I have a story to tell. It's kinda crazy... kinda scary... kinda unreal. But I'm telling you this...


It's my Dream.

A beautiful dream that I would never replace for anything else.

It's so confusing that I just don't know where to start...

I was in this movie house... It was no ordinary movie house. It was weird. Everything was white... The walls were white and they looked infinite... I couldn't touch anything... everything was vague. It seems as though my hands could penetrate the walls smoothly... like dipping them in creamy milk... which eventually created a ripple-like effect. Up above was bright... I could see the movie screen in front of me. I really couldn't make it out what movie that was... but, only the screen had color. Everything else was white... but it wasn't as nice as you think. It was cold... chilly. I felt alone... there were very few people in the movie house. Then, I started to feel dizzy... and soon enough, my vision got blurry.

I suddenly felt strong arms against my back as they took my fall. I opened my eyes and scanned the boy's features. It was unclear... all I could detect was his radiant smile. He was smiling warmly... at me. He said, "Hold my hand, come with me..." I realized something... with that sweet tone of your voice, with that distinct laugh... It was you, my closest friend.

You. Why were you in this dream?

"Where to?" I asked with confusion while running with you towards who knows where. Everything was still white and it was like we were running through infinite walls of perpetuity. "I'll bring you to a beautiful place..." Shining... I saw a shining light in front of us... we ran straight to the light... and I heard the melodious sound of laughter.

Suddenly, I woke up while catching my breath. All I could see was darkness and all I could feel was freezing wind against my cheek. But wait, I felt something... someone. Warmth. I felt warmth... There you were. I saw you again. "Where...? Where are we...?" I queried with a shivering voice. Then, you hushed me and said. "Don't speak. You're very ill... you got separated from our class during the treasure hunt, then... I ran and searched for you. It was snowing really hard, don't you know that? I found you here beside this oak tree... freezing. You were covered with snow... I wrapped you with this thick winter wear and wore mittens on you. You're safe now... but, I don't know where we are... and..."

"Thank you..." I remembered speaking in a croaky voice, cutting off what you were saying. "Thank you for saving me..." Hot tears slid across my face. "Don't talk... just rest." Your voice was so warm and gentle. Your hands caressed my hair and you smiled at me tenderly. "I'll never leave you alone." Was all you said. Then, my heavy eyelids couldn't help but close. I just felt secured... knowing you were there beside me.

My sleep was perturbed as a heard a loud thunder-like noise. "Wake up! Hurry, wake up!" You suddenly screamed at me while shaking me. "Wha..?" I was unsure of what was happening. "Avalanche!" You screamed again. I felt drops on my face. When I looked up, I saw your tears. You were in a panic. Then, there, I finally got back to my senses! Oh my gosh, an avalanche? There it was... I saw huge piles of ice and snow sliding towards us! It was the scariest thing I've ever seen.. I've never been so afraid in my life. It was raining hail. We felt the merciless and countless showers of ice against our skins. But in spite of that, you never let go of my hand... I was about to stand up and run, however I felt sharp pain down my legs. I groaned, helplessly crashing on the hard snow. "You're hurt?" You asked worriedly.

Before I could even speak, I was swept away from the ground. You were running in full speed, I, being carried by you. "It's coming! It's coming nearer!" You were terrified... you cried out, but nothing could be done.

I suddenly couldn't breathe...

Where... where did you go?

I couldn't hear your voice. The avalanche... what happened?

I slowly opened my eyes, kinda scared of what I will be seeing, not knowing what to expect. Shockingly, I was in a different world. It was as if I was transported into another dimension or something... But there was one thing that was still with me... It was your presence. We were walking hand in hand... in a winter wonderland. It was snowing... but it was nothing like the agonizing and burning sensation of hail wounding us. The snow was light... white pure... and delicate. It fell graciously on our skins and felt soft and ticklish. There were numerous pine trees on our left and right... And we walked alongside an endless flowing river. It was still nighttime. I heard the owls... and saw the full moon brightly shining, the stars, shimmering. The road we took seemed endless... but it wasn't scary. It was sort of... soothing in a way. And the river... it was still there beside us, flowing straightforward.

But there was something that was bothering me... "Hey." "Hm?" You asked while swaying my hand cheerfully. "Why is it that the water in the river did not freeze into ice? It's so cold out here... and yet the water's flowing." You giggled and winked at me. "Look." You stretched out your leg and you were about to dip your foot when I stopped you. "Wait! You'll drown." I said... tears welling up in my eyes. "Don't." I whispered. "Don't be afraid. I'm with you... come..." Trusting you, I nodded... and slowly, I followed you without doubt. We dipped our feet in the deep water.

I was surprised... as soon as our feet made contact with the water, it instantly stopped flowing... and it quickly turned into ice. Everything. The whole length of the infinite river... from our back... til' our front... all became ice. We could walk on it! Then, I discovered something... we were wearing ice skates! "Let's go!" You said with eyes filled with passion and excitement as you smiled again. I never saw your smile disappearing... except for the time when the avalanche came to us. But I still cannot comprehend what was happening... the turn of events... it was spinning in my head.

"What are ya' waiting for? Let's skate!" I didn't know how to skate... but then, my legs moved unusually.. Soon enough, little by little, I was skating! You were guiding me... and you were skating beside me, too! "Isn't it fun?" You asked while we continued skating on the river-turned-ice and moving forward... "Yeah!" I said blissfully. We were the only two people... yes. It was as if... we were the only ones there... We were the only ones there. Just the both of us. But it wasn't scary... as long as you were there... I didn't know where we're headed... I didn't know. We just skated and skated...

We viewed the majestic facade of the pine trees... We chatted about life... Our hands were inseparable. We stopped for a while and stepped out of the icy river. As soon as we left the river, it turned into liquid again... We threw snowballs at each other... laughed and laid in the snow. We waved our arms and feet to make angels on the snow. We talked about a lot of things... we smiled a lot as well. But whenever we got back to the flowing river, it would harden into ice again. Then, skates would magically appear on our feet again. I was happy...

I was very happy.

I heard a bell rang. I opened my eyes slowly... somewhat expecting that I'll see another peculiar place... Probably something related with snow or something... But then, I realized that everything went back to normal. I looked left and right... I was in my classroom... alone. I was seated on my desk. It was like... I was in a really long slumber. The lights were all closed and it was silent. I'm guessing... it's nighttime? Why haven't I gotten home yet, then? Why am I still in school? It was kinda creepy...

"So... twas just a dream...?" I sighed while looking around.

"Hey, sleepyhead."

That was your voice! I turned around and saw you standing behind me with that cute grin on your face. I faced your very handsome countenance once again. You had a face which I will never get tired of.

"Come! I'll walk you home! Goodness, you slept so long!" You said to me while helping me put my backpack on. I rubbed my eyes groggily and said. "You know... I had the weirdest dream..." I got up from my seat and we got out of the dark classroom and walked together in the dimly lit corridors.

"Yeah, I know, silly." You said while laughing. "What do you mean?" I asked with a suspicious look on my face. "You dreamt about me, didn't you?" "Wh...What? How'd you know?" I gasped, very shocked.

Then you said... "We were in the snow... We were in the snow, right? We skated on the icy river."

My heart skipped a beat.

What did that mean?

Wasn't that just... all a dream?

Or was it?

But all I could see was your smiling face... until you made sure I was safe back home.

A dream.

Date: 2/3/11 Happy Chinese New Year!~ I just felt inspired writing this :D Hehe 3 thanks to Colleen Yu for the inspiration :D

Started: 8:30 pm

Ended: 11 pm

Did this while watching Mara Clara drama series :))

Hope you guys enjoyed reading!