Black man shot,

Walking down the street,

Clutching a bag of skittles,

Just a little treat.

He didn't have a gun,

But because he's a nigger,

He must have had one.

Shot by a guard,

Of the rich and white,

The coloured have rights,

They are sick of these fights.

I implore you to leave,

These people alone,

Think of Trayvon,

This killing cannot be condoned.

A future he had,

He loved his mum and dad,

Now that he's dead,

Forever they are sad.

They come on the news,

Throwing up their views,

Although they try to hide,

You can see it in their eyes,

They just want to die.

But he apologised,

'Does that make it right?'

These stupid questions they ask,

Radioactive plight.

Although I sit and rant,

Unfortunately I can't,

Bring new life,

A sun to a plant.

The world will go on,

New tragedies will spawn,


I'll never understand,

I thought this silly racism

Was gone.

I was wrong.