The Movie

If Jen were honest with herself, it had been over a year since she had gone out to the movies. It just wasn't something she really did, she was more of a stay at home, microwave popcorn, and watch what was new on netflix kind of person. Then she got a message that a group of co-workers were going to meet up at the theatre to watch some foreign film that was nominated for an academy award.
She was weary about the independent foreign films especially since the last one's were absolutely god awful. One of them seemed to make absolutely no sense whatsoever and it seemed like all they said was the "F" and the "C" word every three seconds, and the other was supposed to be a comedy but she just didn't see any humor in it at all. There was a lot of yelling and arguing though, how did people find that entertaining?

The theatre had a bar outside of the building where she spotted one of her co-workers there. She looked at her watch and then back up at him before sitting on the stool beside him.
"How long have you been here?"
He looked at her briefly, probably noting that she had gone home and changed rather than heading straight to the theatre as he had; he seemed annoyed by it. "Half an hour or so. I don't think anyone else is coming so it's just going to be you and me."

Jen just sort of shrugged, it didn't really matter to her since she'd be in the dark for the majority of the time paying attention to the movie and not him. It wasn't that she didn't like him; it was just that he lacked tact. Not to mention that it was fairly obvious that he'd just say things without even thinking of how it would affect the recipient's feelings. He also wasn't the most generous person she knew, but then again about 95% of the male's that she worked with were like this, shedding much truth to the saying: "Chivalry is dead" Sometimes this upset her but she had braced herself beforehand in preparation for it. It wasn't that she was expecting special treatment, but she was just a receptionist who was still going to school, and these guys were architects that made five times more than she did, if not more. Not to mention that she would sometimes do things that weren't in her job description whenever someone was in a jam, and they never appreciated it.

She pulled out her wallet and paid for her own ticket (not even bothering to see if he'd try to stop her) and after he paid for his, they walked over to the concession area where her eyeballs practically bugged out of their sockets when she saw that a measly tub of popcorn was a whopping eight bucks.

"Shit! I can get a 12 pack of microwavable popcorn for cheaper than that!"

He just sort of looked at her in an annoyed manner before he pulled out a free popcorn voucher from the inside of his pocket. The lady working there looked at it and immediately began to scoop popcorn into the bucket. Jen watched in a hypnotized fashion as the golden kernels tumbled into the bucket, the tantalizing aroma making her eyes squint in anger because she knew that she was going to end up paying three times more than she wanted to for one of her favorite snacks.

Eight bucks later, Jen and her co-worker were seated in chairs that looked as if they hadn't been upholstered since the 70's. The cheesy, worn out floral patterns were a major turn off, but luckily it was the film they had come to see and not the crappy decorating.
His shoulder kept bumping against hers whenever he'd stick his hand in the bucket of popcorn so she found herself leaning against the opposite end of where he was sitting. She in turn looked into the contents of her bucket with eager anticipation before she stuck her hand in and placed a handful in her mouth. Instantly, her face formed into a frown for the popcorn didn't taste nearly as good as it looked.

"You know." He said with a mouthful of popcorn. "I think you and I could've shared this bucket, I'm already starting to feel full."

She rolled her eyes and took a deep breath, when was the damn movie going to start?

The saltiness of the popcorn was starting to make her thirsty so she unzipped her bag and pulled out a bottle of diet coke. She had economized at least three bucks doing that.
He saw what she was doing and began to choke and cough extremely loud. When his airways finally seemed to clear up he exclaimed loudly: "You brought soda from outside? You can't do that! Why that's against the rules!"
"Why don't you say it a little louder? I don't' think the back row heard you!" She yelled back. "And I think I'm entitled to my soda since I spent such a ridiculous amount of money on this stupid popcorn! Let them try and take it away from me!"

His eyes widened and he started to stutter but before he could say anything, the lights dimmed and previews for other films began.

With the fading of the light also went her bitterness towards being alone with a cheapskate, spending far more than she wanted to for crummy popcorn, and sitting on fabric that was probably older than her grandma. The film was actually worth the money, and there had actually been an extremely moving scene that brought tears to her eyes.
The lights came back on again and so did reality. She had to stop herself from sneering when she turned to the side and saw her movie-going companion yawn and say: "eh, I've seen better."

She swung her handbag over her shoulder and looked at her watch: "Well, I have to head out; see you at work tomorrow!" and without waiting to hear what he said in response, she practically ran out of the theatre where upon opening to double doors that led out to the bar area. She was hit with the sweet fragrance of nearby orange blossoms. It was sweet, delicate, all the things that her life lacked. She could've cried right then and there, and she thought that she actually might so she tried to make haste while walking past the tables of couples eating, and drinking from their champagne flutes.
Then she heard someone call out to her: "JEN!"

She closed her eyes and sighed loudly thinking it was the guy from work. She slowly turned around, clutching the strap of her handbag tightly as if to ward off her anger when she realized that it wasn't him at all, but David; a guy she was friends with a few years ago.

She had always thought him to be a really cool person but at the time, she was with somebody and then when that didn't work out he was the one that was already involved with somebody else. Jen had then moved to the other side of town and they just sort of lost touch, so it was an extremely nice surprise to see him sitting at the bar; a beer with a lemon slice floating in his glass.
He smiled and patted the empty seat next to him. Before Jen knew what she was doing, she was already walking towards him; hypnotized by his beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair. How could she have forgotten how good looking he was?

She smiled awkwardly, still clutching to her handbag strap, but before she could say anything he got off his stool and embraced her. Her eyes widened in shock but it was quickly replaced with a smile.
"It's good to see you Jen, please sit down and join me for a drink." He motioned to the bartender; "Please put whatever she's having on my tab." She nodded and then looked over at Jen, "What would you like?"
She blinked hard a few times and looked around to see if there was a menu nearby, but then she saw what David was drinking. "What is that?"

"Hefeweizen, it's a German wheat beer, crisp, light, I think you'll like it."

She smiled and nodded towards the bar tender; "I'll have what he's having then."

She looked over at him and saw that he was grinning at her even when he lifted his glass up to his mouth. When he put the glass down he let out a chuckle. "So are you going to tell me why you looked like you were about to give someone a pounding when you zipped past a minute ago?"

She could feel herself blushing and looked around to see if her co-worker was anywhere nearby. She looked out towards the parking lot and didn't see it there, he had probably already left.

"I had a horrible time, wanted to shoot the person I was with."

"A date?"

"No. There was supposed to be a bunch of us from work meeting here today, but it turned out to be just me and this other person who I don't particularly care for but he went above and beyond annoying today."

"So you're not dating anyone?"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Aren't we a straight shooter today, normally you'd wait atleast half an hour before coming to the point."

They were interrupted briefly when Jen received her drink. Jen pushed the glass towards her while thanking the lady, David remained looking intently at her face during their exchange.

"You're right, I'm normally not; but I've wasted a lot of time... Too much time if I'm completely honest."

She shook her head. "I don't understand."

His cheeks flushed, and he began to chuckle nervously. Her eyes narrowed as she eyed his drink and then she looked back at him with a playful smile. "How long have you been sitting out here drinking David?"

"HAH! And now she thinks I'm drunk!" He then moved the stool closer to her, looking deep into her eyes and in his deep, sultry voice asked: "You wanna drive me home later?"
She slapped his arm playfully even though the idea wasn't that displeasing to her. She took a sip of her beer and her eyes widened. "Wow, this is really good!"

"I knew you would like it."

"So, why are you here?" She asked as she fingered the droplet of water sliding down the glass.

"And she says I'm the straight shooter; actually I was supposed to meet up with a friend and watch the nine o' clock showing which.. " He looked at his wrist watch, a stylish black and gold Movado. "Already started ten minutes ago."

"So he bailed on you?"

He smiled and finished off the rest of his beer before setting it down on the counter."Apparently; I tried calling and texting but he didn't respond so I decided to have a drink at the bar before heading out, and then I saw you."

She stayed staring at him, trying to place everything that had been happening so far together in her mind.

"Another beer?" The bar tender asked as she removed his empty glass. "Not for me thanks. Go ahead and bill me; I'm getting ready to head out once my friend is done."
Hearing him say that was a bit disappointing, and suddenly he asked:

"If you don't mind me asking, were you heading home just now? Or did you have some where else you needed to go?"

She couldn't stop herself from smiling, "Was going to go home, console myself of my horrible evening by eating a tub of ice cream and watching some 80's movie on Netflix."

"Mask, or The Goonies?"

"The Goonies I think. I can only tolerate watching Cher act out her real life so many times."

"Wow, as exciting as that does sound; I was wondering if you care to pass it up and join me for a late dinner."

"Sure, I actually haven't eaten yet."

He scoffed and looked at her disbelievingly. "You mean you were in there all that time and the guy didn't feed you?"

"No. I bought some popcorn but left almost all of it in its entirety cause it tasted as if it had been made three days ago."

"It probably was, I never eat the food here; their drinks are good though. There is a restaurant just across the street; they make very good sushi."

She stayed staring at him, not even blinking before saying: "You remember." Sushi was a weak spot for her, she ate it at least twice a week.

He winked and got off the stool before coming over to her and extending his hand out to her. "Shall we?"

I could leave the story as is or continue it, what do you think?