Dallas felt his life was perfect; he had the perfect and most amazing girl. That was all he could ask for. Maylien, despite Dallas being her ex was falling harder for him more and more everyday. Dallas, all the while, was falling in the other direction.

So here they are in their current predicament; trapped in an elevator with Jade clueless to her boyfriend's whereabouts. Dallas, clearly was the love of Maylien's life, but he didn't need to know that. Maylien was surprised he hadn't caught her with a blush creeping up her cheek or when she accidentally stared at him for a little too long then usual. Dallas was still in that honeymoon phase with Jade; of course to the dislike of Maylien.

Awkwardness. That's the only word that could express this situation. Dallas had tried making small conversation but Maylien couldn't answer without a blush being soon visible. She was an idiot, in love. That's the last thing Maylien needs; Dallas getting an even more of a big head then what he already has. These are times May questioned her love for a doofus like him. Love is just, let's say, complicated.

May had finally enough self-control to get out a sentence without stuttering or blushing. "So how's your relationship with Jade going?" she spit out quickly.

"Great! She's absolutely perfect. Perfect in every single way." He said in a swift motion while taking out his phone and showing Maylien his new wallpaper. Maylien could've sworn her heart cracking was a sound that no one could miss; that it could be heard a million miles away. This was only to add to the tears she would cry when she tried falling asleep.

Their conversation had ended with Maylien's fake smile. Her head suddenly filled with thoughts. Just thoughts about the guy that never left her mind.

She didn't know what made her do it. She just simply did it. Maybe it was the fact his big brown eyes looked so innocent, or the fact that his hair needed to be messed up to look even cuter. Thoughts; there it goes again, running through Maylien and Dallas' minds.

"I'm an idiot! He's dating Jade!"

"I'm dating Jade!"

"Well, he hasn't broken the kiss yet."

"Dallas! What are you doing? Remember Jade?"

To Maylien's disappointment, although she didn't show it, Dallas had roughly shoved her away. He had simply said "Stay away from me." with a hardened expression. Maylien had barely kept the tears in.

When they were at school today, Dallas wouldn't say a word to her much less even take a glance at her. Little did May know, Dallas had second thoughts about her, all day and all night. Nights were filled with hopeless dreams or sleepless nights. Dallas and Maylien would either stay up thinking about the other. Maylien dreamed about Dallas and her being together once again. Dallas dreamed about his mind being only on Jade. Hopeless; that's all their dreams were.

"Don't deny it, she's beautiful"

"Jade? Of course she is. She's beyond gorgeous."

"No, Maylien."

"Wtf, brain? I'm dating Jade."

"Just look at her."

Dallas had taken a glance at her and couldn't help but smile at the way she looked.

"She is beautiful."

Look at her. Her curls falling perfectly down her shoulder, her hazel brown eyes making her look so innocent, the way she smirks, the way she laughs, the way she scrunches up her nose when she's thinking hard. How can you not love her?

Dallas was speechless. How could he have been so blinded by Jade and not realize Maylien's beauty until he lost her?

"One more kiss, one more kiss will tell me if we're meant to be together."

There she was, at her lunch table with her friends. "It's now or never, Dallas." He strode towards her with full intentions of settling this once and for all. "What if she pushes me away?" Dallas contradicted his current moves but already found himself looking into he hazel brown eyes he could just get lost in.

Simply snapping out of her daze while hearing Maylien's faint voice saying "What do you want Dallas?" He knew he had pissed her off for kicking their friend of their table for the sake of Jade.

This was it. He kissed her. In front of everyone.

There it was. Those butterflies, those sparks, that warmth they felt when they held each other close.

"Does this mean we're together again?" she said to Dallas with a gallant smirk upon her face. "I won't hurt you, ever again." he said to Maylien getting lost once again in her hazel brown eyes.