"If you don't stop smiling, I swear I'm going to punch you in the face," Mila states and I roll my eyes as I send off the text.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to," I apologize, biting hard on my lip to stop the silly grin; however, when the message comes in I fail.

'Tell me their red…'

"This boy," I roll my eyes as I respond once again. Cutting my eyes up to watch the group around me before glancing back down a moment.

"So…." She drags out and flips her hair back, it hitting me in the face, I'm sure to prove her point. She wants me to pay attention. But I'm having issues. Ezra is texting me and every time he texts me I lose complete focus of everything going on around me. We haven't gone out yet…well not officially. We text all day, every day and he does come in to get breakfast like he always does, though I told him no more huge unworthy tips.

It makes me feel weird. So many times do I go out, get dined and entertain some guy to have him toss cash at me at the end of the night. I don't want that with Ezra, though he doesn't realize he is doing it, I still don't want to feel like that.

But for the last two weeks all we do is talk. And I swear I've embarrassingly told him more things than I've told most people and I have no clue why. I just…just for some reason trust him.

"Guess what I read today?" she wonders digging through her purse and I shrug having no idea what she read. Mila is into those silly gossip magazines, they entertain her to know how screwed up other people are. However, that doesn't entertain my much, I truly don't care.

"What?" I slide my phone into my pocket and look ahead of me. Watching the little blonde bounce down the slide. Smiling when she flashes me that crocked smile and waves. "Hi…" I wave back before she runs back up the steps.

"Look who is New York's most eligible bachelor," a magazine drops in my lap and my eyes widened. "He along with some very sexy athletes are listed in here. Along with a few shirtless pictures. Will be honest, snuck a peak," she smirks and I lift the magazine swearing my jaw is on the ground. Flipping it open and flipping through the pages to locate his article.

"Ezra Montgomery voted top bachelor on the list New York's Sexiest Singles under Thirty," I read and swear I might vomit in a bush. "Montgomery, one of the top architects in the Northern region. At just twenty eight, he is worth more than 9.4 million, along with what he could receive when he gets his families money!" my eyes widened even more that he comes from a wealthy family. Big freaking shock there, of course he would. "From one of the richest families in the south, Montgomery moved to New York not long after college, stating 'I wanted to experience life. For once I didn't want to be seen as the Montgomery's oldest son. I love my family but I wanted to make my own name. My own money'," scanning my eyes through the article to get the gist I grumble at the last line. "When asked why he hasn't settled down and marry he said 'I know what I want, I go after what I want. Just haven't found what I want yet.'"

"Looks like he finally has," Mila knocks my shoulder and I groan cutting my eyes up at her.

"This isn't funny," I say but she just lets out a laugh. "It's not!"

"Cays relax. It's not that big of a deal. We always assumed he had money…"

"I don't care about his money Mila. I care that all of the world is supposedly waiting for this guy to marry!"

"Don't be so dramatic…" she flips her hair from her eyes and my eyes narrow on her. I know she doesn't get it, she wouldn't at all. Yet, Ezra is what seems to be a tabloid dream boy. Mr. Good Looking with the great job and family, looking for that perfect girl. I'm the furthest from the perfect girl. "Look, you two haven't even gone on a date yet."

"And I don't think we will now…" I toss the magazine on her lap and frown. And with perfect timing my phone starts buzzing alerting me of a text.

'Come to dinner with me tonight. I want to spend real time with you…not just phone talks…'

"That him?" she glances over my shoulder and I give her the phone, knowing I can't send back now. "Cayson…" she frowns and I just shake my head growling. "He likes you…"

"He doesn't know me…"

"But he wants to," she shrugs and I frown a little biting my lip. "Look at it this way…he came in and ate what might be a heart attack on a plate regularly in hopes you might tell him your name," she reminds me and I cut my eyes up at her. "He said he goes after what he wants…won't you at least give him a chance to find out if that is you?"

"My life is complicated Mil," I cut my eyes across the park and she sighs.

"It wasn't any less complicated before you read that article," she shrugs showing a very good point. "Plus, did you see those pictures?" she tries to lighten the mood and flips back open to his profile. "You have to play with that some and tell me what it's like," she pouts, the photo revealing a very shirtless Ezra smiling as he randomly holds some…garden tool or something.

"He does have a very nice body…" I agree, swearing he might have one of the best bodies of any guy I've seen. It's just so…chiseled.

"Nice like I want to lick his abs," she states and I let out a loud laugh rolling my eyes.

"Down girl…he might be my possible boy," I remind her and she slowly smiles.

"So you're going to tell him yes?" she brings her shoulders up excited like this was somehow her date.

"Yes, I'll say yes…"

"Good! Because I already text him back…" she informs me and my eyes widened. "What? I figured worst case scenario you don't go, I show up mend his broken heart and we have amazing sex on the bathroom counter," she shrugs like it's so casual that would actually happen.

"Why do I put up with you?"

"Uh, because I'm the reason you're going to having amazing sex on the bathroom counter," she reasons standing up. "Use protection," she winks before skipping off and I roll my eyes.

"That girl is too much. Way too much," I shake my head at my friend but again feel my phone going off.

'Great. See you tonight ;)'

"My god," I groan looking at myself in the mirror. "I can't wear this…"

"What? Why?" Mila flips over on her back with a long groan. "You look great…as you did in the last six outfits…"

"I have to look perfect Mil," I toss a look over at her as I hold up another outfit. "I mean…I haven't been on a date in…god…I don't even know," I let out a dry laugh. Yet, that is true. I don't consider what those men, use that term loosely, take me on as dates. I don't know what they are but definitely not dates. "I want everything perfect because as we both know he is perfect…clearly…"

"I completely regret showing you that article…" she shakes her head. "I was just trying to be funny. Like a ha-ha funny…"

"Ha-ha funny," the little blonde mocks as she bounces on the bed. "I think you look like a princess," she informs me and I smile moving toward her.

"Thank you baby," I ease down on the bed and tug her small body in my lap. "Maybe I should just stay in with you…"

"No…" Mila holds up her finger at me and I roll my eyes.


"You never go out Cayson and this guy likes you," she reminds me and I frown toying with Cadi's hair. "And did you see those abs?" she teases and I let out a laugh.

"They were pretty perfect," I agree looking up at her. "Ok…" I twist my mouth and drop a kiss to Cadi's soft hair. "Ok, I'll go…"

"Yay!" Cadi claps her hands excited like she actually understands what we are agreeing too.

"Yeah," I shake my head and squeeze her tight. "But what about Cadi? What do I tell him?" I wonder because I'm even unsure of how to handle this whole situation. I never thought about how I would handle this situation.

"I think…maybe…" she pulled in a long breath running her hand over Cadi's hair. "Maybe that conversation is for date number four…" she suggests and I slowly nod in agreement.

"Ok…" I stand up and smooth out my shirt. "Sure this looks ok?" I glance down at my outfit a little nervous. I don't know where we are going. He just said dinner but I don't know what that means. I don't know if that means fancy dinner, drive thru dinner, dinner at his place or…god with a hobo, which I doubt would be the case. But still, how am I supposed to know how to dress if he doesn't give me an idea.

"I think you look perfect," Cadi's blue eyes sparkle at me and I smile, knowing that that answer is enough for me. Even if I'm considered under dressed, I'm keeping this outfit.

"Thank you," I walk over and kiss the top of her head and lift her up for a hug. "Oh god, that's him," I tense up when I hear the doorbell go off. "Shoot…" I grow nervous as I look back at myself.

"Look, don't be so nervous. It's just a date. I mean, look at it this way. You don't like the guy you at least get something good to eat," she points out and I let out a small dry laugh.

"Good point…"

"Just try to have fun Cays," she stands up and takes Cadi from me. "Just be young…"

"Young…" I ran my hands over my dress and nod and let out a long breath. "Ok, I'll be home later ok?"

"Or don't, either or…" she smirks and I roll my eyes.

"I'll be home later," I repeat, grabbing my sweater and pulling it on. "Call me if you need anything…"

"Say bye Cadi…"

"Bye…" her voice super sweet as she gives me a wave and blows me a kiss.

"Bye…" I pause a moment longer before turning on my feet and out the door. Feeling my hands shake as I twist the handle and open the door to reveal the man on the other side. "Hi…"

"Hi…" he smiles and I swear it lights up his entire face. I've never met anyone who has a smile like his. I've noticed it a few times when he came in and talked to just…anyone. It reaches his eyes and when those eyes are looking at you and he smiles, you swear you feel like the most important person ever. "Ready to go?" he asks and I nod biting on my lip and slowly closing the door behind me.

"You look nice," I glance over at his jeans and black t-shirt and relax completely at my outfit. It just being a simple white sundress with a gray sweater.

"Well thank you," his smile again returns and my body literally tingles all over. "You look pretty great yourself, but I'm sure you already know that," he pushes the elevator button and I just blush as we step inside.

"My god that was delicious," I toss my napkin on my now empty plate and rest my hand on my fat full belly.

"I thought you might like it," again he gives me that smile as he finishes up his pie. We came to this small diner on the other side of town. It's tiny, I swear fits enough for six tables, but it's probably some of the best food I've ever eaten. Plus, to add to the food there is some pie. Like twelve different kinds. I went with hot apple with a scoop of ice cream…Ezra got this chocolate pie thing with whip cream and chocolate shavings on top. It also looking pretty delicious. "I come here a lot to get away…"

"From?" I wonder and he shrugs a little.

"Just life… my family is from the south and live in this small town. My mom owned a diner like this one and when I would get out of school, I'd always stop by and do my work there. So it's kinda like being home again."

"Is that why you come into where I work so often?" I raise a brow and bring my coffee up for a sip.

"No, I came in there so often to get you to actually talk to me," he informs me and I roll my eyes.

"I talk to you every time," I object because I did. There was never one time he was there that I didn't talk to him.

"Yeah, talk to me about my food order or let me know the special and then move on. I used to think I was so special getting a few refill on coffee until I saw you give trucker Earl the same thing," he teases and I laugh biting my lip lean on the table.

"Well…I've never had pie with Earl…"

"Well least we will always have pie," he smirks, dipping his spoon in the pie and lifting it up for me to take a bite.

"Mmm…that's amazing," I lick my lips as I swallow the cool treat. "Should have gotten that…"

"You can get it next time," he shrugs and my heart does a flip in my chest at that. That he is saying he as of now is hoping for a next time. "So…are you ready to go?" he asks and I nod as he tosses some cash on the table and stands up. "Bye Mary," he calls over at the older woman who waited on us, reaching behind him and taking my hand and pulling me close.

"Bye, honey. See you next time…" she winks.

"Well aren't you just popular with all the ladies," I tease when we step out into the cool air.

"Jealous?" he jokes and I roll my eyes as we start down the walkway.

"Surprisingly no," I inform him because I'm not. Even though I've noticed the looks he receives since we been out it doesn't seem to bother me. Girls stare at him, they stared while we walked to the diner, they stared as we ate and they are even staring now as we walk back to the car. However, Ezra doesn't seem to notice. Even with all the girls or women around, he just gives me his complete attention, hanging on every word I'm saying. "I don't know if I like you enough to get jealous," I tease and he lets out a loud chuckle.

"Wound my ego," he holds his hand to his heart and I grin. Damn he is cute. "But…what have you got planned for the rest of the night?"

"Nothing…why?" I sway toward him and flip my eyes up to meet his.

"Well I honestly didn't plan this far ahead," he confesses and I laugh a little. "I figured dinner and then taking you home, but…"

"But what?" I take a step closer and feel my heart race.

"But I don't want to take you home yet," he admits and I swear his cheeks turn a cute shade of pink by admitting that. "I want to spend more time with you…"

"Well…" I spin on my heel and off the curb, walking over and leaning against his nice little truck. "What do you suggest we do about that?"

"I don't have a clue," he shuffles his hands in his pockets, nervously bouncing on his feet. "I don't want to be that asshole who suggests going back to his place. That just always looks bad and tacky," he moves toward me and stands in front of me.


"Because it gives the assumption I'm expecting something…or that is why I asked you out when it's the furthest from the truth," he reaches to brush my hair back and my skin tingles when his fingers graze my cheek.

"What is the truth?" my heart races a bit as I look into those gorgeous blue eyes.

"That I like talking to you," he shrugs and I slowly nod biting my lower lip. "And I don't want to do something stupid to mess whatever this is up…"

"Well…" I breathe out a long breath and give a light shrug. "If we both agree on that, we are safe to just go back to your place and maybe watch a movie."

"I have a lot of movies," he tells me and I laugh a little at how much he lit up a bit about that. "I'll let you pick…"

"You better," I wink opening his car door and climbing inside. Sending him a smirk as he rolls his eyes and shuts the door and walks to the driver side.

"This is your house?" I let out a dry laugh as we enter the enormous home. Not that I should be surprised, being as I just read this morning how much damn money he has. I wasn't really sure where we were heading after we left the diner. We drove for a good half hour before we turned down an old dark road with not many homes off it. At first I thought he was leading me to a murder.

"Yeah…" he walks inside and tosses his keys in the small basket by the door. "I'm an architect," he explains and I give him a look like that wasn't something I knew. "So I spent…god years pulling pieces of what I wanted. Started with the kitchen, moved onto living room, then bedroom. Then you know all the little extra rooms," he tells me as he walks down the three steps into his large open living room. "Not that I would force her to live here, but I just figured when I started a family and got married this would be the home we lived in. Never really planned on moving again," he explains and that does make sense. I'm sure anyone would love to live here.

"It being so big, doesn't it get kinda scary quiet and lonely?" I wonder knowing I would go insane living in this large house alone.

"It's quiet, but I don't really get lonely," he explains walking over and yanking his back door open. "Coop!" he yells out the back door and hits the light it revealing probably the most gorgeous backyard I've ever seen. His back wall is completely glass so you see right out into the large green yard that is covered with lights, has a porch with a grill and chairs and around the porch is a garden box with gorgeous colorful flowers.

Many paths that lead into the woods and from here you can see that it has a large lake in the very back. Of course there is a small lake. And on its way up the path is a large chocolate lab that I swear could eat me.

"Hey boy," Ezra grins, knelling down and running his hand over the large dog who all but curls his entire body into him. "This is Cooper," he informs me and I nod, nervously standing by the couch. "He usually keeps me company. Doesn't talk back, sometimes a perk," he jokes and I let out a laugh. "Coop can you say hi?" he wonders and my eyes widen when the large dog's eyes lock onto mine.

I'm not afraid of dogs. I mean, they are adorable and awesome and I really like them. If my apartment lets me and I was home more I might have one. However, I like I'm sure many people, always have that moment of panic when a dog meets you for the first time. That panic that he might jump on you, knock you to the ground and his little…well they aren't little, but his paws scrape you to death.

"He won't hurt ya," Ezra almost reads my mind as he nods his head for me to come over. "He's almost nine years old, he knows better than to jump."

"He's really pretty," I slowly move over and nervously run my hand over his head. Him I swear smiling at me as he rolls his head into my head. "You have him a long time?"

"Since he was a puppy. My parents originally got him for my sister but she grew out of wanting him when he stopped being able to hold. So after I moved into my own place after college he game with me. Been with me ever since," he stands up as Cooper slowly sniffs me. I guess waiting to get his approval before giving a lick to my leg and walking back on the patio. "Sorry…that's kinda his way of saying he likes you."

"It's all good. Probably likes my lotion," I shrug, it not being a big deal. "It's warm sugar vanilla."

"Hmm…good to know," he smirks and I laugh pushing his chest and stepping outside.

"God, this is beautiful," I breathe in the crisp air and look around the yard. "I bet it's awesome sitting out here and drinking coffee every morning."

"Yeah…mellows you out," he steps beside me and I cut my eyes over at him and he smiles. "I'm thinking about putting in one of those bench swings over there," he holds my gaze a moment longer before pointing over where he means. It being placed between two large trees that would shade that perfectly. "But I don't know yet…"

"That would be awesome. Bet it would be nice during the summer," I point out and he nods as I step down the stone steps and toward the edge of the large pool. "You use this thing a lot?" I glance over my shoulder at him, slipping my shoe off and dipping it into the surprisingly warm water.

"No, I've honestly think I've been in it maybe five times," he announces and I whip around to face him.

"Seriously? How long have you lived here?"

"I don't know…six years," he shrugs and I swear my mouth is on the ground.

"If I had a pool, I would be in it every day," I let him know and he slowly smiles.

"Is that so?"

"Yes! I haven't been in a pool since I've moved here…which was probably five years ago," I explain, still shocked he's only been in it five times. That just sounds ridiculous to me.

"You haven't been in a pool in five years?" his blonde brow raises and I shake my head no. "Want to get in now?" he suggests and my eyes widen a bit glancing down at my outfit. "My sister has an extra bathing suit she left her awhile back. Clean and everything…but you might be a little smaller than her…"

"You really want to go swimming with me?" I kink a brow and he shrugs.

"Movie, swimming. Either works for me."

"Swimming," I all but squeal, moving quickly back over to him. Honestly, not wanting to admit I really want to see him shirtless. See how photo-shopped those pictures really were.

"Alright," he chuckles. "Let me just feed Coop and I'll grab you the suit," he heads back inside and I quickly follow, honestly really excited. To me swimming is just like being a silly teenager again. I used to swim all the time back home, me and my closet friends would go on night swims and sneak into the local pool. I miss those days.

"So tell me Pool Boy," I tease as I move around the water. It feeling so awesome. I swear it's like bath water. "Do you really love what you do?" I wonder as I lean against the wall. We've been in the pool for about half an hour and I've liked it. There is just this…comforting feeling I get around him. Even if we are sharing a silence it's not awkward like you get with most first dates. He talks and I listen and then I talk and he listens. I like that. And as crazy as it sounds I like him.

Oh also…he wasn't photo-shopped. Mila would be losing her mind right now.

"I actually do," he nods moving back over toward the small round hot tub that drains into the pool and sticks his head in. He told me we could go in it when it heated up, however took a bit for that to happen. Doesn't really bother me, the pool is pretty warm. Though I will admit I do enjoy a hot tub.

"With this house, I bet you do…" I tease a little taking a sip of my beer.

"Well, that doesn't suck," he agrees moving back toward me. "But since I was little this was what I wanted to do. Back home my dad was a doctor and his dad was a doctor and my brother is a doctor and they all expected me to be one but I just wasn't into it."


"I don't know. I mean, I hate blood. Grosses me out," he says and I let out a laugh. "And vomit, that is gross. If I see someone vomit I start too. Which I assume would be bad working in a hospital…"

"One would assume," I laugh and feel my body tingle when he moves his way in front of me.

"But it just wasn't my thing. My dad wasn't exactly happy about it, but he and I don't always see eye to eye," he tells me and I watch as a look of pain flashes over him before he quickly shakes it off. "But I finally moved to New York because I got an internship with Stephens. It was supposed to just be a year, but I worked my ass off and slowly climbed up the ladder. Took me almost ten years but I did and now because of it, I guess I have this."

"Least you worked your ass off young and you can enjoy all this for a while."

"Yeah, but it gets hard sometimes. When the economy tanks the last thing people want is new homes and buildings. So we've had a very dips where I went a year and didn't make really anything. But that's just a life of an architect."

"Well…I think you must be a pretty damn good one if you made this," I glance at the home still a little in awe of it. "Think I might even let you design my future house."

"Oh really?" he gives me a teasing grin and I nod.

"Oh yeah. You seem to do a decent job," I joke, loving that sparkle in his pale blue eyes. "Probably going to have to give me thirty years to afford you but I will definitely give you the chance to have the job."

"Oh how kind of you."

"I have been told I'm the sweetest," I let him know and his gaze locks onto mine.

"I bet…" he whispers out and I nervously bite my lip as he moves closer to me. His leg just grazing mine and I tingle all over. He hasn't really touched me, which I like. I mean, I don't like it, but I like he isn't all handsy. Yes, he held my hand when we left the diner and placed his hand on my back as I walked in the house, but other than that not really anything.

It's so different than most guys I'm around. Usually they are trying to cop a feel under a table in public, but not Ezra. He's been very much the gentlemen and I like that. Yet, I would be lying to everyone if I didn't admit I want him to kiss me.

"But umm…" he runs his arms over the water and moves back and I release a sigh. "Want to get in the hot tub?" he asks, sitting his beer on the side of the pool.

"Sure…" I frown a little, following him and taking his hand as he eases me into the warm water. It stinging just a moment before I sink into it and start to enjoy it. I love hot water. "Ok, I was wrong. This feels amazing," I rest my head back and close my eyes as I water tickles up my neck.

"Yeah…" he runs his hand over his hair making it stick up in a million different directions and I laugh.

"Your hair looks awesome," I tease, pushing off the seat and moving toward him. "Here…" I ease in front of him and run my hand through it and fix it. "There we go," I smile and glance down at him and release just how close I made us. My left knee resting on the ledge beside him as the other stands straight and leans against his knee. Running my hand down from his hair and down his shoulder I grip it as I look down at him.

His strong arm coming around my waist and tugging me so I collapse in his lap. Brushing my hair back, his thumb and finger trap my chin and I swallow hard.

"You're so damn beautiful," he whispers out and my heart stops a sudden beat.

"No I'm not…" tumbles out almost on instinct and he lets out a dry laugh.

"Yeah you are," he gets out before lifting his chin to catch his mouth on mine. A slight gasp passing my lips before I add more pressure to our kiss. His hand sliding into the back of my hair and gripping tight and my whole body tingles. I love that. I have no clue why. It's not a hair pull, I'm not into hair pull. But that strong tight grip guys do right in the back of your hair…I swear gets me every time.

Shifting my body in his lap, I readjust and let my hands come up from the water to frame his face. Pulling him closer, if possible, I nip at his bottom lip and feel him growl against my lips. Letting out a small giggle, I part mine and feel his tongue quickly curl around mine. Suddenly getting lost in kissing this boy, until a loud bark breaks it up. Both us pulling back panting and glancing over to see Cooper standing up and watching us, giving us a weird look before walking around in a circle and laying back down on his bed.

"Asshole," Ezra grumbles and I laugh before looking back at him. "He is such an attention whore. If he isn't getting any he because a big douche."

"I'm sorry," I run my fingers over his lips and let out a giggle when he bites the tip of my finger. "Ezra," I tug it back and he chuckles. "Can I be honest with you about something?" I wonder feeling my heart race.

"I usually prefer when people are honest with me."

"I wasn't going to do this…was going to wait a little bit but I just…I never expected to like you this much," I confess and his brows pull together.

"For the love of god please don't be a dude," he says and his eyes quickly dart downward and I let out a loud laugh.

"I am not a dude," I shake my head at him and he lets out a sigh of relief.

"Thank god, because I'd kick your ass," he tells me with that halfway grin.

"Don't worry, I'm all girl," I let him know. "But…I do have another part of me," I tell him and his eyes widened and if this conversation wasn't so serious I'd laugh. "I have a daughter, Ezra. I'm a mom," I tell him and hold my breath as I wait for a responds to that. Most people get freaked out by it. They act like I told them I had two heads or something.

"Umm…" he opens his mouth and shuts it back quickly. I honestly hoping it's not because he is about to freak out but more he wants to word whatever he is about to say right. "How old is she?"

"Three," I tell him. "Close to four. Her name is Cadi."

"Why didn't you mention something earlier? I mean, with all the times we text and talk. When I picked you up, was she there?" he asks and I slowly nod. "Why didn't you say something?"

"Because sometimes people don't handle it well," I offer a shrug. "And they can sometimes be mean about it. I mean, I'm twenty two. Got pregnant when I was barely eighteen and wasn't married. People don't always say the nicest things. Wasn't going to open myself up to that with you, until I knew you were worth the risk of it. However, I've spent one night with you and I already really like you. Figured if I waited until the fifth date my feelings would be really strong and it would hurt a lot more if you decide you don't want to see me anymore."

"I don't understand, why would that decide anything?" he asks and I look at him confused. "Cayson, I'm not a kid anymore," he tells me like I'm not aware of that. "I'm twenty eight, I like to see myself as decently mature. I'm not in that stage where I go out every night and get smashed and hang with friends and be stupid. At this point in my life I'm looking for serious," he says and I bite hard on my lip as I feel my heart speed up. "And I honestly, didn't want to get so serious with you on our first date and freak you out, but at the same time I want you to know that is the last thing that would bother me."

"Oh my god," I whine a little pull back from him. "You are perfect…"

"I'm not perfect," he laughs grabbing my hand and tugging me back into him. "I'm the furthest from perfect…"

"Well…can I tell you something else then?"

"Still not a guy?"

"No, not a guy," I laugh and he nods for me to continue then. "I almost…cancelled on you tonight."

"What? Why?"

"Because Mila and I were at hanging out today and she showed me something," I tell him as I nervously trace a pattern on his freckles that dance across his collar bone.

"And that was?"

"That I'm out with New York's most eligible bachelor," my eyes nervously trail up to his.

"Oh god, you read that?"

"Yeah…made me a little nervous," I tell him honestly. "Dating is hard enough without knowing all of New York wants to know about it."

"I hate that stupid thing," he groans shaking his head. "I honestly don't even know how I got voted it. I don't know how one gets in the running for it. I think it was more my parents. They have a lot of pull places and can't figure out how I'm not married with kids yet. My oldest brother is married with four and he is just thirty two. My twenty eight they assumed I would have at least two since I'm such a catch," he mocks a line in the article and I giggle some.

"Well I'm glad you aren't, because I kinda like you," I shrug, and lean to rest my head against his.

"I kinda like you too," he agrees before leaning up and catching my mouth back with his. However, this time ignoring when Cooper barked his objection.

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