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"More to the left."

I gritted my teeth and did what he told me to do.


Trying to bite back my frustration, I let out my pent up emotions on his arm massaging as hard as possible.

"Agh." He groaned. "Gently!"

"Sorry." I muttered.

"Sorry?" He replied inquiringly.

I rolled my large blue gray eyes.

"Sorry master."


So you're probably wondering why in the world would I be massaging some overgrown prick so submissively, right? Well if not, you should. Cause never in my 16 years of living would I have ever thought that something like this would occur. Ever. This was something that could only occur in a movie or something, but as luck would have it enough, it happened to me. Yes, I, Lena Park became the personal maid of England's top model, the one and only Denzel Murray. Well, I guess that's only a tiny bit of the problem in my massively hapless life. Oh. You don't know what I mean? Alright let me go back about two weeks, the date of my birthday.

2 weeks ago

"Mom, I'm back."

The sound of giggling and chit chatter immediately diminished into an icy silence and I reluctantly walked into the living room.

"What took you so long?" She snapped and I didn't bother to respond knowing that she'd go on and on about what a useless daughter she has. Absolute riveting stuff. Instead I passed the plastic bag to her, "Here's the cucumbers."

Gemma snorted. "You're asking her to cut it herself? And you call yourself your daughter. If you came late, the least you could do is chop it for us."

I bit my lips and glared at her when my mom slapped me. "How dare you glower at the young miss! Apologize to her at once."

"I'm sorry." I muttered, my cheeks stinging. My mom immediately turned back to Gemma and stroked her long, silky blonde hair gently. "Ah, young miss, if I could have you as my daughter instead, how happy I'd be."
Ignoring the thick sensation in my throat, I steadily peeled the cucumbers and chopped into little round circles.
Gemma giggled. "Nanny, you should just marry my daddy. Then you'll be my real mom!"

My mom gave a demure smile, "You can't say that young miss. Your father still hasn't got over your late mother."

Gemma gave a lazy sigh as she bit into one of the cucumbers. "It's been 17 years, he ought to find a new love now. But I guess I kind of understand. It must be difficult to find a woman as beautiful as my mom."

She looked at the huge portrait which was one of the many evidences of her statement. I found myself looking up too even though my mom told me to never look at the picture. Andrea Stark was one of the top models of UK until she gave up her career to be a mom and a wife. The photo portrayed what kind of woman she was perfectly. Large ocean blue eyes bright with laughter, long curly brown hair flowing in the wind, and a careless smile radiated her face. I smiled back and thought about what Mr. Stark told me when I was little. I looked very much like her.

"I'm so lucky to be her daughter." Gemma gushed. "People tell me I look like her all the time."

My mom gave her an adoring smile before turning to me coldly.

"Hurry up and pass us the cucumbers!" My mom scolded and I passed the bowl to her. She then gingerly placed the cucumbers on Gemma's face.

"Young miss you will look radiant at your party today. I wish you the happiest birthday."

Even though this happened every year I can't help the swell of disappointment wash over my heart. It's my birthday too but she didn't give me a second glance.

Gemma grinned. "Of course. And apparently Denzel's coming also. I can't wait." she let out a dreamy sigh before glowering at me.

"What're you still doing here anyways? We don't need you here anymore."

I bit back a retort and rose up from the floor ready to go to my room when a booming voice stopped me. "Now that won't be necessary."

"Daddy!" squealed Gemma. She jumped up dropping the cucumbers everywhere and ran to him.

My mom rose and gave a small bow and I followed.

Mr. Stark was a thin, tired looking man. Even though he was beaming it was obvious in his gray eyes that he hadn't been sleeping. His Dolce Gabanna tux hung over his thin frame and the large gold ring on his finger looked as if it will fall off any time. I tried to look as blank faced as possible but I felt my eyes betray my pity. He gave my mom a small wave and a wary smile to me which I returned. Unlike Gemma, Mr. Stark was a sweet man.

"Hello princess." he said engulfing her in a hug. "Happy Birthday." he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, wrapped box.

Gemma giggled excitedly ripping the poor wrapping paper into shreds. She gasped. "Oh daddy! It's beautiful!"

My mom stepped up curious to what it was and gave a small smile of delight.

"Why Gemma, it's what you wanted all this time!" Gemma gently pulled out a thin silver chain which had a finger nail sized diamond in the shape of a flower. Gemma planted a kiss on Mr. Stark's cheeks before putting the necklace back in the box.

"I'll wear it tonight!" She ran into her room and I found myself standing awkwardly between my mom and Mr. Stark.

"Well," I began. "I need to go and change so I can get to work. So, I'll make my exit sir."

"Wait." He ordered. He reached into his pocket again and pulled out yet another box wrapped in the palest of mint and I found myself awestruck. Mr. Stark had gotten me a present. He walked up to me and gently picked up my hand and placed the box into my fingers.

"Sir, that isn't necessary!" My mom protested.

"Nonsense! A girl's 16 birthday is as important as her marriage." He chuckled.

I found myself beaming and he gave a small wink. "Happy birthday Lena."

I gave another bow and felt a rush of gratitude. My mom looked suspiciously at our exchange and when he left the room, dragged me into the pantry.

"How close are you with the master of the house?" She hissed.

I shook my head rapidly. "I'm not close with him at all. I've never really talked to him except for the occasional greetings."

"Yet he gave you a gift?"

I shrugged. I was just as surprised as her. She let out a sigh before glowering at me. "Catch his attention again and I'll put you in the closet."

I shuddered at that before stuttering yes. Looking satisfied, she walked out and I followed.

I ran to the servants quarter and locked myself into my room. Finally in my own solace, I let go of the tears I suppressed and sobbed into my pillow. Every birthday was like this. My mom getting angry at me, Gemma bitching at me, and a long night of crying. I felt my phone vibrate and saw that I had one message.

Warren_Stark: Happy birthday Lena. I wish you a bright future and know that I miss you. Your birthday gift will get to you soon! Cheers love. Warren.

I felt a smile form in my lips. Warren. The only person who ever remember my birthday or anything about me. I reread the message over and over before rapidly responding "thank you". My heart beat rapidly as I thought about him. It's been 5 years since I've last seen him. He's the boy who gave me a reason to live. When my mom only criticized me, he's the one who praised my high grades, my appearance, and gave me hope. Warren.

A knock on my door broke my nostalgic thoughts and I quickly rose up and wiped the tear streaks off my cheeks. If my mom saw that I've been crying, she'd only get madder and call me ungrateful.


I opened the door to find not my mom, but Mr. Stark.

"Um, Lena. You know how today's Gemma's birthday. I was wondering, would you like to join us at the party? After all it's your birthday too."

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Me? Join the party? Where models, super stars, and billionaires are going to be hanging out?

"I'm sorry sir. Thank you for your offer but I think my presence won't be suitable for tonight."

"Nonsense!" He argued back. "You're always out on your birthday so we never got to celebrate it. I insist you come join us."

Me, go out? I was the most socially secluded girl on the planet. I stifled a snort. My mom must've been feeding some stories to prevent me from joining her precious "Miss's" birthday bashes. Looking at Mr. Stark's hopeful face, I felt myself give in and gave a small nod.


"Well dress in whatever makes you feel most comfortable and com join us in the courtyard."

Right. I shut the door and opened my curtain slightly. Oh God. The courtyard was filled with people dressed in sparkling ball gowns and snazzy tuxes, and reporters were lining the edges. There was nothing in my closet that could match the glitz that the people down there were wearing. I opened my closet and picked out the fanciest dress I own, a slightly sheer gray bubble dress that I wore to my freshmen homecoming. Yeah, I know, lame. But I don't have time nor money to shop!

Pulling it on, I put my long brown hair into a neat bun and walked down the stairs where my mom was waiting for me. Acting as though she was fixing the bow on the dress, she whispered darkly to me, "Keep your head down. Don't attract attention. Don't ever take your glasses off and stay away from Gemma." She hissed. Then she sweetly declared, "Oh Lena you look beautiful. Have a great time. I'm so glad you can spend time with your family now."

I swallowed down the bile in my throat and gave a weak smile. "Thanks mom."

She gave me a warning look and lead me to the waiting Mr. Stark. "You look darling." He said kindly as he escorted me out.

During the party, I managed to set myself apart from the people as much as possible. Whenever I saw Gemma I made sure to steer clear and thus, two hours went by smoothly. Honestly, I'd much rather be up in my room right now reading Harry Potter or such but Mr. Stark insisted and I'm not the type who can say no.

Sipping my virgin Pina Colada I watched the party unfold. I was keeping a celebrity head count in my head and so far I managed to spot Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron, and even Josh Hutcherson. I'm pretty sure there were even more somewhere in this massive crowd.

Suddenly the DJ's voice boomed. "Today is not only one special lady's birthday but two." His slick voice bounced across the room. "Let's welcome the princess herself, Gemma Stark on to the stage, and," he paused.

Please don't say my name. Please don't say my name. "Lena Park."

A spotlight went around the room and in a matter of seconds found me. As I made my way up to the stage, Gemma's beaming face faltered a bit before covering it up with a wide smile. Gliding towards me in her limited edition white Vera Wang silk mermaid gown, she looked like an angel. More like a devil disguised as an angel. She gave me a large hug and loudly cried, "Lena, my twin! Happy birthday, babe! I'm so glad you can celebrate it with me here today."

She squeezed me tightly and I managed to strain out, "thanks. You too."

She gave me a icy smile back and I felt myself get goose bumps. Gemma never smiled at me.

"Well," she said cheerfully. "A toast!"

Everyone cheered and I tried hard to keep my face from turning into a grimace at the sea of faces.

"A wonderful birthday to Lena and to me!" I raised my glass when suddenly the drink in her hand sloshed onto my dress leaving a huge stain and revealing my Super Man underwear.

Few people snickered and others cat called. I stifled my tears and when Gemma scathingly sweetly apologized I knew it was completely on purpose. Pasting a bright smile on my face I managed to say, "Happy birthday Gemma. I wish you the best night you ever had." And ran off the stage.

I didn't bother to go in my room to change. After thinking about it over a bottle of Jack Daniel's that was hidden subtly inside the fourth ice box, I found that I had no reason to be upset. I shouldn't be upset! I should be fucking pissed. What the hell did I do to deserve this? I'm practically perfect!

"I'M PERFECT!" I yelled. "I GET BRILLIANT GRADES, I'M FUCKING GORGEOUS, AND SO SO SO SO NICE." I wailed before mumbling, "Yet I can't even show it cause of these stupid glasses and that stupid hat my mom always makes me wear. And I can't even get good grades anymore cause my mom wants me to act stupider than you! All cause of you! Stupid Va-Gemma!" I swore to the sky. You know what. That's it. I'm no longer going to listen to my mom. She's horrible. Gemma's horrible. Why am I even dealing with them? Why don't I just rebel?

Tottering around in my slightly small heels, I found myself isolated at the back garden of the courtyard and leaned onto a rail on a patio. The party had gotten wild by now and "Birthday Sex" could be heard from here.

"THAT'S RIGHT YOU CRAY CRAY BITCH. GO HAVE SEX AND HAVE A DOGGONE BLAST! YOU MISERABLE COW! I HOPE YOU GET PREGNANT AND FIND OUT YOUR CHILD IS A MINOTAUR!" I screeched as I drowned another bottle. Turning myself around I propped my elbows onto the rail and looked out. The garden looked gorgeous. All blurry and bright with big ol' trees. I felt my bottle slip from my hand and the alcohol dripped down.

"So pretty." I murmured admiring the way the lights glistened on the falling drink.

"What the hell?" A sudden voice broke my reverie.

"Who are you?" I screeched into the empty garden.

A shadow grew larger as someone rose from the bottom of the rail. A guy? He turned around slowly and I saw the most drop dead gorgeous man I've ever seen on the planet. His eyes were smoldering and I realized why as I saw the Jack Daniel's slowly get absorbed by his obviously designer blazer.

"Oops." I giggled.

That face. That face looked really familiar. I leaned closer and his eyes widened. "Hey don't lean anymore. You're going to fall."

I gave a dazed smile as I continued leaning forward and suddenly, I felt myself plummet. Bracing myself for the thud, I shut my eyes only to find that it never came. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself on a incredibly ripped body that smelled very much like the Jack Daniel's. I let out a large grin and licked the shirt. Yum.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I looked up my torpidly to see the familiar dark blue eyes staring at me in horror.

"You!" I cried loudly. "You're the guy Gemma was talking about! You're Dinkle!"

He glowered.


I beamed at him. "Right Dinkle! You're just as gorgeous as she said you were!" I patted his cheeks happily. "So pretty."

He stuttered. "Y-you. Do you know how much the shirt jacket you're sitting on right now costs?"

I shook my head numbly. "Nope!" I drawled before bursting out in giggles.

He huffed angrily before glowering at me. "It cost over $6000 dollars."

I frowned and whacked him. "Don't yell at me!" Before distantly saying, "My mom yells at me too. So much." I let out another grin. "But I'm not going to listen anymore!"

He rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me about your family problems. Listen to my problem! You ruined my entire jacket!"

I nodded incomprehensively.

"IT'S 6,000 DOLLARS!" That jolted me.

"WHAT?" I screeched back.

He smirked. "That's right. 6,000 dollars. Pay up or else I'm taking you to jail for assault."

My eyes widened in shock. Mom will kill me. She'll put me in the closet. I'll be dead.

"No!" I cried rapidly shaking my head. "I don't have the money."

"Then take me to your mom." He got up and pulled me up easily.

"No! Never! Anything else!"

His eyes glimmered evilly. "Anything?"

I nodded briskly.

He leaned in close. "Then, pay me with your body."

I gasped. How dirty! "NO!" And I swiftly punched him in the face.

Satisfied, I knocked out as well.

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