A little too tall for the couch, I found myself knocking on Flynn's bedroom door, praying he was still awake. The door was open so I peeked into the dimly lit room. He was sitting up, reading a book with a tiny book light and a pair of classy, dark-rimmed glasses. His grey eyes panned to me, slightly squinted—tired.

I shifted to the other leg, nervous. "Could I sleep in here? The uh—the couch is a bit short." I quickly added, "I'll stay on my side if you stay on yours."

Admittedly, it was a bit hard for me to keep my eyes on his face since his shirt had gone missing. My face immediately got hot—partially because he was hot, small bits of light spilling onto the ridges of the defining lines on his chest.

"Sure." He patted the mattress to the right of him, pulling his glasses off of his face and placing them on the night table. For some reason, he flicked on the lamp light.

Walking towards the bed, I mentally sighed, thank God. I would have a comfortable place to sleep. But a twitch in the back of my mind seemed to wave a tiny red flag—Was this a good idea? Maybe. One glance at his face told me the truth. Hell no.

Wearing everything but my socks and shoes, I climbed into the bed, staying close to the edge for my sanctity, but I couldn't sleep any better. My feet fit onto the bed, yes, but I was ten times more uncomfortable. My body was aware, really aware of the man sitting next to me, and it didn't help that the light was still on. An insecure peanut inside of me told me that he was staring at me and something else told me that maybe I should throw all of my morals away from one night.

Just one night.

I gripped onto the pillow, "Are you going to move to the floor or turn off the light or something?"

The bed shifted when he snorted, "No. Would you like me to sleep on the floor?"

"In the movies and the books the guy always goes and sleeps on the floor out of chivalry." I stared at the opposite wall, blank, "Forget it though; we'll just stay on sides. Can you turn off the light?"

The turn of a sheet was the only sound for a millisecond, "Need I remind you that this is my room?"

No. I knew. I was in his vicinity now. I was in his bed. My breath grew short and my heart began punching against my chest when the bed creaked and the mattress dipped.

Don't move. Don't move. I silently inhaled. Now would be a good time for me to fall asleep. I shut my eyes closed and ignored the movement behind me, but it was hopeless. I was holding my breath, and I was hot.

The electricity from his finger, slowly tucking an exonerated strand of hair behind my ear left a trail of sparks on my skin and straight down to my pelvis. Fuck. He knew I was awake. I squirmed uncomfortably. I couldn't touch myself. Not with him sitting right there behind me. My hands gripped the pillow tighter.

"Keller," he whispered, his mouth hovering right over my ear.

My legs bent and my toes curled at the sound of his voice and uncomfortably I repositioned myself making a slow scratching sound against the sheets. Already, I was wet, and I couldn't do anything about it. It was slowly burning me inside.

Flynn's finger trailed from my forehead to the area behind my ear and down my neck. Just a soft touch. Nothing more. "Are you turned on?" His voice kissed my ear with warm flutters of anticipation. One small push on my shoulder had my back against the mattress and his hooded eyes gleaming into mine—a feral stare with only animal instincts in the brain behind them. Almost forcefully, he pushed his body against mine, my arms up against the pillows, "I am."

Something long and hard pushed against my thigh and I closed my eyes. Just a little higher. Slowly, I moved my right hand down, traced his chest down the side and slipped my hand under my jeans, and began rubbing. I didn't need him. It was too risky.

Against my thigh, if felt his dick twitch and thought nothing of it until two rough hands grabbed my chin. My eyes shot open when his lips crashed down on mine and our tongues intertwined, unable to get enough to taste. He wasted no time pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it onto the floor. Next went my bra which he unclasped in a matter of seconds and threw to the floor. I pulled my hand from my crotch and held his body close to mine, my breasts completely smashed against his chest. My pants were unbuttoned and dragged off of my body leaving the both of us only in underwear and sheets.

He tore his lips from mine and kissed my jaw and my neck. Moaning, I threaded my hands in his hair, long and curly, just the way I liked it. Grey eyes dark in the dim light, he pulled back and eyed my upper body, my collar bone, my breasts.

My chest heaved as I looked up at him, "Flynn, don't stop."

"I just wanted to get a glance at you." He said and kissed my lips quickly before pulling back again, "You're beautiful."

He moved his hands to my chest and pinched one nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking; his other hand kneaded the other breast. In reaction, my body angled up, but I needed more. Moving my hands from his brown ringlets of hair, I sat up a little and kissed him deeply while moving my hands to his boxers and pulling them down. Without moving his mouth from mine, Flynn helped me and slipped the boxers down his legs exposing him, very erect and slick at the peak.

I moved from his mouth to get a better look, but he prodded me back down onto the bed and slid my panties down my legs, his grey stare never leaving mine. "I've wanted you since I first saw you." His voice was deep and husky. Filled with promise of sex.

"I doubt that." I said with surprise that I could form a coherent response.


He bent over and kissed my lips, the area between my breasts and then my belly button. Two fingers entered me slowly, taunting, and then a third at the same treacherous pace. My body quivered and writhed under his touch, but then his fingers were gone. My moan sounded through the room when I felt his tongue enter me very quickly before he pulled out and straddled my body. I was so close… so close.

I screamed his name when he plunged into me, stretching. He groaned and he splayed one long hand against my hip, and the other on the headrest crowning the bed. Flynn began at a slow pace moving in and out when I pushed up, wrapping my hand to his back and increasing the speed, a ball of heat and friction being created in the small gap between us.

My fist clenched on his body when all went black in my mind. Pure bliss. Moaning into Flynn's mouth, I tightened around him, my body going limp when he shuddered above me with a raspy sound of satisfaction. He tore his mouth away from mine and rested his head onto my neck before sliding out of me and moving onto his back.

I heard him swallow and then he whispered in my ear, his breath gruff and breathless, "So how's that Keller-Reformation thing going?"

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