Lucy stormed around her room, her mind an angry hurricane, with only two things truly regestering. Rage, and death. Hate, gales of it battered with rage and deatht to form one thought.

Just kill yourself.

So angry. Her phone lit, and she snatched it up.

Whats up?

Will goddamnit it's midnight! Suddenly a tide of sadness welled up within her. It mixed with clouded fury to form a black solution.

I don't want to talk right now.

Just leave me alone. She slumped against the wall. Why? Why do I feel this way? Why am I alive? Shaky hands slid open the black cell phone.

What happened?

More anger rose. Why? Who fucking cares?

I don't know I'm just so angry

She paused, as a vivid image came to her mind. It was a twisted perfect. A way out

I want to break my mirror and slash my wrists so I can bleed out on the floor and be done with life.

Send. On trembling legs she walked into the hall, and to her bathroom. It was brighter, blatant light. She looked at the mirror. The reflection filled her with discust and loathing.

Why babe?

Rage threatened to break the levies of her self control. She typed furiously.

Because I hate life and I hate myself

Pausing again, she thought of Will, and softened was the sweetest, most loving, devoted and caring boyfriend possible.

I don't deserve him.

She continued.

Good bye Will, I do love you, more than I can ever express,

Sadness once again joined with anger like oil slick on water.

but I cant live like this anymore.

Her finger paused for a moment before pressing send. Taking a deep breath she clenched her fists and looked up. Made eye contact with her reflection, her face twisted in replused fury. Shattering glass sounded. Her reflection cracked, and fell.


Pick up pick up pick up.

Will paced around his room. Voicemail.

Goddamnit! Lucy, come on.

She was severly depressed, and suicide was not something that was totally unexpected, so he needed to get to her. Pulling on his shoes he ran to the back door. No longer giving a shit what their parents thought, he grabbed his bike and sped into the night.


Did it even hurt anymore? Her wrists felt warm, a shard of bloody mirror was cluched in her left hand. The sight of the heavily bleeding slashes faded in and out as blackness crept over her vision. She felt peaceful and warm. Falling slowly backwards into a warm black sea.


Dripping sweat and adrenaline filled, Will knocked at her window. Something wasn't right. He texted furiously.

Lucy I'm at your window, let me in

Send, he peeked throught the sliver between the curtains. I'm the yellow lamplight, something dark pooled across the laminent. Blood.

Her blood.

No no no. Not Lucy, please no Lucy. How could I live without her?

The image of her dead on the floor permiated his mind.

"Lucy!" He hurled himself against the ground floor window. Glass shattered and he pulled back before scrambling into her room.


She was vaugly aware of her name, glass breaking, maybe a breeze. But the warm blackness closed around and oblivion overwhelmed her.


He was frozen for a moment. Lucy was slumped against the wall next to her bookcase. A shocking amount of dark blood pooled around her, and still trickled from the deep, jagged cuts on each of her wrists.

No no no no no

In her hand was a wickedly sharp fragment of mirror, her eyes were closed. Without thinking he knelt in her blood and tore at his shirt, pressing the ribbons to her mutilated arms.

"Will?" She stirred slightly and his hope sparked.

"Lucy, babe, just hold on. Please just hold on."

"No." She said weakly. He ingored her and tied the shirt pieces tightly around her wrists.

"No." Stronger, she pulled her arms back, her eyes were open now and they stared into his soul.

"Lucy," He pleaded without thinking.

"Please Will." His grip losened against his will, and blood started to seep still.

"No, Luce," He begged. "No baby, I love you." The resolutness of her eyes make him, the fearless MMA fighter, quail.

"I love you too." He didn't regester that her hand had moved from his. But he felt it on his cheek, warm thick liquid flowing down her arm and his face and neck. She gently pulled his face to hers.

Her lips were warm. It was the softest, most sweetly passionate kiss they had shared. All their love shown within one kiss. She ever so gently pushed him back.

"But let me go." He was paralized, could say nothing, do nothing, as their eyes locked. Her chocolate brown eyes full of love and torment. Though peace crept into them. Her hand fell away. The spark left her eyes and they closed. Closed forever.

"Lucy." Tears fell onto his hands. He looked down at her arms. Scarred from her depression and anger, hoplessness. Will closed his eyes and struggled to draw in shuddering breaths. Tears tumbled down and mixed with her quickly drying blood.

"Good bye."