"Shalom Hunt" by Otto Tot, April 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: It is important that when contacting a Pointer breeder that you express health concern issues and ask the breeder what they are doing in order to help minimize them.

Shalom Hunt

After Rolly Jeka managed to persuade David Adom to join hunting with pointer dogs that Tom Cruso organized on his private compound, situation looked utterly different from what David expected it to be.

"The treaty of Versailles …", Tom was speaking slowly, his hands behind his back.

"You mean peace treaty after WW 1?" David realized that even in his own ears that fast interruption could have been interpreted as a sign of fear, despite all other men and women present.

"That's right. "Tom smiled at his guest, large number of pointer dogs being dragged in front by their guides. "It was not signed by the USA because they warned that Germany would want revenge as the treaty was too harsh." David noticed that most of the other guests already had their rifles cocked. His was still broken. , expecting to be fed with appropriate feed. Trouble was … he was not one hundred percent sure as to what was the game exactly … Was it fowl … boar … deer or perhaps even bear given the fact that those pointer dogs looked like Dobermans.

"America told us and the French that once Germany came back for revenge …", he paused, tilting on his shiny boots, "… don't come crying to them." David mocked some feeble smile, realizing he should have opted for a leisurely afternoon with that fat Christine.

"The Germans allowed Hitler into power as Germany did indeed want revenge." David offered, his trembling voice seemed somehow … alien in a way.
"That's right!" Tom grit his teeth, some ominous twinkle in his eyes adding to the overall gloom of his situation.

"The Americans sat back and watched as huge numbers of Jews were being slaughtered …", he paused, smiling plastically at his guest, "… France was being defeated and Britain only just holding on." David cursed his desire to try hunting ate least once in his life … Some horns announced the beginning of the hunt. "We asked for help but still the Americans didn't join the war." Tom checked his rifle, still not answering what was the game. He exhaled, ignoring the fact that David's rifle was still uncocked. "Only once the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour did the Americans realize they had to … join in." His last two words almost echoed in David's head and he felt instantly weak and even sick.

"Americans have always been wary of 'entangling alliances' in foreign wars …", David tried his luck, then continued on his own, already feeling … different …, "… and this was especially true after World War I."

After Tom waved for the hunt to start, they have released the dogs and David almost froze in his position, expecting some private escort, some hunting lead or at least an assistant to show him what to do. Instead, he was on his own, watching as the others dispersed in the growth upfront, leaving him almost completely alone on the clearing.

Not wishing to look silly and unaccustomed to such trivialities, David wondered all alone into the woods.

After a couple of steps, sounds of footsteps breaking small twigs and fallen leaves rustling, he realized he still did not know what exactly they were after!

"Oh, well …", he concluded for himself and filled cartridge for fowl, not wishing to hit anyone by mistake.

After a while this most uncomfortable, even painful and frightening thing started to torment his mind, making him … suffer! It soon became terrifying - one of the worst feelings imaginable. David wondered if before him there were any other Jews that joined the hunt.

Sounds of pointer dogs were becoming closer now, vicinity of any human being more and more remorse. He immediately remembered the relaxing techniques and applied them immediately.

He took a deep, deep breath through his nose. Deeeeep … and slow … and released it slowly through his pursed lips, he curled his lip into a grin since it must looked odd for anyone that may have been watching it, it was like blowing a kiss. Then he let it all the way out.

After a minute or so, his self-esteem brought back to a bearable normality, he realized he was standing on a clearing of a sort. Frightening realization that he was all alone was increased by the numerous barking sounds of pointers. They were, to David's utter horror, closing on him now!

And then he saw them.

Forming a wide semi-circle, their ears pointed and sharp, in their usual hunting position, with one leg lifted up and folded backwards, they were silently positioning their mouths towards him. Apart from their tongues he could even see their soft palates!

As the sun was setting down, he tried to persuade himself that it was not him they were really after, just a … mistake, rather. But after couple "hellos" did not produce any visible result, he was scared even more as he heard cocking of the rifles from the bushes behind those pointer dogs!

Surrounded by long shadows, breeze made his bones suddenly heavy. His own flesh, muscles he used to exercise in order to attract those female students back at the University seemed so … useless suddenly. He almost felt guilty for having meat on his very bones! Meat that could be used as … as a dog food! Poor pointers!

But his pitiful remorse did not make the situation any better. In fact, after a whistle that someone blew, pointers began to snarl and gnaw with their vicious fangs, obvious signs that he was probably not the first human to be … sacrificed this way.

He tried to take some more deep breaths, then through his nose, counting up to 8, but soon his heart beat was so loud and the fact he had no power to lift his muzzle made him almost drop to his knees and beg for mercy!

Suddenly words of Rabbi Botenarah echoed in his mind …

"Never accept offers from the strangers! ever accept offers from the strangers! Never accept …"

He could hear some low giggling and was assured that the whole invitation was just to make him, David Adom, join the hunt so that he could become … the game!

As he started to sing Nehemiah's song for consolidation, his mind already detached from his body, he could feel that the final signal was about to be given.

And it was!

Fifty pointers hurled towards him in one hungry and vicious attempt to prove their worthiness and earn their dinners!

Even when their sharp teeth cut and sliced though his flesh he still did not believe what was happening to him. As the hounds tore the flesh away, him bleeding profusely, in those last moments of consciousness he managed to see his host's guests standing firm with their hands lifted high up in the air in that all-too-familiar Nazi salute.

He wished to scream but the fangs soon found his larynx and crushed it, making him choke in his own blood.

His lasts feeble attempts to prevent from being mauled, were soon diminished as he gave up his soul to the G'd above.

Tom joined the others in singing Horst Wessel national anthem adopted for English-speaking areas. Some owls were producing awkward sounds, watching the whole horrific ordeal with completely implacable disinterest.