bbLoveless: Hi People :) This is My Ghostly Love. A story of mystery, love and maybe a sacrifice ;) If you are confused about anything, you can PM me about it :P Lets get on with the story, shall we?

Chapter 2 of My Ghostly Love~

Marina: *claps*

*lights completely turn off, except for a single lit candle* *candle suddenly blows out*

Chapter 2

It has been five years already and I still haven't forgotten about that moment in the forest. After I ran away from Scott, I couldn't find the forest anymore. It had disappeared like a genie when all three wishes were used. I even haven't seen Scott anymore! Rumor has it, ever since sophomore year, Scott was said to have transferred after he ditched class with me.

Ever since then the girls who knew me that year have been making my life miserable even now! There were days when they locked me in classrooms, pushed me against walls and beat me up, spread bitchy rumors about me, but I never broke, at least not in front of them. At home I would cry in my room for hours. Staring at the picture of my mom and dad, wishing they were there.

Remember I said there were days where those girls bullied me even until now? Today was one of those days.

Right now the rain was pouring hard like frozen tear drops, and there was a thick fog everywhere. And those bitches stole my umbrella. So now I have to walk home from the university (which was about 1 mile away) in the rain and with no direction. Mind me, but I am very directionally challenged. Now I am walking in the rain with my hood on and my clothes soaking wet. "At least nothing could make this worse right?" I asked myself. I was freaking wrong! I suddenly bumped into the guy who disappeared from the last 5 years of my life, still looking the same as I last saw him. "Scott?" I shouted.

"That's my name," He smirked, "Don't wear it out," He just used the same words he said to me five years ago.

"You haven't changed at all have you?" I asked him. "Even you appearance is exactly the same!" I exclaimed. I forgot about the weather for a moment because I started to sneeze continuously. Oh god, now my vision is getting blurry, black spots are forming around everywhere. Then finally, I was lost in the world of consciousness.


Light poured into the room, opening my eyes I looked around in it. The room I am currently in had dark blue walls and with posters of Simple Plan, Jason Derulo, David Guetta, and some other people I don't know. I stood up from the amazingly comfortable bed and walked to the door, as I stood up I started to feel dizzy but quickly ignored it. Holding on the door handle I was about to open the door until the person behind the door beat me to it. I quickly stepped back to prevent a waiting-to-be crushed toe. But in the process I ended up falling down on my butt. "Trying to escape are we?" I heard a husky voice say above me. Looking up I saw a mess of black hair with a pair of brown irises looking down at me. With the delicious scent of bacon and eggs. "If your not going to stand up anytime soon," he started "I'll eat your food," I couldn't tell if he was joking or not so I jumped up and reached for the plate of food he held out for me.

The way I jumped and took the food must've amused him because I heard him chuckle in that strangely seductive deep voice he had. I don't know but it is still strangely familiar with his high school voice. I mentally shook my head Why the hell am I thinking about the past? I thought. I blankly stared at him.

"What is it?" He asked me. "Is there something on my face?" I shook my head and started to eat my food. "Are you okay?" Confusion was etched onto his face. I nodded my head.

"I'm perfectly fine," I smiled. Then frowned, "What happened to you these last 5 years?" I had to ask him, it's been bother to me ever since I saw him last night. I have to know!

Smiling mysteriously at me, he took a long stride over to me and lifted up my chin. "You have to figure that out Ms. Rose," he winked at me, then leaned closer to my ear. "I seriously love what you are wearing babe," he said to me before blowing in my ear and walking back out of the room. Not knowing what he meant I looked down to see my current attire and saw I was wearing a different shirt and pants than last night. Both were very big on me and put 2 and 2 together. "SCOTT!" I shouted. My face felt hot from the embarrassment. I ran over to Scott who was at the coffee table in the comfort room drinking coffee. "Did you freaking change my clothes!" I half shouted half asked him. My face was burning from anger, then suddenly Scott chuckled in that deep seductive voice again.

"You think I am that much of a perv?" He asked me.

"Sadly I do," I said glaring at him. He started to chuckle again. "Will you stop laughing!" I screeched.

He walked up to me again and flicked my forehead. "Don't worry babe, I didn't change your clothes." He said. "My neighbor - who is a girl - did," he told me reassuringly. I sighed and sat down on a chair by the coffee table and rested my head on my arms.

I looked at him strangely, "Why do you call me babe?" I asked him. He smiled coldly at me and did that 'come over here' motion with his fingers. I bent closer to him and he did the most cliche thing in history...

He bit my ear.

I screeched and quickly sat up straight while holding my ear. "Why the hell did you do that?" I asked him.

"Because," He stated. "You smell so good I wanted to see if you tasted good as well," he winked at me and twirled a piece of my hair on his finger. "You're a loud girl aren't you." he said more statement than a question.

"Only when I need to be," I snapped at him. Why am I being so hostile to him? I asked myself. I shook my head and held his hand that was playing with my hair. "Where are my clothes?" I asked him, I bent my head down so I won't look into his captivating big brown eyes.

"I'll them for you babe," he said in a monotone. He pulled his hand out from mine, stood up, and walked into another room. I stared at him sadly. What's with me? I asked myself He is just a guy from high school, nothing more I tried to convince myself but it wasn't working. Scott came back to the comfort room and tossed my clothes to me.

"Thanks..." I mumbled. "I'll just change and give yo-"

"You can keep them babe," he said. He smiled that smile with no emotions again. Now I just felt like my heart was about to break into a million pieces right then and there.

I smiled back, "Do you go to the university?" I asked him, he shook his head.

"I was just visiting someone," he told me. I nodded.

"See you next time Judens," I said smiling as I still remember his last name. "Hope to see you again?" I asked him still smiling. He smiled back with a little bit more enthusiasm.

"Hope to see you again too Rose," He said. I still wonder why he's like this... I thought, then I opened the door to the outside world, bright and happy the was today and walked out the door. Missing the last words Scott had said.

"Let's hope time will show the truth babe," He said answering my unasked question before the door closed on it's own.

Loveless: And that concludes Chapter 2 of My Ghostly Love :)

Marina: How did the door close on it's own? And how did I not hear those last words!

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*place becomes completely dark*