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When I was little I remember my mom would read me fairytales. There was always that one girl who had such a hard life and worked extremely hard and in the end there was a handsome prince that would sweep her off her feet and make her life worth living. When I was little I believed in fairytales, I believed if I tried hard enough, if I put all my heart and soul into something it would just easily come to me.

Yet what the fairytales don't tell you is the underline story, the story between the lines where the girl inside is lonely, her voice isn't always magical and she doesn't always look perfect. That the prince isn't always charming and that end of the story doesn't end with 'and they lived happily ever after' yeah when mom read those stories she never told me that part. Yet I also think when she read those books she never thought I would be where I am now, no one would have assumed I would be here.

"Cayson!" I cringe at my own name. I never in my life thought the sound of my own name would make me want to curl into a ball and die right there but somehow he accomplished it. Somehow he made me feel weak.

"Yes," weak, my own voice sounds so weak and strained and again that feeling of sickness rises in my throat.

"Are you ready?" his hand lands on my glistening shoulder and I nod.

Of course I'm ready, I can never not be ready because if I do I get in trouble for it, I get reminded of who made me, who created me and who made my life what it is and that person is Jeff Downs.

In my world he is like the devil, the devil I sold my soul to so I could become who I wanted. His heavy build and salt and pepper hair, his crooked tooth in the front that has a slight chip mark you seem to focus on, the dark eyes that only the devil can have and a smile that never seems genuine. Jeff Downs scares me and he will remind me on way to many occasions of why that is and sadly I can't say anything because even with the fear he puts in me, he does own me.

"Great!" he doesn't lift his eyes from his phone as he scratches the side of his neck, a strong habit of his that takes place when he goes to long without the one thing that relaxes him. "You look perfect doll," his name for me that makes me ill inside. How one person can take such an innocent term and make you feel dirty is beyond me. "Now you're up," he grabs tight onto my arm lifting me from my seat and pulling me towards the dark curtain.

I can already hear the music filtering into the back, the smell of smoke and deep laughter of the people behind. I feel the cringe run up my spine at the thought of them looking at me, judging me and touching me makes me. Makes me cringe and I hate myself for what I have become but its life, the life I picked, the life I let Jeff pick for me and when he thrust me into the room I hate myself a little more.

My job is simple, it's not difficult, it's not greatly thought out or hard to understand, in short terms all I am is a prostitute. Now the other girls hear that or Jeff and I get told quickly how untrue that is, how there is nothing wrong with what I do but there is. I get paid to walk around a room in a tight outfit, flirt with the people around and hope to go home with one for a bonus that I normally don't even get to keep. Yet everyone around assumes just because the men here are wealthy, CEOs, Vice Presidents and Presidents of a company it makes it less of a prostitute but I don't care how nice their car is or how expensive their suits are if they pay me that's what I am and sadly I think that is what I will always be.

Walking up the black steps on the stage, the blinding light burns my eyes but I don't dare blink. I keep my head straight; I walk towards the pole that is in the center of the stage and wrap my small hand around as I do a slow spin. I ignore the comments, the whistles and the lust filled eyes; I just glance around the room, see the man Jeff walks behind and nods at and then focus on the back wall.

He has been picked, Jeff has chosen and now I have to wait the time of my song to end before walking over and introducing myself. And sadly as the music plays throughout the dark club all I think is that the song is not long enough.

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