Devil's Diet


Feed the masses, watch them come

Women, children- everyone

Not to sit at Jesus' feet

Or be fed with Scripture's meat

They might laugh, and they might cry.

They might gaze with awe-struck eye

But not at that precious cleansing Flood

Although they're struck by sight of blood.


Feed the masses, watch them fall

Let the storyline enthrall

Not for wisdom in the plot

But because a man gets shot

Their pulses beat, quickened in pace

They love the fights, the girl, the race

And everything that's on the screen

Defines to them what life must mean.


Feed the masses, through the mill

Let the devil have his fill

He sowed his tares among the wheat

And laps their blood from every seat

Truth's Gift rejected. They chose a lie

For sake of their addiction's high.

God hardens hearts, and theirs are stained

Because they loved being entertained.