Only God

by Aiden Rose

Only God sees

The tears she cries alone,

Her sorrow only shows

When no one else is home.

Only God hears

The words she often speaks,

The things she only says

When everyone's asleep.

Only God knows

The way she feels inside,

There are just some things

She'll always have to hide.

A/N: I wrote this over a year ago, but I still felt very strongly about it when I came across it earlier today so I decided to post it. With the last day of school rapidly approaching, emotions are running high for me and my friends because, thanks to the new high school that was built this past year, the schools have all been rezoned and we will yet again be separated after becoming so attached to each other. I dedicate this one to xXxCookiexXx (I know you're reading this, don't pretend like you're not), because, yes, I get the feeling more than you will ever understand. As always, reviewers get waffles, flamers get mocked and pelted with sporks! ~Aiden Rose