A/N: As of now, every time I want to write a ficlet, I will use the characters Shard and Iris as the main characters. Now, I know I haven't been posting any actual stories, but I'll post something up sometime or other… Again, from Shard's perspective. This came up from a topic on water.

"Yay! Exams are over!" Iris cheered. I smiled at her, and scratched the back of her head, saying, "You're quite worked up after the exams, aren't you? Especially after you slept during the paper…" Iris blushed, and asked, "Y-you saw me sleeping?" I chuckled, and said, "It's OK to sleep, Iris. We're all human." Still blushing, Iris nodded. "So… Shard?" I looked at her, who stared at me with her big black eyes. "Can we go to the sports complex on Saturday? As a celebratory date, I mean." I said nothing, walking onto the bus. "Did you hear me, Shard?" Iris asked again, walking up to the bus. "What? Oh, yes, I heard you, Iris." Upon hearing this, she smiled, and said, "Great! Bring your swim trunks, and don't forget to come!" I had no time to protest before she ran upstairs, giggling. I sighed slowly, and followed her.

Saturday came around quickly, and I soon found myself dragging my feet to the swimming complex, a bag of towels, toiletries and of course, that pathetic excuse for clothing that everyone I know calls swimming trunks. "Shard~!" Iris called. I turned to see her, dressed in a shirt and a white one-piece swimsuit that hugged her slender figure to no imagination. Surprisingly, I was able to stop the blood rushing to my face to form an embarrassed blush or a nosebleed, probably from the lack of blood I felt from the strap of my bag that cut off the blood flow from my heart to the rest of my body. "Shard, is there something wrong?" Iris asked. "You don't look too healthy…" I removed the strap and said, "I'm alright… don't worry about me. I just don't want to go swimming, alright?" Iris tilted her head in that bizarrely cute way of hers, and asked, "Why not? Afraid of the water?" "You could say that…" I muttered darkly. Iris giggled, and said, "In that case, can you hold my shirt while I go and swim?" Again, before I could make a protest, I had her yellow shirt with the letters 'I (heart) S' on it tossed into my face. I didn't take it off my face until I was sure Iris had entered the water, in fear of bloodying the shirt with a nosebleed. My eyes followed the underwater shape that I thought was Iris before they closed in exhaustion.

"Hey Shard!" Iris said, poking me with her wet fingers. "Wakey wakey! Time to wake up." "Oh, Iris." I said. Looking at my clock, I saw the time as 1.00pm. "What's wrong? I thought you normally swim for two hours." Iris smiled, and took a seat beside me, saying, "I just wanted to talk to you and ask how come you didn't want to swim." I sighed, saying, "I told you, I don't like water." "Why don't you like water, Shard?" Iris persisted. "There must be some reason why you don't like water." I shifted uncomfortably, and started, "I don't know why either… I just feel as if something horrible will happen to me involving water… every time I look at a body of water, like a swimming pool, I just feel really uncomfortable." Iris patted my back, leaving a wet handprint there, saying, "Well, I love water! We're all seventy-five percent water and it's essential for life! Whenever I go swimming, I feel so free, and unstoppable. It's like all of life's dangers just disappear when I dive into the cool blue waters." I gave her a little smile, and said, "Yeah, well, we'll see if water plays a major or minor part in our lives."

A/N: I'm using the two characters here as a device for me to express my fears and necessities about water. It's not as cute as I intended it to be, but it serves my purpose.