laughed at him. It was one of the things that made him the best big brother in the universe. Actually, he was one of the coolest people in the universe. He made everyone smile, never got angry, and couldn't hold a grudge to save his life. He was just.. Too nice.

"Good, I have the feeling I had a weird dream though," I mumbled, my voice still not entirely awake. It sounded like a low snarl more than anything else.

"Can't remember it again, huh." He didn't ask it, just said it. It was a pretty common thing with me, actually. I always had the feeling whenever I had a dream, but I could never remember them. Not one. Brandon tried taking me to a shrink once, but they couldn't help. They just told Brandon that I repressed my dreams and no techniques they had could make me remember them. I wasn't too bothered by it, but the thought terrified Brandon for a good week. I still didn't understand why.

"Hurry and eat your breakfast. You got school in less than an hour," he reminded me, placing my plate down in my spot on the table. The table still had my mother's favourite blue place mats on it.

"Morning!" Henry cried out as soon as I sat down, jumping up into his own chair. He reached over to take some of my bacon, but I smacked his hand away like a fly swatter. He yelped and pulled his hand back, rubbing it, "That hurt, Tommy!" His brown hair brushed over the chocolate-brown orbs that were his eyes. He didn't look like either Brandon or I, but we didn't question it. It was just because he was younger than us both.

"Then don't steal my food." I swallowed almost all of my bacon in one bite, the eggs quickly following. Brandon mumbled something about my lack of etiquette, but Henry followed my lead, trying to stuff his breakfast down his throat. He couldn't quite handle it though, breaking out into a nasty cough.

"See the kind of example you set?" Brandon scolded, but I was already heading to the door. I grabbed my backpack, my baseball bag, and darted outside. I could still hear Henry coughing as I jogged down the block, laughing quietly to myself. That kid cracked me up. As I jogged to the bus stop, all I was really thinking about was getting to school, hoping to get some alone time with the incredible Fiona Wiles. Captain of the cheer leading squad, and a very enthusiastic Thomas fan.

So sue me for not expecting something bright green falling from the sky to ruin my day. A faint glow had appeared on my skin and I stopped in the middle of the street, looking up in confusion. The normal light from the sun was blocked by something that looked like it was made of pure green energy, heading straight towards me. I watched it, dumbfounded, as its glow covered the entire street, dying my skin almost a sickly green.


A girl's voice screamed inside my head, snapping me back into reality. I dove to the right just as the green ball touched down, erupting outwards in a powerful blast. The force knocked me off my feet and threw me against a nearby fence, the weak wood cracking and shattering from the impact. I hit the yard behind it at an awkward angle, jarring my shoulder.

"Ow.. What the hell was that..?" I moaned, pushing myself up off of the grass, limping back into the street. A low throbbing shot through me from my left shoulder, but I ignored it. It didn't hurt as much as the time I threw out my shoulder at a game.

The street was covered with a thick layer of dust, burning my lungs whenever I inhaled. I pressed on, standing at the corner of a hole at least ten feet deep. Whatever fell had broken clean through the asphalt and into the earth underneath.

There was a strange feeling coming from the hole, almost an aura of sorts. It turned my stomach into knots, made my head pound and my heart race. It wasn't just that either. There was a warm feeling in my chest as well, like I was greeting an old friend of sorts. Something pulled me towards the hole, one foot sliding over the edge. Two feet.

I dropped down inside, landing next to a large chunk of rock. The rest of the hole had collapsed around in, but this chunk was almost like a pillar, a large metal object dug into the top of it. It looked like it was a hammer, and a damn big one at that. The handle shone in the sunlight, blue sparks dancing around across it. What on earth was it?

I reached out slowly, closing my hand around the handle with caution, hoping the sparks wouldn't zap me. As soon as my skin touched it, thunder clouds boomed. The sky blackened, save for some brief flashes of lightning that raged through the sky like dragons. I felt the wind pick up, blowing my jacket wide open, whipping my hair around in every direction.

"Trippy.." I mumbled to myself, the hammer begin to shine a bright blue in my hand. A bolt shot out of the head, firing straight up into the air. It vanished into the clouds and they began to swirl around the spot the bolt disappeared. The funnel of wind smashed down around me like a tube, seperating me from the rest of the world. As much as the winds were swirling, it didn't feel as if they wanted to hurt me. I could still hear perfectly, as well as breathe. Weren't tornadoes supposed to suck the air out of anything inside it?

This hammer definitely wasn't normal.

I pulled on the hilt and, surprisingly, the hammer lifted up out of the rock without any problems. Except for the fact that between being stuck in the rock to in my hand, the hammer wasn't a hammer anymore. It was a baseball bat. It had shimmered like a wave, reforming itself in my hand. It was pretty cool, I had to admit.

Along the neck of the bat was one word, written in a language I had never seen before. Somehow though, I could read it perfectly.

"Mjollnir.." I whispered and the tornado burst apart, fences tearing and grass ripping itself up from the ground. I heard shingles creaking and windows cracking, but I didn't care. The bat was too interesting. I couldn't pull my eyes away from it, and it felt like it fit perfectly in my hand. Lightning crackled down from the sky, hitting the tip of bat and shooting through my entire body, but I barely felt it. It didn't hurt one bit.

Then the alarm on my watch went off, filling the air with a shrill beeping. "Crap, school!"

I shoved Mjollnir in my sports bag and ran for the school, trying not to be too late for once.