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By: Miyano Ran

That morning, I was happily riding my bicycle out in the streets for fun. Because of my carelessness, I accidentally hit an electrical wire post and I painfully fell hard on the floor with the bicycle crashing on me. The heavy bicycle pinned me down the ground and I struggled yet again. It was a familiar feeling. Then, I recalled how Vhon used his manly strength to stay on top of me, pinning me down in the same manner while I couldn't do anything with my fragileness. I started to cry as I bruised my elbows and legs and I was in pain. I tried to push the bike away but to no avail. Just like Vhon.

I was starting to feel hopeless as the alley I was in is barren of people. I wasn't expecting that a boy about my age would pass by and see my current situation. He quickly ran towards me and used his well-developed arms to lift the bike away from me. He assisted me to stand up but I failed miserably. I weakly fell on the ground on my hips which caused me to wince in more pain. I realized that I sprained my ankle and I was incapable of standing. It was quite inflamed indeed.

"I think you sprained your ankle, miss." The boy remarked worriedly while trying to massage my feet. He examined me and saw my bruises and tears. "Oh, you're hurt! Let me help you." He offered tenderly while trying to carry me in his arms.

Due to what happened to me before, I had a phobia with boys. I was very scared and I couldn't trust him. I felt as though he would do something bad to me but I knew he wasn't Vhon. I can't be so cruel in judging all men in this world like that just because of what Vhon did. The fault of one is not the fault of all. But still, I couldn't help myself. I was terrified of his touch. He could see it right through my countenance.

"Are…Are you afraid of me?" There was hurt in his tone. He seemed offended. "I won't hurt you, I promise. Come on; please hold on to me, alright?"

I tried to compare him with Vhon as I stared at his gentle eyes for a while and studied him as his hand was extended towards me. Unlike Vhon who always looked so mature and composed, this guy looked young and carefree with his baby face with a touch of manliness. He had a round face and didn't have a very angular jaw like Vhon's. His hair was quite messy, wavy and long unlike Vhon's short and perfectly well-groomed hair. He had thicker lips compared to Vhon's thin ones. He was slightly, just slightly tanned compared to Vhon's immaculately fair skin. In terms of height, I'd say he is just as tall as Vhon. I would say that he and Vhon are equally handsome for me, but they possess their own unique characteristics that tell them apart.

This guy undoubtedly looked Chinese, like Vhon and I, but had nice huge deep almond eyes. He also had a high bridged nose and the same tender smile of Vhon. Actually, I would say that he and Vhon look a bit similar to each other. There was something about his English accent, too. He didn't possess the "Singlish", the Singaporean English accent, we all had. He spoke like someone from the US. He was still staring at me while extending his hand towards me. I guess he was wondering whether I will accept his help or not. But, can he be trusted?

I was debating inside whether to give him my trust or not. I felt very reluctant in letting him aid me in this embarrassing state, but I didn't have much of a choice, did I? I bit my lip while thinking. Yes or no? He seems nice, right? Wait, no Sophie, you've learned your lesson. No more take two, okay! Don't let his bright eyes and sweet smile fool you. Well, the last time I did something I felt reluctant with, I ended up helpless on the couch. That's not going happen again.

"No thanks." I muttered while looking down at the ground while massaging my sore ankle.

He stared at me in disbelief.

"So, you want me to just leave you like that, right here?" He queried in shock.

"Yes." I said firmly. "Thank you for lifting the bike from me; you've helped enough. I can handle this on my own now, so thanks."

He shot me with another anxious look with disbelief. Boy, I felt guilty. Did I sound too harsh? Did I become very cold since that day? Before that, I was so trusting to everyone; I was cheerful and full of smiles. But, who can blame me? I'm just scared. I felt my eyes stinging. I relaxed myself with deep breaths and calmed myself down. Don't cry, not in front of him. Don't ever show a guy your weakness or he'll take advantage of you!

At that time, I was lost in my own world and I didn't realize that I was sobbing horribly in front of him. I must have looked so pitiful at that moment. I felt alone and lost, but then, he knelt down beside me and I felt his warm hand wipe my tears from my cheeks away. It was weird; I didn't feel any fear or bad aura from him. I could feel his sincerity. But still, I shyly recoiled from his touch while sniffing.

"You've been through something, haven't you?" He asked with his very tender voice. I looked up to face him only to feel his stare burn my eyes. My heart was thumping fast as I gazed at him. How did he know? Was it that obvious that I had gone through something painful? I wanted to share my feelings to him so badly at that moment. Maybe he isn't dangerous as I thought. Should I open up to him?

I slightly nodded my head while looking away. I was surprised when he sat down beside me and gave me a small understanding nod. It was as if he was motioning me to continue what I had to say and explain to him further. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He told me before I opened my mouth to speak. I really appreciated his consideration and returned him a smile. It was excruciating for me to stand with my injured ankle after I failed miserably upon standing up.

"I'm not like other guys." He whispered reassuringly.

I tried to catch my breath as my tears slowly dried. I didn't know what made me believe in him, but I just did. I smiled at him and allowed him to give me a piggyback ride home. My home was just nearby and he told me that he would help me get my bike later on. His arms which were toned and strong lifted me up with ease. I clung onto his neck as he started walking.

"Where's your house?" He inquired while we got out of the alley.

I gave him directions going to my house. I felt shy with him but for some reason, I felt safe with him. "Am I not heavy?" I asked curiously. "Don't worry; you're very light and easy to carry." He chuckled as we neared my house. I can't comprehend what got into me, but I had the urge to tell him about my past. I prayed to God that he can be trusted. I just felt like I really need someone to open up to right now. I was very nervous but I managed to speak in a soft voice.

"My boyfriend, last year, he…" My heart was pounding like mad. I think he felt it, too. I could tell that he was listening to me intently. I lost the courage to tell him what happened and I ended up saying something else. "He was my childhood friend." "What happened?" He asked with concern. I got back all the courage to speak and explained. "I was able to stop him on time… You know, I wasn't ready, but he still…" I ended with a controlled cry which sounded more like a whimper. I didn't think I could go on explaining. But I have a feeling that he understood me perfectly.

He suddenly stopped walking. He didn't say anything at all. I realized that I was already in front of my house. I profusely thanked him as he helped me enter the house. I introduced him to my mom and she thanked him for helping me. He smiled and gave a polite farewell as he left my house after bringing back the bike. He never said a word to me since then. At that time, I thought that he didn't want to talk to me ever again. He probably didn't like me. I couldn't stop thinking of him though- his soft smile and his strong arms.

However, a week later, I saw him standing outside my house just when I was about to do my morning walk which was my routine every summer to keep me fit. I was surprised to see him here. Why was he here? Was he just passing by or was he searching for me? I stared at him for a while and he still didn't leave. I guess he isn't just passing by. I took a step forward and asked nicely, "Hi! What brings you here?"

"I came for you actually." He said with a shaky nervous tone and looked down the ground, not meeting my eyes. I wonder why, though? "Why?" I asked innocently. "How are you feeling?" He asked, not answering my question. "My bruises are much better now and I can walk without pain already." I answered sincerely with a smile. His concern for me was too sweet, but why?

He made a gentle smile and said. "That's great, then." He looked up and stared intensely into my eyes. I felt my heartbeat racing as I observed his face. He was really good-looking! "This past week, I couldn't stop…thinking of you." He uttered while the last few words were said in a whisper. I gasped in shock. "Me?" He nodded when he said. "You are afraid of men because of your boyfriend. But, I just want you to know that not all men are like him. There are still some decent guys around. Besides, he might have had a reason behind what he did, we will never know."

What he said really touched the deepest part of my heart. Of course, I really wanted to believe that there are still some trustworthy guys around, and that Vhon didn't mean to hurt me that day and strip away my dignity, but I didn't want to get hurt again, so in order to be sure, I shunned all doors of hope and expectancy. You won't be disappointed if you don't hope, right? My eyes were getting teary but I wiped them away as soon as I detected the worry plastered on his face.

"Do you want to go for a walk with me?" He asked kindly with a smile. "I was just about to walk myself. Sure." I replied. We left my house and walked the quiet street in silence. "Do you still hate him?" He broke the silence and asked. "No, I never did. I'm just sad and scared." I honestly replied. "I bet he just missed you, and that he's really sorry." He spoke again. I didn't say anything but I was digesting ever word he said. "If he returned and apologized, would you still accept him?" He asked again. "I…" I closed my eyes. "I really don't know." "What's your name by the way?" He asked politely. "Sophie. And you?" "Nice to meet you Sophie; I'm Andrew, but call me Andy." He smiled widely, showing most of his teeth. "It's nice to meet you Andy." We were silent again but our shadows were walking side by side for a long time. Both of us just enjoyed each other's company. I really couldn't suppress my pounding heart, though.

"Sophie, I want you to know that I'm not that kind of guy." Andy murmured with sincerity. "I will never hurt you." "Thanks." I smiled at him in gratitude. Ever since that day, Andy became my close friend. During the whole summer, he regularly visited my house and cheered me up with his jokes and funny antics. He even taught me lots of cool stuffs which I never knew, like table tennis and playing the piano. I liked his smile a whole lot. I didn't want to compare him with Vhon, but I couldn't help but notice their similarities and differences.

Unlike Vhon who was so serious and quiet, Andy practically had cheerfulness steaming from his system! He was the conversation initiator and always the joker type of guy. He was very fun and comfortable to be with. You'll never have a dull moment with him. Not that I didn't like it with Vhon in the past, but Andy possessed an unexplainable and unique charm that made him very endearing and likeable. I just wasn't used to a very funny and energetic guy like him. Vhon was very career-oriented, an ideal man, and a very studious guy. These traits without a doubt caused me to be helplessly attracted to the intelligent lad. It was rare after all to see a guy so diligent and being a total opposite of a playboy, he was magnificent, considering how I am an intellectual myself.

However, Andy was incomparable with him. Indeed, he was able to bring out another side of me. That was the side that wasn't prominent when I was together with Vhon. As I said, sure, he knew how to laugh and all, but not like Andy at all. Andy's eyes would shimmer like that of a little boy, passionate and full of life. I wouldn't call him irresponsible or a "French boy", but he was just so laid back with everything, not even having a single care in the world. I would best describe him to be as a happy-go-lucky guy. His favorite quote would even be, "Que cera cera, whatever will be, will be, because the future's not ours to see." He taught me the more relaxed side of life. He never took things seriously and just acted on impulse. But for some reason, I yearned to see more of that. I felt happy that he was showing all that to me.

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