It hangs on the hook, glinting in the starlight.

You'll never get away with it.

Watch me. I grab it, I take it.

Like we always take what we need.

To set me free.

Like a spell, like a wish, the key fits, the wheel fits. The car slips down the street with a whisper.

Let's go downtown. Where the lost kids meet.

Gliding past the movie theater, was it really only a week ago? That I sat there, like a zombie, watching film after film, forgetting everything. But then. I saw the lights go down, at the end of the scene. I saw the lights go down, and standing in front of me – I see you.

Waiting at the corner. Under the streetlight. It flickers, casting an uncertain shadow, as I pull up in front of you. And it was worth it, just for your look of disbelief. That blooms into a smile, like someone just let the sun back into the world.

I told you.

Without a word, you vault into the other seat. I told you, I'd do it. And I stomp down the pedal, so we shoot off into the night with a roar. We zoom off to your laughter, your laughter that echoes.

Just like in my dreams.

Echoes through my head.

My scarecrow dreams, when they blast my heart into smithereens.

Though my life.

Be a bright red rose, come bursting out of the concrete.

We sweep onto the highway, and the wind picks up your hair, flutters your scarf out behind you.

Be a cartoon heart.

The whole world before us, and up in the sky. More stars than I've ever seen before.

Light a fire.

And nobody else, just us, just us against the world.

We'll run riot.

I put my arm around you, and press down the pedal.

We'll be glowing in the dark.

And we leave the world behind, in the dust.

- Lyrics from Cartoon Heart