Transform! Vanguard!

Chapter 1

Belleview High. A high school located in New York. It was just an ordinary day, like any school day. The corridors were spick and span with the lockers aligned right by the wall. The students were dressed in any way they want to express themselves, as long as it isn't too flashy.

A boy walked to his locker and unlocked it. He had brown hair which was messily done and wore a blue jacket over his black t-shirt. He wore baggy pants that covered his ankles.

He reached into the locker for a book. His finger rubbed onto the history textbook which he pulled out with his thumb and index finger. Just as he reached out for another book, a tall boy pulled him from behind and then pushed him to the lockers opposite his.

The boy dropped his textbook upon banging into the locker. He looked up and realised that three boys who were taller than him were nearing him. He knew they were jocks, as they wore the signature red vest probably all jocks are required to wear, with the school's initials on the chest.

"Travis... You have some cash we can borrow?" The one in the middle asked, moving closer to the boy. "We're all out."

"I-I don't have any money on me." Travis answered, picking up his textbook. He was shaking.

"Aww, what a liar." The middle one crossed his arms. Smiling deviously, he ordered, "We'll just have to beat the cash out of ya, like a piƱata."

The other two walked closer to him, following the order. Travis leaned closer to the locker, clutching on to the textbook.

"HEY!" A male voice shouted from across the hallway. When the four boys turned to look at him. It was a tall olive-haired jock, his left hand rested on his waist. He walked closer to the middle jock, with the black hair. "Do you always have to pick on Travis?"

"What? The kid's always got a nice amount of cash on him." The jock explained. "Besides, YOU should stop defending him, Joshua."

Joshua shrugged. "I do what I do. And what I'm doing now is telling you three to leave him alone or I'll report you three to the principal."

The three of them started laughing hysterically. The black haired jock answered, "For real? You think we're scared of the geezer."

"I know you're not scared." Joshua sneered. "But I do know you don't want to lose your place as quarterback, Greg."

Greg scowled and hissed at him. He turned around and left them, the other two following right behind.

Joshua stood in front of Travis and messed his hair. "Honestly, Travis. Do I have to bail you out of the bullies all the time? You can handle them! I'm sure of it!"

Travis looked into Joshua's green eyes. "I'm not very strong and I don't learn any martial arts, so I don't I stand a chance against them."

"Win or lose, doesn't matter." Joshua lectured. "Put your heart and soul into it and you can beat the crap outta them."

"But I-"

"No buts. You can do it. Trust me on this." Joshua put his hand on Travis' shoulder. He noticed a hooded girl opening a locker behind them. He immediately waved at her. "Gina!"

She turned around and blushed when she saw them. She wore a hood which covered her hair and a skirt over her leggings. She wore a pair of glasses that shone brightly enough to cover her eyes. She stuck her head into her locker.

Joshua walked to her and pulled her head out of her locker. "Don't be so shy!"

She nodded and looked at him in the eye. Upon eye contact, she blushed harder and ran to Travis and hid behind him.

"Geez, you're always like this." Joshua sighed.

A red-haired cheerleader saw Travis and ran to him. Joshua groaned upon seeing her. She greeted him with a wave, "Hi Travis."

"Erika..." Travis blushed.

"Oh, what's Gina doing behind you?" She smiled and turned to Joshua. "Oh, hehe."

Joshua's scowl started to grow larger. Travis answered, trying his hardest to keep away from blushing, "The usual..."

"I see." Erika moved her face closer to Travis', to his dismay. "Oh, Mr. Johnson wanted to see you. He said that you got something good."

"Really?" Travis moved back, squishing Gina against the lockers. "What is it?"

"He said you won a contest." Erika moved away and winked. "You're amazing, you know that?"

Travis blushed harder. "T-Thanks..."

"Well... I have cheerleading practice now so I'll see you later." Erika gave him a v-sign and walked off.

Joshua walked towards Travis and Gina, leering at Erika as she walked away. "I can never trust that twin-tailed red-head..."

Travis asked, "Why? She's really nice and very..." Travis blushed and looked towards the ground. "Pretty..."

Joshua snapped his finger. "Exactly. She's pretty. And in my book, NEVER trust a pretty woman. EVER. The way she fakes her attitude just makes me sick. All roses have thorns, never forget that."

Travis rubbed his brown hair. "She's not faking anything..."

Joshua shrugged, "Agh, believe what you will. I honest to God do not trust her the slightest bit."

Travis sighed. "You really are a woman hater."

Joshua corrected him. "PRETTY. Woman. Hater."

"Uhm..." Gina nudged at Travis, who was still squishing her against the locker.

"Oh, sorry." Travis stepped to the front to let her out.

Joshua chuckled. "Anyway, let's go see Mr. Johnson."

The three of them entered the staff room which was full of teachers. The air smelled of bacon for some reason and it was louder than a classroom. One man in particular saw them and signalled at them. They walked to him, Joshua leading Travis and Gina.

"So, what did Travis get, Mr. Johnson?" Joshua asked.

"This." The moustached man took out a ticket. "A ticket to the TSI weapons exhibition."

"Sounds cool." Joshua's eyes widened. He nudged at Travis, "Good job. I told you the rotary-thermal-chainsaw-drill design would make it."

"Thanks..." Travis took the ticket from the teacher.

"So I guess me and Gina would be left out huh?" Joshua frowned.

"There's only one ticket..." Travis looked at his ticket.

"Yes, you're going alone, Travis." The teacher said.

"Geez. I wanted to see that Touma Saotome guy in person. I heard he's a stud." Joshua sighed. He turned to Gina and patted her head. "It's okay Gina. I'll treat you to a smoothie, how about that?"

"You're the one who wants a smoothie..." Travis snarked.

At a laboratory elsewhere...

"Mr. Saotome." A robotic voice said.

"What?" A blonde-haired man stopped typing on his computer. The screens were holograms instead of the usual monitor most people had.

"I am currently preparing your clothes for tomorrow's occasion." The robotic voice said. "And I have cancelled your plans with Carmen Indigo."

"What? What occasion's so important that I have to miss out on that fine ass?" The man twitched.

"The TSI Weapons Exhibition." The robotic voice answered.

"Oh. Crap." The man said, completely deadpan. "Oh well, I can find other nice asses over there anyway."

"Would you like me to assess the 'asses' that will be present at the Weapons Exhibition?" The robotic voice suggested.

"No, it's fine, S.A.C.V.I.S." The man said. And then he thought again. "Hold on, do that. It could lower the time it takes for me to find it."

"Understood, Mr. Saotome." S.A.C.V.I.S answered.

The man looked at the holographic screen which displayed a humanoid armour. "The Vanguard is ready. Now I just have to wait till 'they' arrive and I'll be the hero."


Okay, if you've read my other story, Brooding Guy, Quiet Girl, the name Touma Saotome would have come up once. Yes, it's the same Touma as the unseen brother of our favourite pervert, Benkei. In other words, this story takes place at the same time as BGQG except that it's in America.

Character Profiles: Travis

Travis' full name is Travis Durden. He's at the bottom of the popularity chain because he's shy and nerdy. He's quite creative and smart. He's not very good with computers. He lives with his grandparents and elder sister as his parents have moved out of the country for business related matters. He's friends with Joshua, Gina and Erika. He has a major crush on Erika which may or may not be requited. Joshua is his best friend he met in middle school and Gina is his childhood friend since kindergarten. Due to his status as a nerd, he has become quite a bully victim. Of course, Joshua has been backing him since they've met.