Cage- by Shauni Cooper


You want to try?

Go on ahead

It will be futility at most

For those who have gone in

Never come out

Forever imprisoned

To torture their master


Many have come to this painful place

And have not survived

You are different


I wish to save you from the hurt


For my heart is but a mere cage

Scattered ripped pieces

Etched together with lies

Stitches that cause profound


For me and the prisoners


You have only scratched the delicate surface

Of what's left of

My once beating heart

Its prisoners, my memories, take a toll on me

Punishing me for ever trusting

And loving in the first place


You are brave

To enter this dreadful cage


You begin your journey

And venture through my barriers

Stitching and mending me

To what I once was before



I thought I was broken beyond repair

Yet you managed to fix me

You did not give up

The cage is destroyed, my heart beats again

I feel whole, complete

With you, my new journey begins…



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