Approximately thirty kilometers
Above the ozone layer is
Where I will wait loyally,
Where I will wait for you

I'll meet you where the stratosphere
Touches the mesosphere, where
Not even the most advanced of
Planes can fly

I'll levitate about ten kilometers
Below where meteors burn up and
Fall through the troposphere at
Sea level onto the prison called Earth

I'll swim through the energy
Absorbed from incoming ultraviolet
Radiation as I wait for your jet
To come up and fly with me

You may scoff and laugh at me now,
You think I'll give in to gravity below,
But no, I picked the perfect place, I'm using
The lack of vertical convection to my advantage

Come meet me at the stratopause,
You'll find that the journey has little to no
Turbulence, and we can watch the "blue jets"
From your clich├ęd throne in the heavens