"I'm tired."

"You're tired?"

"I'm tired."

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?"

"Nothing, really."

"Okay then."

"...Can you tell me a bedtime story?"

"A bedtime story? How old are you, six?"

"Can you?"

"I can..."

"Will you?"

"Sure. What about?"

"It can be about anything. Just something to lull me to sleep, I guess."

"Okay then. Once upon a time, there was, uh, a girl."

"A girl?"

"A girl."

"There's a lot of girls in the world."

"Well, this is my bedtime story and she's my bedtime story girl. She's a very pretty girl."

"Everybody's pretty in bedtime stories."

"Didn't you want me to tell you a story?"

"Fine. Sorry. Keep going."

"So, uh, there was a girl. A very pretty girl."


"And one day this girl met a guy and they - "

"Fell in love?"

"Not exactly. Falling in love is a tricky thing to do. Let's say they fell in like."

"They fell in like. Okay."

"So they fell in like and they were in like with each other and, for the most part, everything was good in the world."

"For the most part?"

"Well, nothing's ever going to be completely good in the world."

"So what happened to everything being good in the world? What messed it up?"

"Sometimes the girl was insecure. Sometimes the guy was scared."

"This is a really weird bedtime story."

"Do you want me to stop, then?"

"No, keep going. I kind of like it."

"Okay then. They didn't really know that they were in like at first. Maybe a part of them knew, but it wouldn't reveal itself that easily."

"Did they ever fall out of like?"

"Sometimes, they thought they did. But falling out of like is harder than that."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Things like that are powerful, you know. They keep people bound together when there's nothing tying them up. So they struggled... but they had each other."

"So, what happened next?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean, you don't know!"

"The story's not done yet."

"But that's not fair! You can't just go and leave me hanging like that."

"It's not my fault I don't know how the story ends."

"You made it!"

"Did I?"

"... Will I ever know what happens?"

"Tell you what. When the story's done, you'll know. Goodnight, love."